Day 268

We have lots of super hero books at our house.  My son Gus is especially fond of the DC Super Friends.  I was reading to him about Green Lantern vs Atrocitus the other night and this description of Atrocitus really caught my attention.

The alien Atrocitus wears a power ring that is fueled by his limitless anger.  With his ring, Atrocitus can create anything he can imagine out of his fiery red energy. 

That sounds a lot like a super power most humans possess.  When we allow ourselves to hold on to anger we end up creating things in our imagination about the person we are at odds with that only add more fuel to our fiery anger.

I know, I’ve been there before.  My husband does something small that makes me angry and the longer I hold onto it the more I imagine all the other things he’s doing, he’s done, or he will do to make me mad… and the anger grows.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Ephesians 4:26-27 AMP) When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down.  Leave no [such] room or foothold for the devil [give no opportunity to him].

The devil loves when we turn into angry Atrocitus like aliens, because it’s at that point that we make room for him in our lives.  He’s always looking for a foothold, an open door, and if you don’t let go of your anger, he will take advantage of it and come right on in and start doing what he does best:  stealing, killing, and destroying.

“The devil’s work is to accuse and divide the family of God, and to sow discord among them. When we harbor anger in our heart, we do the devil’s work for him.” – Guzik

When someone does something that makes you angry it’s best to resolve it as soon as possible, before your power ring goes to work creating imaginations that put a wedge between you and your spouse, friend, boss, coworker, parents, or whoever.  I can’t think of one time in my life when holding on to anger was more beneficial than letting it go.

Anger is not something to cherish.  It’s not something you want to make a memory out of.  It’s something you want to settle as soon as possible and then dismiss.  The longer you hang on to it the more vivid your imaginations will get and the more vivid your imaginations get the angrier you will get until you are in full blown Atrocitus mode.  Don’t go there.  Don’t let the devil nestle his way into your life.  Get over your anger before your head hits the pillow.

“When the heat of the day is over, the heat of anger should be over” – Gills

  1. God knew we weren’t created to harbor anger.  We can go to Him when we need help letting go of it.
  2. The quicker we let something go the quicker we can go back to walking in God’s perfect peace.
  3. Gus’ book shelf full of super hero books.
  4. I spent most of last night awake with a terrible migraine.  My husband spent most of the night awake praying for me.  He’s so good to me.
  5. I felt such peace when his big warm hand was resting on my forehead.
  6. Josh got up early and fed the kids breakfast, so I could sleep in a little longer.
  7. Beau knew I wasn’t up yet because I didn’t feel good, so when I walked in to the living room she immediately started  praying for me.
  8. Beau was super easy this morning and allowed me to just lay around and watch her play.
  9. Lilo & Stich movie morning cuddling so close with my sweet little girl.
  10. Picnic lunch.
  11. Beau named 13 letters today.  Half down, half to go.
  12. Got a much needed nap while Beau was taking her nap.
  13. Gus had an all green day at school!
  14. Beau told Gus in the car on the way home that she missed him while he was at school.  They were melting my heart!
  15. Gus made me the sweetest picture of me and him roasting marshmallows together at Robbers Cave.
  16. He told me I make him smile when he thinks of me at school and he wanted to make something for me that would make me smile.  Oh my goodness.  He has a sweet heart!
  17. Dad’s surgery went well.
  18. Beautiful day!
  19. Kids playing in the back yard and me sitting back enjoying some fresh air.
  20. Josh brought dinner home so I could have the night off of cooking.
  21. We ate outside so I could have the night off of cleaning.
  22. Got out the old scatch paddles tonight.  Gus had a blast and has greatly improved since last year.
  23. Smith Wigglesworth Devotional.  Read some awesome healing stories in it this afternoon.
  24. Stripes & Scars.  My favorite healing song.  Listened to it this afternoon while I was trying to fall asleep for my nap, woke up feeling better.
  25. Gus & Beau were planning their “weddin” in the bathtub tonight and what kind of puppy they want to get when they have their own house.
  26. Could hear Gus after we put him to bed practicing syllable counting.  I remember doing the same thing when I learned about syllables.
  27. Very early to bed night!

