Day 56

After coming home from a night shift a single mom with four kids ages twelve, eleven, five and three, laid down in her bed and cried out to God, “I know you have someone out there for me, send me someone that will love me and love my kids.”

Two years earlier she had to divorce her husband of 12 years and the father of those four children.  It was never the way she imagined her life would turn out.  But after the boy she fell in love with at college started using drugs, drinking, and cheating on her, she had to get out.  She kept her house and worked a full time job to keep up with payments.  Her littlest was only one, still in footsie pajamas when his dad left.  It had been a tough two years.  She knew that she wasn’t supposed to be single for the rest of her life.  She went on dates, but I’m sure finding a guy who wanted to marry a lady with four kids wasn’t exactly a piece of a cake.  So there, in her room, all alone, she told God she wanted to meet that “someone” that He had for her.

In the same city a man who had a five year old daughter and had also been divorced, was crying out to God too.  He painted planes for a living and about six months earlier a group of guys he worked with who were radically on fire for God told him God could help him with his failing marriage.  He decided to get saved, only to be told by some legalistic church that he wasn’t ready to give his life to God.  He came back to work and told his friends what the church told him, and they led Him to Christ right there, because they knew there is nothing you can do to get “ready” to be saved.  He told his wife that he was living for God and wanted her to come back and try to work things out, she declined.  They divorced shortly after.  One night he was reading a Bible his parents had given him for Easter and he got up, stood in a corner and cried out to God, “I’m tired of living like this.  I just want someone to love.  Bring my wife back or bring me someone new to love.”

A few weeks later at a country line dancing place, the single mom of four met the newly saved divorced man.   They danced and then went to breakfast and spent hours talking about God.  The man was hungry for the Holy Spirit, the woman grew up in church and was filled with the Holy Spirit, so they had a lot to talk about.  They both knew something “special” happened that night.

God heard the cry of the woman wanting someone to love her, and He heard the cry of the man wanting someone for Him to love.  He brought them together in, of all places, a country line dancing joint.

Just 2 months later that brave man married the single mom with the four kids.  They were now a party of 7!

That single mom was my mom and the brave man that married her was my dad.  They are celebrating 30 years of marriage today!  I’m so thankful that they cried out to God and that He heard them.

Jeremiah 33:3  Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.  

God wants us to call to Him, because He wants to work in our lives.  I’m glad my parents didn’t wish on a star, throw a penny into a well, or follow their horoscopes and expect something magical to happen.  They called out to the one true God and He answered them.  He showed them that special person they were both asking for.

If you need God to show you great and mighty things, call out to Him,  He promises that He will answer.  He can change your future, forever.

  1. My mom called out to God.
  2. My dad called out to God.
  3. God heard them!
  4. My dad fell in love with my mom and wanted to marry her even though she already had four kids!
  5. I got 5 siblings through my parents previous marriages.
  6. They decided to have more kids a few years after being married, me and my little brother made us a party of 9!
  7. My parents are celebrating 30 years of marriage today and 30 more to come.
  8. My mom shared that story with me a few months ago.
  9. I got to hear my dad tell his side of the story today.  It was so sweet hearing him get all choked up about it.
  10. My dad ended up getting filled with the Holy Spirit that he was so hungry for.
  11. The friends of my dad’s that were bold about Jesus and led him to the Lord and changed his life and my life forever.
  12. When someone cut in on my mom and dad’s first dance, my dad walked away, but my mom chased after him and they finished their first dance.
  13. God wants to show us great and mighty things in our future, we just have to call.
  14. Gus slept in again.. so me and Beau watched cartoons in bed this morning.
  15. Great class at church.  Teaching the 5 year olds that God hasn’t given them a spirit of fear.
  16. Beau’s hair was very sticky when we left church, she apparently got covered in bubbles.  She loves bubbles and she loves church!
  17. It was actually cold outside this morning.  Felt fall-ish.
  18. Relaxing, restful afternoon.  Pajamas, football, couch.
  19. Ice cream at Braum’s with one of our favorite family’s, the Halls.
  20. Fun at the park, burning off ice cream sugar highs.  Loved hearing all of our kids laugh and play together.
  21. The sun came out this afternoon.
  22. The really beautiful sun set.
  23. Listened to a great message tonight by Pastor Jimmy Evans on communication in marriage.
  24. Yogurt and almonds for dinner.  Nice not having to cook or do dishes.
  25. Check book balanced, bills paid!
  26. Took a short football break to watch “The Great Food Truck Race” finale on Food Network tonight.
  27. My Grandpa Wagner went to heaven two years ago today.  I know he’s held Felix in the football hold.
  28. Getting in bed early!

