Day 352

Take 12 junior high cheerleaders, 1 cheer mom who wants be the “cool” mom, a Friday night in Tulsa, and a trip to the grocery store after midnight and what do you get?  If you are junior high boy who happens to live nearby you get toilet papered.  You get to wake up early on Saturday morning and clean up your front yard which has been covered in the cheapest T.P. available for purchase.  Plus you get griped at by your parents for something you didn’t do!  Ahhh, the joys of being a junior high boy.  I realize now that someday my boy will be in junior hight and because I sowed bad TP-ing seed, I’m sure one morning I’ll be waking him up and telling him to get dressed, grab a trash bag, and start cleaning up after the girls at school who think he’s cute and decided to let him know with toilet paper.

In Genesis 26 Isaac is dealing with some annoying neighbors.  Much more annoying than teenage girls with rolls of 2-ply.  He had successfully harvested 100 times more grain than what he had planted and he became rich.  He was rolling in wealth, sheep, and cattle.  The Philistines that lived nearby were jealous of him and his success, they wanted to do something to mess with him.  They didn’t put pink flamingos in his yard or throw eggs at his tent, instead they filled all of his wells with dirt.  This was a pretty big offense.  Wells produced clean drinking water and without clean drinking water Isaac could not survive.  If that wasn’t enough to spoil Isaac’s Saturday morning the Philistine king told Isaac he needed to move, to go somewhere else, because he had become too wealthy and too powerful.

So Isaac packed up all of his wealth, sheep and cattle and moved to a valley and the first thing he had his servants do was dig wells.  They found a great fresh water spring while they were digging that they were pretty excited about, but some shepherds that lived nearby claimed it for themselves.  They argued over it with Isaac’s servants until they won.  Isaac named the well, argument and moved on.

The servants dug another well, and they got into another argument.  Isaac named that well, hostility.  He was not having a whole lot of luck with this well thing.  Finally, in Genesis 26:22 he get it’s right.

Abandoning that one, Isaac moved on and dug another well. This time there was no dispute over it, so Isaac named the place Rehoboth (which means “open space”), for he said, “At last theLord has created enough space for us to prosper in this land.”

Isaac had to move on.  He had to leave behind arguing and hostility to get to the wide open spaces that God had set aside for him to prosper in.  If the shepherds had not opposed Isaac and argued with him about the first well, he probably would have tried to settle there, but it wasn’t where God wanted him to settle.  Again, with the second well.  If he wouldn’t have faced any hostility he would have had no reason to move on.

After the “open space” well had been dug Isaac settled in Beersheba and the Lord appeared to him and let him know that He was with him and that He would bless him.  And He did.  More and more wells were added to Isaac because God provided, just as He had promised.

God used conflict and hostility to get Isaac where he needed to be, and He will do the same for us.  He wants every situation in our lives to be a win-win.  He will take a hostile situation and use it to get you to move on so you can be right smack dab in the middle of His will.  Don’t let confrontation do what what the devil designed it to do- discourage you, get you off track, or get you to give up- let it do the opposite.  Let it inspire you to move forward into a wide open space where you and your family can prosper like never before.

  1. God will use arguments and hostility to move us into open spaces!
  2. Studying this today made me think about how many times God has used conflict to move our family forward.
  3. God was with Isaac and promised to bless Him, God is with us and has promised to bless us!
  4. My mom never tried to be the “cool” mom.
  5. Slept great last night.
  6. Got to get back in bed in cuddle with Josh for a few minutes before the kids came and took over.
  7. Gus got to go to Wacky Week, our churches incredible version of VBS, for the first time today.
  8. The church was completely decked out in awesome candy decorations.  Very impressive!
  9. All of the volunteers that served today.  No way we could do an event like this without lots of helpers.
  10. Got to chat with lots of great ladies today in between dropping off and picking up the kids.
  11. I got to take a little nap today while Beau was napping.
  12. Beau felt like she got to be apart of Wacky Week because she got to walk around and see all the cool decorations.  Her mind was blown!
  13. Gus had an overwhelming, yet fun first day.  I loved hearing him talk about what songs they sang and that he learned about praying.
  14. My friend Sayra was there looking out for Gussy and he got to be in the group as his best buddy Alex!
  15. He got a new Wacky Week shirt that he can’t wait to wear tomorrow.  He wanted to sleep in it tonight.
  16. Josh helped Gus win a prize from the claw machine.  It totally made his day.
  17. The claw picked up two toys, so Beau got a little stuffed toy too!
  18. Hot & Ready Little Caesars for dinner.  Too hot to cook!
  19. Pastor Jan sent me some contact info so after the blog is finished I can get in touch with someone who can guide me down the path to writing a book!
  20. Our back yard is perfectly shaded by the house so the kids can play after dinner without it being unbearable.
  21. The option to send them outside and let them run wild, knowing they are safe and fenced in.
  22. My husband looks cute in skinny jeans.
  23. Gus wrote a new praise song.  “Jesus Will Help You!”  I love when he tells me he’s got a new song.
  24. My FB friend Krista had her little boy Gabriel today!
  25. Josh got home just in time to kiss the kids and tuck them in for the night.
  26. Pastor Jim Jarman.  He is one of the nicest people on the planet.
  27. Rainier cherries.

2 thoughts on “Day 352

  1. Krista Quillin says:

    Thank you so much for including Gabriel and me in your 10,000 reasons! I’m very honored :). I just realized today what you meant when you commented on my picture that I posted about being in labor! Lol.

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