Day 267

Last year I learned that my four year old Gus is not quite ready to keep a secret.  I purchased a watch for my husband Josh’s birthday gift and when it arrived in the mail I showed it to Gus.  I said, “This is what we got for dad.  We will give it to him in a few days at his birthday party.  Don’t tell him what we got him okay?  It’s a secret!”  He agreed.

That night Josh got home from work and Gus says to him at the dinner table, “Dad, we definitely did NOT get you a watch for your birthday.”  Josh smiled at me.  He knew immediately that a watch was exactly what we got him for his birthday.

If you want to keep a secret a secret you can only tell it to people that are trustworthy.

Psalm 25:14 The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.

What a great verse.  God, the creator of the universe, wants to share His secrets with us.  We trust Him with our lives and He trusts us with His secrets.

Everyone should have a special covenant friend.  Mine happens to be my niece-in-law, Courtney. She knows my secrets.  I tell her things before I tell anyone else, besides Josh of course.  She gets privileged information based on our relationship.

God says that the people that honor Him, are his special covenant friends.  They get privileged information based on their relationship with Him.

The Hebrew word for “secret” is the word “cowd”.  It literally means a couch or a cushion.  God wants to share his couch with us.  He wants us to come over, make ourselves at home, and have a seat on his couch.  The couch where He shares His secrets.  Not everyone is allowed to sit on “the couch”, only those who are true worshippers have a spot with their name on it.

Also interesting, the primary meaning of the root word for “secret” is to be or to make tight.  In other words, if you want to be tight with God, you must honor God!

The more time you spend on the couch with Him the more He will show you about your covenant with Him.  You will begin to see His goodness in ways you’ve never seen it before.  His love and favor will be clearly revealed to you.  His Word will make more sense to you.  Your understanding about who He is will be enlightened.  These are the kind of secrets you NEED to know!    

The message sums it up perfectly, God-friendship is for God-worshipers;
They are the ones he confides in.

  1. God-friendship!
  2. When we put our trust in God He trusts us with His secrets.
  3. My covenant with God.
  4. My friend Bethani posted Psalm 25:14 on her FB wall today.  Glad she shared such a cool verse.
  5. My confidant, Courtney.
  6. Perfect morning for a trip to the Dallas Zoo.
  7. Josh took today off.
  8. Breakfast with the family before the zoo.
  9. The kids did great on the drive up even thought we got stuck in some traffic.
  10. Simon & Garfunkel Pandora.
  11. The animals were very entertaining today!
  12. Beau got to feed her giraffes.
  13. We got to see the lions do a show… very impressive and the closest I’ve ever been to a lion.
  14. The gorilla that was cracking Beau up.
  15. Beau did not want anything to do with the snake exhibits.  Such a girl.
  16. Gus actually LIKES getting his picture taken.  I thought the day would never come.
  17. Kids both told us thank you for taking them to the zoo.
  18. Josh planned a date night for us!
  19. The Angelika theater in Plano.  When nothing is showing at the regular movies theaters, they’ve always got something up their sleeve.
  20. Mud.  Good movie.  Great acting.
  21. Yummy dinner at Chipotle.
  22. Fun time reminiscing with Josh about our first 5 years of marriage.
  23. Brookside Bueno.
  24. Kids did great for Miss Sascha.
  25. Got Gus’ birthday present purchased.  I can’t wait to give it him in a few weeks, he’s going to be so excited!
  26. Found Lilo & Stich on DVD… that’s been a hard one for us to find.
  27. Awesome gorilla video we stumbled upon this afternoon.  It had all 4 of us laughing.

Day 266

I have four sisters and two brothers.  I was number six, right in-between the two boys, who both happened to love baseball, so as a kid I loved baseball.  I went to all of my little brother’s games, we played it in the back yard all summer, we broke several windows, and we watched the movie “The Sandlot” so many times I’m sure we could recite it to you, if you were interested.

One of my favorite scenes from that movie is when Squints Palledorous, who can not swim, jumps into the deep end of the community pool.  He puts his life on the line in hopes for some mouth to mouth resuscitation from the most beautiful lifeguard he’s every laid eyes on, Wendy Peffercorn.  His brilliant plan worked.  “He kissed a woman. And he had kissed her long and good.”