Day 55

Last night I had the privilege of going out on a date with my four year old son Gus.  He is quite the little charmer.  He took me to Whataburger, which is one of his favorite restaurants, and then we went to the movies.  I loved having that special one on one time with him.  I also have an 18 month old Daughter, Beau, so most of the time my attention is divided between the two of them.  Gus loves to talk.  He’s a bit of a chatter box actually, and I don’t always get to listen attentively like I got to listen to him last night.  After we left the restaurant (probably more of a fast food establishment than a restaurant , but whatever) we were driving to the movie and he said, “It’s different when Beau’s not around, isn’t it?”

My husband also had a date last night.  He took Beau to the mall and to get a cupcake.  He said he could tell she noticed it was different too, with it being just her and her dad.

Kids need that one on one time with their parents.  They desire it.  They like to know that they have your undivided attention.  Of course, they need time with the entire family too, but there is something special that happens when you can get them away from their siblings and just focus on them.

I think God is the same way.  He wants one on one time with His children.  He wants to get us away from everything and everyone so we can focus on Him and He can focus on us.  Most Christians make time to go to church, and that’s great.  I love the local church, but that’s not the one on one time God is looking to spend with you.  One on one time is when it is just you and God.

Mark 1:35 In the morning, long before sunrise, Jesus went to a place where he could be alone to pray. 

Even Jesus had to get away so he could have one on one time with His father.

Once the sun rises my kids are up and going full speed almost all day, so I like to have my one on one time with God early in the morning before anyone else is up.. including the sun.   It’s amazing how refreshed and recharged I feel after that quality time with God.  He made us to need that time with Him.

When we spend one on one time with God He will give us revelation that we need personally.  He’ll speak to the secrets of our heart.  He will focus in on our needs for the day.  When we give Him our undivided attention He gives us His.  Don’t let a day pass without one on one time with your Father.

  1. One on one time with my Father.
  2. The way God ministers to me personally each morning.
  3. One one one time with my kids.
  4. The way God uses my kids to teach me things about Him.
  5. Gus slept in, til 8!  That’s a record for him.
  6. Relaxing, rainy day!
  7. Grocery shopping with my favorite grocery shopper, Beau.
  8. Fridge is full, pantry is full!
  9. Gus re-discovered his robot magnets.  Played with them all morning.
  10. Baking soda.  Is there anything that stuff can’t do?!
  11. Good, painful workout.  I like when I can tell I’m not waisting my time.
  12. After getting Gus some football cards he’s decided he wants to be a pastor and a line backer when he grows up.
  13. The house smelled amazing all afternoon as the crock pot was working on dinner.
  14. Gus’ old clothes are tearing it up on e-bay!
  15. Beau took a great nap.
  16. Beau is finally back!!  She’s feeling good and being sweet again!!  I missed her!!
  17. Our back fence is being replaced with a stone wall by our town.  That’s going to make the neighborhood look so much nicer.
  18. Josh gave me some advice about helping Gus with his homework and it helped so much!
  19. If you haven’t left your burden with the Lord after you have prayed, all you have done is griped. -Pastor Robert Morris.
  20. Delicious dinner!
  21. I picked out my clothes for church in 1 minute.  It’s nice having some new stuff to choose from.  Last week it took me about 30 minutes to find something to wear!
  22. God showed me some things to pray over the city of Frisco during worship.
  23. Pastor Robert’s message on “The Person of Prayer”  was so GOOD!
  24. Gus asked me why it was called the red sea when it looked like a blue sea.
  25. Beau looked adorable tonight in her little corduroy bubble skirt.  She knew she did too.
  26. Josh helped me get the kids into church and walked us out with an umbrella afterward.
  27. Lazy night hanging out with Josh and catching up on some shows.
  28. Beau likes having her picture taken!  Gus has to be bribed or threatened to get him to take a nice picture.

Day 54

My very first job was at The Gap.  It was so exciting to me.  I was getting a little paycheck, a great discount on clothes, and I got to leave high school two hours early every day thanks to the “job out” program.  It was great.. except for the folding clothes part.  And that is all I did for the first few weeks.  A four hour shift felt like a ten hour shift.  I was tempted to quit a few times, but I knew if I kept at it I would get promoted to “cash wrap attendant.”  I was right.  After a few weeks they taught me how to work the register.  I still had to fold clothes, but now I got to handle money, see what people were buying, and compete with the other cash wrap attendants to see who could get the most people to sign up for Gap Credit Cards.  I don’t remember if I got a pay raise, I just remember that being promoted was such a great feeling!  When you get promoted by man it’s awesome, but nothing compares to promotion from God.

