Day 361

Remember when silence used to be golden?  Nowadays, I think most people think silence is awkward… and sometimes it is.  Like when you have some new friends over to your house for the first time and conversation seems to be going good and then all of sudden it comes to a screeching halt and no one knows what to say to start it back up.  That can be awkward.  Or when you are used to sleeping with a loud box fan right beside your bed, turned to it’s highest setting, and the power cuts off in the middle of the night.  That too, can be awkward.

Silence can be deafening, but it can also still be golden.

Psalm 65:1 (AMP) To You belongs silence (the submissive wonder of reverence which bursts forth into praise) and praise is due and fitting to You, O God, in Zion;…

I know for me there are times when I am overwhelmed by the greatness of my God, so overwhelmed, the words that I am using to tell Him just how great I think He is seem so inadequate.   The Message version of Psalm 65:1 says, “Silence is Praise to you.”

Silence is never awkward between me and my husband because we have such a close relationship.  We don’t have to fill every second of our time together with chatter.  We are comfortable enough around each other to know that just because one of us isn’t saying much doesn’t mean we aren’t having a good time.  The fact that we can be silent around each other solidifies our relationship.

The same is true with us and our relationship with God.  We can praise Him with our silence and he won’t think it’s awkward at all.  We can sit and just quietly think about how amazing He is and how worthy He is, and those quiet thoughts will burst forth into praise.

After 9/11 happened there were moments of silence that took place all over the country.  There was so much people could have said to honor the lives of the people that were lost, but even the most eloquent speech ever given wouldn’t have been enough, so we honored them with silence.

Sometimes it’s good for us to have a moment of silence in honor of the Lord; to stop talking for a few minutes and just quietly reflect on the price He paid for us, the love He has for us, and how holy He is.  Yes, daily make a joyful noise unto Him, and yes, daily tell Him with your mouth how good He is, but don’t be afraid to let your silent adoration honor Him when you feel like you are at a loss for words…. He can have that effect on people!  Your moments of silence will be music to His ears.

  1. When we are rendered speechless by God’s goodness, our silence sounds like praise!
  2. He is so much more than words could ever say.
  3. Moments of silence don’t have to be awkward… they can be golden.
  4. Our loud fans.  I don’t know how people sleep in silence.
  5. I got to sleep ’til 9 this morning.
  6. Since Gus & Beau are sleeping in the same room we told Gus if he woke up first to tap three times on the baby monitor so he wouldn’t wake up Beau trying to get over the baby gate and he did it.  I can’t believe he remembered.  He thought having a “secret code” was pretty cool.
  7. Beau woke up happy and healthy… no sign of whatever was making her feel bad yesterday!
  8. Discovered “The Wonder Years” is on Amazon Prime and all episodes are free to watch.
  9. “The Wonder Years” intro.  Best intro to a show ever.
  10. Beau teaching us all the story of Noah and the arc this morning.
  11. Chic Fil A cobb salad.
  12. Had a fun afternoon cooking and prepping for grilling this evening.
  13. Homemade garden salsa!  Very tasty!
  14. Beau woke up early from her nap, went in and covered her back up and she slept another hour and forty five minutes.
  15. Josh got Beau to get in the big pool with him even though it was colder than what she prefers.
  16. The little faces Beau makes when she swims.  She is so pretty!!!
  17. The awesome bacon cheeseburger Josh grilled for us.
  18. Nana & Papa’s pool.  It’s so nice to be able to sit around it and visit while the kids play.
  19. Lots of big, beautiful trees shading the backyard.
  20. Gus & Beau playing Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker.
  21. Josh got his haircut by his dad tonight.  Looks great and saved us $30!
  22. Kids enjoyed making homemade fudgesicles with Nana’s Zoku popsicle maker machine.
  23. Sweet hugs and kisses for Sunny from her big brother and sister tonight.
  24. “42” Movie night with Nana & Papa.
  25. Suitcases are packed with clean clothes.
  26. Received a really encouraging e-mail from a literary agent in Dallas that I emailed several months ago about turning the blog into a book.
  27. The sound on my iPhone seems to be back for good!  Nice to be able to hear it when it rings or when I get a text and it’s not on silent!

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