Yesterday at church Pastor Tim Ross read this scripture.  It’s God talking to Moses’ relatives about His special relationship with Moses.

Numbers 12:8 I speak with him face to faceEven plainly, and not in dark sayings; And he sees the form of the Lord. Why then were you not afraid To speak against My servant Moses?”

The words “face to face” in Hebrew are actually the words “mouth to mouth.”

God spoke to Moses mouth to mouth.  They communicated in a free, friendly, and familiar manner.  God spoke to Moses the same way I speak to my husband Josh, who is also my very best friend.  I don’t have a messenger that I use to take messages back and forth to him, I don’t speak in riddles or paint him pictures to try to get him to guess what I am trying to say, I simply open my mouth and say what I want to say and when he wants to communicate with me, he opens his mouth and says what he wants to say.  That is what our prayer life should look like!

From time to time people go through spiritually “dry” seasons.  They feel like the fire inside that used to burn out of control for God has been tamed, or even put out.  They feel spiritually dead.  When that happens it’s time to jump into the deep end of prayer.. to lay everything else aside and go deeper with God, so you can experience “mouth to mouth” resuscitation.

Jesus wants to breath life into your spirit with the words from His mouth and He wants you to speak to Him in the same free, friendly, and familiar manner in which Moses spoke to Him.

People who have everyday mouth to mouth moments with God don’t go through dry seasons, because it’s in those mouth to mouth moments where their spirits are refreshed and renewed.  If you want more of God dedicate more time to prayer… more time to talk to God and more time to be talked to by God.

  1. We can have mouth to mouth moments with God everyday!
  2. God speaks clearly to his sons and daughters.
  3. I am a friend of God… so we can talk like friends.
  4. I am ready to go deeper in my relationship with God through prayer!
  5. Set A Fire.  Great prayer, great song.
  6. My baseball playing brothers.
  7. “The Sandlot”
  8. The summer we tried to make our own Sandlot team.  Wasn’t very successful, but we had fun.
  9. Creative Writer.  Software my dad bought us when we were kids and where I cut my writing teeth.
  10. Had a great group of 5 year olds at church this morning!
  11. The family that drove all the way from Melissa was back this week and said their 5 year old daughter had been looking forward to coming to church all week long.
  12. We have such a great team working in Amazing Kids.  I loved watching Miss Kristine in the hall making every preschooler that walked past feel special.
  13. Leftover pizza for lunch.
  14. America’s Funniest Home Videos… a Sunday afternoon family favorite.
  15. Sunday afternoon nap.
  16. Sharing a grapefruit with Peep!
  17. Perfect weather for grilling out this evening.
  18. Josh made some delicious grilled zucchini and squash to go with our burgers.
  19. Gus & Beau had a blast playing outside on their swing set.  They laughed themselves into oblivion.
  20. Day old peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Oh my… those are good!
  21. More church wide baptisms today!
  22. Awesome picture of Devin Lemons baptizing his son.  So glad someone captured such a powerful moment!
  23. Gus’ long hair in his new Rangers hat.  I can’t get over it!
  24. Tangerine popsicles
  25. “What About Bob?” movie night.
  26. Beau made two new friends at church this weekend.  Cayden & Rachel.  I like the fact that she can communicate with me like such a big girl these days!
  27. Made the last preschool tuition payment for the school year.

Day 265

In Matthew 17 Jesus and His disciples arrive in Capernaum.  As soon as they arrive the tax collectors find Peter and ask him if Jesus pays his taxes.  Peter tell them that He does, but he’s  perplexed by their question because Jesus was under no obligation to pay taxes in Capernaum.

Jesus must have known that Peter was asked about His tax payment history so He explained to him that even though they weren’t required to pay, they were going to do it anyway.  He didn’t want to offend anyone or cause anyone to stumble.

I’m sure Peter thought it was a noble idea, but he wasn’t prepared to pay and the tax collectors did not accept Visa.

Jesus had a plan.