Promotion means an advancement in rank or position.  You don’t have to have a boss or be in the work place to get promoted by God.  God wants to promote you spiritually.  He wants to take you to new levels with Him.  All you need is devotion.

Devotion leads to promotion.  Catchy, huh?  I like when stuff rhymes.

In 1 Chronicles 4:9 we are introduced to a man named Jabez and the first things it says about him is, Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.  What made him more honorable than his brothers?  What promoted him over his brothers?  He was devoted to prayer!  He has two verses in the Bible, yet there are whole sermons and books written about him and his prayer life.

He prayed God would bless him indeed, enlarge his territory, that God’s hand would be with him, and that God would keep him from evil.  God answered his prayer and put took him new a new lever of honor.

Jabez’s brothers must have devoted their lives to something other than prayer, and that’s why the Bible says he was a better man than they were.  They may have been more successful in the work place and they may have been the ones who always seemed to be up for promotions, but God was promoting Jabez in ways no man could promote him.

Everyone is devoted to something, but promotion doesn’t come from just being a devoted father, husband, mother, wife, employee, friend, church goer, etc.  Promotion comes when we are devoted to God through prayer.   Decide to devote time each day to pray, make it top priority, and God will promote you to a place of honor, just like He promoted Jabez.  Devotion leads to promotion.

  1. God is going out of his way to speak to me about the importance of prayer right now.
  2. God promotes us when we are devoted to prayer.
  3. I made a choice to get up an hour earlier a few months ago to assure I had time to pray and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I look forward to that special time every morning.
  4. Gus ran downstairs this morning to make sure I was watching the beautiful sunset.
  5. Praising God this morning with my little boy.
  6. The line at the DMV looked very intimidating, but it wasn’t bad at all.
  7. Josh lost our car tag, but we able to replace it for only $7.
  8. The kids were very patient with us while we ran errands all morning.
  9. Nice lunch at 5th street with my nice little family.
  10. Lunch was free..  still being blessed by the gift card from the Halls.
  11. Beth Helton!  She is a blessing to us and we are so thankful she is at the Frisco campus.
  12. Listening to Josh & Gus play D.C. Super Friends while I did some writing.
  13. I had a date night with the most handsome 4 year old in the universe.  Gus!
  14. Josh had him comb his hair and put on “church clothes” for me.  His outfit was ridiculously cute.
  15. He came to the front door to pick me up with a beautiful white flower.
  16. Whataburger.  It’s becoming a date night tradition for us.
  17. Finding Nemo.  What a heart felt movie.  I cried several times.  It made me miss Felix.
  18. About 10 years ago another very handsome date took me to see Finding Nemo.  I still remember seeing it with Josh just a few days before our wedding.
  19. Sour Patch Kids, Reeses Pieces, Popcorn, Sprite for Gus and a Cherry Coke for me.
  20. Josh had a date night too..  with one beautiful little Beau.
  21. Josh loves movies and I know he would have loved to go see Finding Nemo with us, but he let us go by ourselves.
  22. Gus told me on the way home “Nemo was disobedient and that’s why He got lost.”  I like that he picked up on that.
  23. Beau got to have her favorite treat tonight..  cupcakes!  Josh took her to the pink cupcake place with the princess carriage.  I got a video of her throughly enjoying her self.
  24. God gave Josh some awesome art ideas for the music video to “Stripes & Scars.”  It’s going to be amazing.
  25. Gus told me about 15 times on the way home, “that was the best date night ever.”
  26. When Gus’ seat belt gets stuck he says “Why is the seat belt being so stubborn like Pharaoh?”  I laugh every time.
  27. Favorite tweet today via Sarah Hart Pearsons via Brother Moore  “How to increase your capacity to receive from God- cultivate a lifestyle of THANKSGIVING.”  I hear that!
  28. It rained today!

Day 53

Since Sunday my 18 month old daughter has not been her sweet and happy self.  I thought the fact that she has six or seven new teeth coming in might have something to do with it, but yesterday afternoon I felt I needed to take her to after hours to make sure it wasn’t something else.  Turns out she has a double ear infection.

