Day 47

It’s pretty natural for humans to feel sorry for themselves.  You get a flat tire, you feel sorry for yourself.  You don’t get the house you made an offer on, you feel sorry for yourself.  Your flight gets delayed, you feel sorry for yourself.  You don’t get the job you applied for, you feel sorry for yourself.  It’s usually what our first response is when things don’t go our way.

When we found out about Felix, of course I felt sorry for myself.  I couldn’t help but think, why me?  I love kids- like really, really, really love kids!  I’m a good mom!  I have made it my life’s mission to train my kids to serve Jesus with all of their hearts for all of their lives!  I wanted this baby!  Why me?

Jesus never felt sorry for Himself, but Isaiah 53:3 says He was a man of sorrows.  He wasn’t sorrowful about His life and the pain and rejection He faced, He was sorrowful for us.  Every sorrow that every man, woman, and child has faced, He took on Himself.  He loaded all of them onto His back, as if they were His own and carried them away.  He became acquainted with our grief.  Every sad emotion I’ve felt in my life, He’s felt it too.  He didn’t have to do that.  He wanted to.  He wanted to become a man of sorrows, so that I don’t have to be a woman of sorrows.

Jesus is so, for lack of a better word, SWEET!  The sweetest person to ever walk the earth.  The whole book of Isaiah 53, makes me cry, just thinking of His sweetness.  He went out of His way to take away our sorrow and get to know our grief.  He felt sorry for us, so we don’t have to feel sorry for ourselves.

  1. God’s given me 1,288 reasons over the last 46 days to remind me I have no reason to feel sorry for myself!
  2. All of the emotions I’ve felt, He’s felt for me.
  3. He took my sorrows and carried them away on His back… willingly!
  4. He’s sweet, so amazingly sweet!
  5. A few things that made Gus’ thank you list today.. Snow balls, granola bars, and of course his puppy who lives in another state.
  6. The sweet lady at the post office who saw my hands were full and carried my packages for me.
  7. Got to play dominoes with Gus.
  8. Beau’s 3 hour nap!
  9. Josh listed several things on E-bay this afternoon that I’ve been meaning to do myself.
  10. Although sometimes it gets him in trouble, I am thankful Gus is so passionate about things.
  11. The Bible tells us how to discipline.  Amazing how quickly a spanking will turn around a bad attitude.
  12. Josh always does a good job at backing me up when we have to discipline the kids.
  13. Favor with a seller on e-bay.
  14. We have been Texans for 3 years now!
  15. My sister Mindy sent me an awesome Dooney & Bourke Disney bag to borrow for our trip in November.
  16. My nephew Justin and niece in law Courtney are staying with us this weekend.
  17. They came bearing gifts for Gus & Beau.
  18. The way Beau was hugging and kissing her Bible tonight.
  19. They made it here from Tulsa safely.
  20. Great dinner at Babe’s Chicken!
  21. Beau warmed up to Justin pretty quickly.
  22. The beautiful sunset we watched on the way home.
  23. Going through Justin’s notes from his Old Testament class at ORU.
  24. For the special relationship with have with Justin & Courtney.
  25. For the special relationship they have with Jesus.
  26. For the special relationship they have with each other.
  27. That I am only going to get about 5 hours of sleep tonight, because we were having so much fun visiting.
  28. When you go after God He will totally put you on the fast track and help you make up lost time.

One thought on “Day 47

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    I’m glad you guys are having such a good time with Justin and Courtney. I got the book about Norah and Gus today. Let me know if I should mail it or wait for you guys to come to Tulsa. Love you.

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