Matthew 17:27 (AMP)  …go down to the sea and throw in a hook. Take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth you will find there a shekel. Take it and give it to them to pay the temple tax for Me and for yourself. 

This is classic Jesus.  He tells Peter who is a commercial fisherman that fishes with nets, to go down to the sea and catch a fish… not with a net, but with a fishing pole.  The first fish caught was supposed to have a coin in it’s mouth which would be the exact amount needed for Peter & Jesus to pay their taxes.  This must have sounded absurd to Peter, but he took Jesus at His word.

Jesus could have just pulled the coin out from behind his ear, but he wanted to give Peter a chance to exercise his faith.  He gave Peter simple instructions, bizarre, but simple instructions, Peter followed them, and it happened just as Jesus said it would.

I’m sure as Peter was trying to find his old fishing pole he was thinking to himself, “This is nuts… but, Jesus has been on a role lately … I guess it can’t hurt to try… yeah, this is nuts!”

It didn’t make sense, but Peter decided to trust, instead of reasoning his way out of blessing.  He dropped his line in and the first fish that he hooked had a coin in it’s mouth.  What are the chances of that?  Without God, like 1 million to 1.  With God, it’s not a chance, it’s an absolute certainty.

Think about the detail that went into that faith project.

Jesus had to make a silver coin or spot one at the bottom of the sea that was the exact amount needed, lead the fish to the coin, have the fish put the coin in it’s mouth, time the fish’s swimming so it would be right where it needed to be when Peter’s hook dropped, and keep the other fish away from the hook.

Everything lined up perfectly.  Peter’s need was met according to the riches and glory of Jesus, because He obeyed!

You may be used to fishing with a net, but if Jesus asks you to fish with a hook, obey.  His word can not miss!  He has a detailed faith project that we wants you to be apart of, don’t reason your way out of blessing, trust and obey and let him astound you with His riches and glory!

  1. Jesus gives us the chance to exercise our faith.  He doesn’t just drop things in our laps, because He cares about us and wants us to grow and mature. 
  2. All of our needs are met according to His riches and glory.
  3. All of the behind the scene details that happen while God is blessing us.
  4. The word of God can not miss!
  5. Captain Crunch.  I know it’s of no of value whatsoever, but it’s a good splurge.
  6. Love my new makeup and makeup brushes.  I actually enjoyed putting make up on this morning!
  7. Beau read quietly in her room while I got read and Gus read quietly in his room.
  8. Josh’s cute hair cut!
  9. Josh’s face is clean shaved!
  10. Taught Gus how to play squares.  I remember when my dad taught me to play… I think it was at El Chico’s.
  11. Tortilla soup for lunch.
  12. Beau planned a trip to the Zoo for us… it’s happening this Monday.  She’s very persuasive.
  13. Bills paid.
  14. Josh vacuumed for me, without me asking him too.
  15. Awesome praise and worship.  I would be totally fine if we did “Love Came Down” every weekend.
  16. Pastor Tim Ross absolutely brought it tonight.  His message on Moses was fantastic!
  17. The Old Testament and the New Testament high five each other!  So cool to hear Moses’ story in the Old Testament and then finish with his story in the New Testament.
  18. There’s always more of God for us to want and more of God for us to get.
  19. Hotdogs for the kids after church and lots of people getting baptized in water!
  20. Beautiful night for outdoor baptisms.
  21. Papa John’s Draft Deal.
  22. Game night with the Cochrans!
  23. Girls beat the boys at Cranium!
  24. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
  25. Got to see the cutest video of my niece Ava laughing hysterically at her daddy.  So sweet!!
  26. New Evian commercial.  These are Gus’ favorites.  They get him every time.
  27. 265 blogs down, 100 to go!!  Wow, what a great 265 days God has blessed me with!

Day 264

My two year old daughter feels the need to tell me every time I strap her in her carseat that she is stuck.  “Mamma, I’m stuck!”  she says, and tries to wiggle her way out of the harnesses.  After I tell her she’s fine, then she’s fine.

She isn’t old enough to realize that she’s not stuck, she’s secure.  The harnesses that get on her nerves are the same harnesses that are keeping her from flailing around the back of the car and getting hurt.  In this case “stuck” is good!