2 hours in after care was not really how I was planning on spending my evening.  Prescriptions and co-pays were not really how I wanted to spend seventy-five dollars.  I was very, very tempted to complain.  Josh was at home with Gus and I was about to text “this stinks!’ to him, but I remembered earlier that day when I asked Gus not to complain about waiting in line at the post office.  “Remember what the Bible says?  Do everything without arguing or complaining.”  I could hear myself saying that to him.  So I held my tongue.. or my finger I guess since I was going to text my complaint, and I decided instead of griping I would try to think of all the things I had to be thankful for about the current situation I was in.

My perspective totally changed.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I realized my situation wasn’t really bad at all.

The verse about doing everything without arguing and complaining I asked Gus to remember is found in Philippians 2:14, the next verse says

That you may show yourselves to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated, children of God without blemish.. (amp)

The opposite of complaining is being thankful.  When we have a thankful spirit we show others that we are true children of God.  I LOVE how the Message says it.  Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God.  When you are tempted to complain and you look for ways to be thankful instead, you provide people with a glimpse of good living and of your living God!

My list starts with all of the things I thought of to be thankful for last night while we were waiting to see the doctor.

  1. Care Now lets you check in online so I got to spend an hour waiting in the comfort of my home instead of in the waiting room.  If not for that we would have been there for 3 hours instead of 2.
  2. We had the finances to pay the co-pay and the prescriptions.
  3. I only live 5 minutes away from the clinic.
  4. YouTube.  Me and Beau watched hours of Winnie The Pooh together while we were waiting!
  5. What Beau was being treated for was not a serious or life threatening illness.
  6. I only had to wait 5 minutes for the prescription to be filled at Walgreens
  7. Josh could stay home with Gus.
  8. After the appointment we got to come home and put Beau to sleep in her own little crib.  There are lots of children sleeping in hospital beds.
  9. The nurse was so sweet with Beau and kept telling me how pretty she was.
  10. That we have a chance to show people a glimpse of God when we do everything without complaining.
  11. Some serious cuddling occurred last night.
  12. Pastor Jared & Ali had their sweet little girl this morning!
  13. Got my hair did.
  14. Josh watched Beau this morning while I was at my hair appointment.
  15. I got to read a good amount of “Praying Circles Around Your Children”  So far, SO SO good!
  16. My mom sent Gus a book she made about him and his puppy Norah.  He thought it was so neat!
  17. Really good home made chicken pot pie for dinner.
  18. The message my sister Mindy sent me.  She has the gift of encouragement!
  19. My sister-in-law Tosha blogged about how a post from my blog helped her have a wonderful Wednesday.
  20. Date night at home!
  21. Joyce Meyer’s tweet today, “Complaining is sin, and it opens a door for the devil.”
  22. Gus had a great day at pre-school!
  23. Gus telling us all about his 5 senses and the spanish names for all the colors at dinner.  Glad to see he’s absorbing so much!
  24. 10 years ago today my sweet niece Olivia was born!  I got to see her and hold her that day with all of her pretty brown hair.
  25. Olivia got to celebrate her 10th birthday in California!
  26. I’m all caught up on laundry… but I didn’t have anything to do with it.  Best.  Husband.  Ever.
  27. The sweet notes from my sweet in-laws.
  28. Baseball game in the backyard with Gus and Dida.

Day 52

I was driving around the other day when I saw a church marquee that read “Is God your butler or your boss?”  I thought about it for a while and this is my answer:  God is not my boss or my butler, He is my father.

When I think of a boss I think of someone who tells you what to do and how to do it and if you don’t do it right you get fired.  You generally don’t want to hang out with your boss. Unless of course you are fortunate enough to work for your awesome father in law.

When I think of a butler I think of someone who you tell what to do and how to do it and if they don’t do it right you fire them.  You generally don’t want to hang out with your butler.  Unless she is like Alice from The Brady Bunch.. she seemed like she would be fun to hang out with.

Romans 8:15-17 So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.  And since we are his children, we are his heirs…

God adopted us as His own.  We can call him Abba, Father.  We are His children and we don’t have to live our lives afraid that if we mess up He will fire us, like some mean spirited boss who has awful coffee breath.

He also made us His heirs when He adopted us.  Because He is our father, we can just trust that He will meet all of our needs.  We don’t have to order Him around and tell Him what to do and how we want it done, like He’s our butler.

Yes, God wants us to submit to His authority and yes, God wants to take care of us, but He wants to do that as our dad.

