Day 46

12 hours after I found out my sweet little baby’s heart was no longer beating inside of me, I was at my in-laws house in Tulsa trying to go to sleep.  My eyes were foggy from all of the tears and I was exhausted, but not sleepy, so I decided to read my Bible.

I opened my YouVersion app and the verse of the day came up.

Romans 8:38 (NLT) And I am convinced that nothing can separate us from God’s love.  Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow– not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  

I was really worried about the looming “delivery date” that was still 4 long days away.  I could not wrap my mind around having to go through the labor process and not getting to hold a crying baby after it was all over.  Instead of the joy and excitement I had experienced when I was a few days away from delivering my first two children I was feeling dread and sorrow.

Romans 8:38 was exactly what I needed to read, not even my worries about tomorrow (things to come) could separate me from God’s love.  The days leading up to the delivery were hard, but God’s love was tangible.  I could feel it like I’ve never felt it before.  I knew I had to go through the delivery, there was no way around it, but God promised me in His word that His love would be there for me.  I’m so glad He kept His promise.

Maybe there is something coming in the days ahead that you are not looking forward to, but you know it’s inevitable. Remember that nothing, NO THING, can separate you from your Father’s perfect and unfailing love.

“Christ’s love is not a myth to be respected, a tradition to be reverenced; It is a blessed reality, and we can cast our whole confidence upon it, being persuaded that it will bear us up as upon eagles’ wings and carry us all of our days; resting assured that it would be for us a foundation of rock against which the waves might beat, and the winds blow, but our soul’s habitation would stand securely if founded upon it.”  – Spurgeon

  1. Nothing can separate me from God’s love.
  2. That verse happened to be the verse of the day when I happened to really need it!
  3. The very real love of God I felt during those 4 days.
  4. God used my husband Josh to minister His love to me.  His hugs were like hugs from God.  His word were words from God.
  5. Full fridge and full pantry.
  6. Target check card!  I’ve saved hundreds since I got it.
  7. Beau, my little helper at the grocery store.
  8. Sweet time of worship in the car on the way home from the store.  Love to see my little 18 month old praising God.
  9. An hour of waiting at the doctor’s office equals an hour to write!
  10. My house smells amazing!  Thanks to my favorite Slatkin & Co “Autumn” candle.
  11. Hit the two for $20 candle sale.  So I’m set for fall!
  12. Gus got to go to school today!  He’s all better!
  13. He had a great day and was the best smeller in the class at “guess that smell” game.
  14. Fun afternoon strolling around the mall with my crew.
  15. Gus found a Batman vs Bane book at Barnes & Noble and wanted me to read it to him. Josh was impressed by my Bane voice.  I so enjoy our Thursdays together.
  16. Gus finished his sticker chart and got to rent Lego Batman for the Wii!
  17. The 30 minutes I got to spend with him trying to figure out how to get past the very first part of the game.  We are pretty awful, but it was still fun.
  18. We rented the game before we bought it.. it’s definitely too difficult for a 4 year old.. and a mom.
  19. Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo.  Best.  Video Game.  Ever.  I had so much fun playing that with my younger brother and dad growing up.
  20. My weekly phone calls from my nephew Justin asking me some tough Old Testament questions.
  21. Garden salad sandwiches for dinner.  Good and easy!
  22. Josh set up my new postage meter for work.
  23. Little 7 week old baby (born at 25 weeks!) that my dad asked us to pray for had a successful heart surgery today.  Amazing that surgeons can work on such a tiny little heart.
  24. The sweet text message my dad sent me today.
  25. “Nothing Can Separate Us” by Todd Fields
  26. Clean hair!
  27. Date night at home..  good movie, good husband.
  28. My Chi blow dry and straightener my mother in law bought me..  without them I would look a lot like Braveheart.

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