In Exodus 14 the Israelites had made it safely across the parted Red Sea, but now the Egyptians were in full pursuit of them.

Verses 22-25 (MSG) ….every horse and chariot and driver of Pharaoh racing into the middle of the sea. It was now the morning watch. God looked down from the Pillar of Fire and Cloud on the Egyptian army and threw them into a panic. He clogged the wheels of their chariots; they were stuck in the mud.

This is another case where “stuck” is good!  The wheels on the Egyptian’s chariots were not meant for off-roading, therefore they got very stuck in the mud of the Red Sea, therefore when the walls of water came crashing back down the riders and all of Pharaoh’s army got very dead… not one of them survived.

You may feel like your wheels are stuck in the mud or you are stuck in your carseat, but maybe it’s a good kind of stuck.  Maybe you aren’t quite ready for the next step that you want to happen so badly.  You’re not stuck, you’re secure.

Don’t try to wiggle out of the harnesses that God has put in place to keep you safe, just sit still and enjoy the ride.  God wants you to know what I want my daughter to know, “You aren’t stuck, you’re just fine.  You are right where you are supposed to be.”

Stuck kept the Israelites safe.  Stuck keeps Beau safe.  Stuck could be keeping you safe.  Trust in God’s timing.  Trust in His provision.  Trust in His plan for your life, and when it’s safe to take the harnesses off of you, He will.

“There is a timing for all things in our lives, and there is safety in being in God’s perfect timing.” – Joyce Meyer

  1. God will keep us “secure” until we are ready for the next step. 
  2. There is a safety in being in God’s perfect timing!  So true, so good!
  3. Not one of the Egyptians survived.  The God that did that is on my side!
  4. Beau’s carseat keeps her safe while we are driving around town.
  5. Extra hour of sleep this morning.
  6. Kids were no talk and all smiles this morning eating their leftover 5th Street blueberry pancakes.
  7. Curious George Swings Into Spring.  Cute movie that both kids LOVE!
  8. Snuggling up in-between Gus & Beau while they watched George.
  9. Josh did a fantastic job at the special picture frame hanging project I gave him for Beau’s room.  What would I do without him?
  10. The project turned out even cuter than I imagined.  It really added to Beau’s room.
  11. I saved $50 on the frames and $20 on the prints.
  12. The bubble wrap that kept the kids very entertained while we worked on the project.
  13. Friday afternoon movie.  Space Buddies.  Awful movie, but wonderful company.
  14. Sabbath Friday naps!
  15. Josh found 2 new awesome pairs of shoes for Augustus.  That kid is stylin’!
  16. The sweet lady at Sephora who helped me pick out some new makeup and brushes and taught me how to use all of it.
  17. Free Sephora birthday lip gloss!
  18. Gus’ favorite place at the mall… Barnes & Noble.  I love that he loves books.
  19. Tasty Garden = tasty dinner!
  20. Josh treated the kids to Braum’s for dessert.
  21. I treated myself to a grapefruit.  It was very satisfying!
  22. Gus forgives quickly.
  23. The shirt design I voted for for our family reunion in July was the big winner!
  24. I have a really fun family… creative too!
  25. My mom sent me a message after she read my blog about bowing and let me know my Grandpa Wagner was always the last one at church to get off of his knees and leave the altar on Sunday nights.  Made my heart happy and made me wish I could give him a hug.
  26. Josh took a break from the draft and we had a fun night watching our favorite shows.
  27. Little Mommy.  I used to have that book when I was little.  I bought it for Beau today and she wanted to read it three times before bed, so we did.

Day 263

Last week during my quiet time I was praying for my four year old son, Gus.  He was headed to school that day and I was speaking protection verses over him.  While I was doing that God dropped a short glimpse of the future into my spirit.

I could see in my imagination Gus running, laughing, and playing on the playground at school, totally oblivious to the mighty angels that were tracking with his every move.  There were two of them, one on each side.  They were taking their assignment seriously, yet smiling at Gus as if they were totally enjoying themselves.

It was a sweet reminder that even though we rarely see them, our angels are real and they are with us.  I got another sweet reminder this morning when I was reading one of my favorite Psalms.