  1. God adopted me!!!
  2. He made me his Heir!!!
  3. I can have the same relationship with Him as Jesus as with Him!!!
  4. The little marquee that got me thinking.
  5. Breakfast outside on the swing set picnic table.
  6. Beautiful morning with a beautiful sky.
  7. Great time of fellowship and prayer with my small group.
  8. My iPhone sets my alarm for me every night.  One less thing to remember.
  9. Gus had a great time at church this morning while I was at small group.
  10. A really good piece of watermelon that satisfied my sweet tooth.
  11. My new book!  Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson I can’t wait to start it.
  12. Trudi’s post on how the accomplished woman in Proverbs 31 “Rises.”
  13. Beau’s bright blue skinny jeans.  She was in a constant state of cuteness today.
  14. I challenged Gus to not complain one time while we had to wait in line at the post office and he succeeded!
  15. Enjoyed studying the prayer of Jabez this morning.  I had never heard of it until today.
  16. I didn’t know if Beau would sleep since she slept at church, but she still took her 2 hour nap!
  17. Sweet texts from Josh today letting me know he was missing his family.
  18. I found my favorite pen!
  19. I told Beau not to stand on the couch and she said “O.K.”  so plainly.  It was so awesome.
  20. I got a hair appointment for tomorrow!  I thought I would have to wait until next weekend.
  21. The Sparkmans made it safely to California!  Glad they get to do some vacationing.
  22. Taco bar night!
  23. Fresh tortillas from Kroger..  they revolutionized taco bar night.
  24. Rick Bayless’ guacamole mix.  It’s so hard to find!  It was finally in stock at Target so I bought everyone.
  25. Josh cleaned up the entire kitchen after dinner.
  26. Gus was preaching to us tonight at dinner and when he was done he said, “I love preaching.”
  27. Watched a video of him when he was 2 “preaching” about Jesus calming the storm.  I’m so glad we have that moment captured on video.
  28. Josh has been gone the past two nights, so it was extra nice hanging out with him tonight.

Day 51

Usually, shortly after you deliver a baby the room fills with family and friends and laughter and smiles, pictures are being taken, and the feeling of hope for the little being that just took it’s first breath is through the roof.  But obviously the mood in the room after we delivered our son still born was drastically different.  When we arrived at the hospital to deliver the doctor warned us that it would be the hardest day of our lives, I didn’t believe him.  I didn’t think it could be worse than when we found out our baby had died just a few days earlier at a routine ultrasound.  We were prayed up and we were speaking God’s word going into the delivery, but the doctor was right.  It was the hardest day of our lives.

I could have lost heart, but I didn’t.  When I read this verse today it helped me to see why.

Psalm 27:13  I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  

When David wrote this he didn’t say he didn’t lose heart because he could see the goodness of the Lord, he said he didn’t lose heart because he believed he would see it.  In other words, he couldn’t see the goodness of the Lord when he was going through difficulty, but he had faith that he would see it someday!

In the hours after the delivery waiting to go home, feeling completely robbed, it was hard to see the goodness of God, but I never doubted that I would see it.  I believed that the next time I delivered a baby I would be leaving the hospital with him in my arms.  I believed that God would give me beauty for ashes.  I believed God would give us a garment of praise instead of a spirit of heaviness.  I believed God would give us double for our trouble.  I KNEW I would see the goodness of God, and that kept me from losing heart.  Our faith in God’s goodness got us through.  Almost three months later  I can say with confidence that we have seen the goodness of God, we’ve seen it everyday, and I know there’s more seeing to do!

So if it seems like the goodness of God is way off in the distance, don’t lose heart.  If you use your faith and believe that you will see it, your faith shall be your eyes.

“Those that walk by faith in the goodness of God shall in due time walk in the sight of that goodness” – Matthew Henry

  1. Faith in God’s goodness helped me to not lose heart.
  2. It didn’t take long at all to see God’s goodness in the land of the living.
  3. God told me today He’s got more goodness for me to see.  Exciting!!
  4. “I Will Rise” by Chris Tomlin. Love these lyrics, “there’s a day that’s drawing near when this darkness breaks to light, and the shadows disappear and my faith shall be my eyes”
  5. God dropped a big desire into my heart this morning when I was jogging.
  6. He gives us the desires of our hearts!!
  7. Beau woke up in the night and needed me.  Her little voice in the dark saying “mama?” to make sure I was still by her crib was so very sweet.
  8. Beau only saw Josh yesterday for 30 minutes or so and she let him know this morning she missed him.
  9. Our car was filled with praise on the way to school.
  10. