Day 48

One of my favorite chapters in the Old Testament is 2 Samuel 22.  It’s a song David wrote after God delivered him from his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.  I drew a lot of strength and comfort from this chapter in the weeks after losing Felix.  The whole chapter is awesome, but I’ve really been thinking about this verse today.

11 He rode upon a cherub, and flew; And He was seen upon the wings of the wind.

When David called upon the Lord, and cried out in his distress, God heard his voice and responded in a really powerful way.  David says, God rode upon a cherub, and flew on the wings of the wind.  I love that picture, God flying in a moment through the world to rescue the one who called out to Him.  Faster than any jet or a guy wearing tights and a cape.  He was there for David, ready to meet his need with super fast speed.

I am still amazed sometimes at the supernatural speed in which God came to our rescue.  We called out to Him and He flew through the world in a moment and started to comfort us with His love and heal our broken hearts.

When Gotham City needs Batman to come to the rescue, a bat signal lights up in the sky, and Batman speeds to the rescue.  David had a “bat signal” he used when he needed God to come to his rescue..  we all have one..  it’s our voice.  All David had to do was open his mouth and call out to God for help, and God traveled on the wings of the wind to deliver David from his enemies.

  1. God always hears us when we call out to Him.
  2. I have a voice to use to call out to Him.
  3. He comes to our rescue with great speed!
  4. 2 Samuel 22.  So glad David wrote that awesome song.
  5. God gave me the thought about our voice being like the bat signal.. Gus liked that illustration.
  6. Sweet time “talking” with Beau this morning while the rest of the house was sleeping.
  7. The way Beau looked in her new little pajamas.  Best body ever!
  8. Gus reading his Bible to us on the way to lunch.. “Chapter 11, be sure to love The Jesus.  Chapter 12, no loving satan.”
  9. Beau was in the mood to dance this morning and it was very entertaining.
  10. Fantastic lunch at Kenny’s Burger Joint.
  11. Josh let me have the last bite of his burger!
  12. Got to take Justin & Courtney shopping in Plano.
  13. They both found cute new pants!
  14. Watching Gus & Beau run and climb and play and smile at the mall playground.
  15. Won an awesome pair of shoes for Gus on e-bay for more than half off the retail price!
  16. Praise and worship tonight.  I love being in God’s presence.
  17. Pastor Robert preached a great message on the purpose of prayer.
  18. Got to take communion tonight.  Good word from Pastor Jelani.
  19. Justin & Courtney got to come to church with me!
  20. Fun night watching a fun movie with fun people.
  21. Popcorn!
  22. Gus’ lesson at church was about Moses & the plagues and tonight before he got in bed he said “Dadgum Pharaoh”  It cracked me up.  I’m glad he was still meditating on it.
  23. Pot Roast, carrots, potatoes and rolls for dinner.  Everyone enjoyed it!
  24. Gus planned a date night for me and him… I can’t wait.
  25. I got to Skype with my sister Mindy for a few minutes.
  26. Justin watched Gus & Beau while me & Courtney waited in the very long changing room line at H&M.
  27. Subtitles.  We watch all movies with them on and never have to rewind because we couldn’t understand what was being said.
  28. Beau tells everything she sees “nighty night” on the way to bed every night.

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