Psalm 103:20 Praise the Lord, you angels, you mighty ones who carry out his plans, listening for each of his commands.

Angels are sort of like body guards.  They are big, bad, and mighty, but they have a boss.  Justin Bieber probably has one of the toughest guys around keeping him safe, but that tough guy answers to him and his little 120 pound body.  He takes orders from Justin or from some other little dude in Justin’s entourage.  He gets his assignment from his authority.

Angels get their assignment from God.  They listen for each of his commands and when they hear those commands, they perfectly obey.  They are always in a state of ready and willing, but they don’t move until they get their orders from God.   They are always listening… listening for the voice of God’s word.

The angels that were with Gus at school were there because I sent them there.  They were listening for the voice of God’s word and when they heard it come out of my mouth, they immediately applied themselves to make sure that God’s word would not return void.  They got their assignment as soon as I said, “Angels go before Gus today and prepare his path.  Thank you God that no evil can befall him or come near him.  He is under the shadow of your wings today Lord.  Thank you for your protection over him today.”

It’s so important to give your angels an assignment each day by giving a voice to God’s word.  Speak his promises out loud over you and your family and over our country, our president, the schools in your community, your pastor, your church, and whoever or whatever else God lays on your heart to pray for.  Put your mighty angels to work… they enjoy it!

  1. The mighty angels that carry out God’s plans.
  2. We can put a voice to God’s word that angels will respond to.
  3. Hebrews 1:14 Therefore, angels are only servants–spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.
  4. So many protection promises found in God’s word.
  5. The sweet reminders about God’s angels that He’s given me over the last week.
  6. Josh got up and made breakfast and got the kids ready for the day so I could write an extra blog.
  7. Had some time to kill this morning so me and Beau drove around some pretty neighborhoods with the windows rolled down.  It was so nice.
  8. We saw squirrels and even a few cardinals!
  9. Found the next neighborhood I want to live in.  Who knew you could find mature trees in Frisco!
  10. Found our new favorite park.  Beautiful trees, more squirrels, a little creek, a wooden bridge, shaded benches.  It was awesome!
  11. Watching Beau interact with the other little girl at the park.  She’s very outgoing!
  12. Gorgeous weather today.
  13. Breakfast at 5th Street with my sweet friend Elisa!
  14. Beau was very happy about her blueberry pancakes.
  15. Two enormous pancakes leftover for the kid’s breakfast tomorrow.
  16. Beau sat and ate so quietly while me & Elisa were chatting away.
  17. Gus’ new Texas Rangers hat came in.  He looks awesome in it.  I love having a little boy!
  18. The pretty gerber daises brightening up my kitchen.
  19. Gus has really been enjoying doing some science stuff at preschool.  He was so excited on the way home telling me about the bugs he looked at with a magnifying glass.
  20. Teacher appreciation week at school.  Gus has had 3 great teachers this year!
  21. Rudy’s BBQ for dinner.
  22. Banana Pudding for dessert.
  23. Got most of the laundry done and Beau really enjoyed the job I gave her of sorting all of the clean clothes into people piles.  She knew who every item belonged to.
  24. Gus finally got the hang of his Batman glider.  He played with it forever tonight.
  25. Sabbath Friday is tomorrow!  I can’t wait to do nothing.
  26. Wonderful praise report from a sweet friend.
  27. Josh got to enjoy the NFL draft tonight, I got to enjoy researching which DS to get Gus for his birthday.

Day 262

Psalm 100:4 (AMP) Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise.  Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

I’ve known Psalm 100:4 for as long as I can remember, but a few months ago I learned something new about it from my Pastor, Robert Morris.  Found in that one verse are four of the seven Hebrew words for worship.  Here’s how it breaks down in the Hebrew:

Enter into his gates with a thanksgiving choir and into his courts singing praises be thankful by extending your hands to him and bless him by bowing before His name.  

I have expressed my worship to God by singing with a choir of thankful people at church.  I have expressed my worship to God by singing praises all alone.  I have expressed my worship to God by lifting my hands to Him, but up until a few months ago I had never expressed my worship to Him by bowing before His name.

I have never been apart of a church where people would get on the their knees and worship the Lord, until we became apart of Gateway three years ago.  I still remember the first worship event I ever attended… people were kneeling- even the singers on stage.  I figured maybe that was just because it was a women’s event and women are just natural worshippers, but then Pastor Robert came to the Frisco campus for a regular Sunday service…. during worship I glanced over in his direction and couldn’t find him.  It was because he was down on his knees bowing before the Lord.

I never thought it was weird or flaky, in fact, I thought it was awesome, but it just wasn’t my worship style.  I would rather stand and lift my hands than bow.  It would be getting out of my comfort zone for sure.  So I went about my standard ways of worship until one night I found myself so overwhelmed by His goodness I knew there was no other way of expressing it other than to kneel before Him.  I talked myself out of it a few times during the first time we sang through the chorus, but I got my flesh to shut up long enough that by the second chorus I was bowing before His name.  I felt something break that night… it was like this little pride wall I had built up came crashing down.  There was no place I would have rather been that night then on my knees before my King.

I don’t know why I waited 27 years to express my worship in such a humbling way, but I’m thankful I didn’t wait 50 or 60 years, or until this scripture comes to pass

Romans 14:11 For it is written: “As I live, says the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.”

Your knees will hit the ground as you bow to God along with all of the other knees in the world on the day of judgement.  Do you want that to be the first time you bow before the God that you owe everything to?  I don’t think so!

He could have said, as I live, every hand shall clap for me or every foot will stomp for me, or every arm will be raised to me, or every body will dance for me, but he didn’t.  He said every knee shall bow to Me.  Why did He choose bowing over a great applause?  I believe it’s because bowing is the most humbling of all the different types of worship.

If you’ve never expressed your worship by bowing before the Lord, I just want to encourage you to lay down your pride and go for it.  God will be so very blessed as you bless His name in such an honoring way.

1 Peter 5:5 Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”

  1. Pastor Robert’s great teaching on how to worship and express love to God. 
  2. He practices what he preaches.
  3. I shut my flesh up, laid down my pride and worshipped God on my knees.
  4. He gives grace to the humble.
  5. Someday every knee will bow!  And every tongue will confess!
  6. Revelation Song. What I was singing when I became so overwhelmed with His goodness.
  7. Gus is now in charge of getting Beau up every morning… they are so cute coming down stairs together with their little sleepy heads of hair.
  8. Finally got a play date in with the the Collin’s girls!
  9. Enjoyed getting to really talk with my friend Briana.
  10. The kids all had fun playing together!  Gus and Beau were already planning the next play date on the way home.
  11. Beau took an extra long nap.
  12. Spent the afternoon with Batman… who looked an awful lot like Gus.  He let me take some awesome pictures of him for the Gotham Post.
  13. I woke up from my nap to Beau laughing hysterically at a Pooh Bear short.  She has never laughed at a TV show like that before.  It was a fun way to wake up.
  14. Gus, who is not a fan of the grocery store, did not complain one time when I told him I forgot the pineapple for dinner and we had to make a trip to Kroger.
  15. I found a quarter in my purse when we were checking out so I got to reward him with a gum ball.
  16. Grilled pineapple.
  17. Josh cooked the caribbean jerk chicken for dinner perfectly.
  18. Jasmine rice.  My new favorite rice.  How is it so much better than minute rice?
  19. The chicken was too spicy for the kids, but they were more than satisfied with pineapple and turkey meat.  Easy enough.
  20. It warmed up quite a bit this afternoon!
  21. Watching the kids play hide and seek in the front yard.  Those two are pure joy.
  22. Finished the data entry project I’ve been trying to finish for a week.
  23. Skinna-ma-rink-a-dink-a-dink.  Beau’s eyes were so big when I sang this to her before bed tonight.  She asked for an encore.
  24. Nothing to do tonight but watch some T.V.
  25. Even though American Idol has been pretty awful this year Josh has stuck it out with me.
  26. The word God gave me at the beginning of the year that he reminded me of today.
  27. Josh laughs at my jokes… even the corny ones about historical figures.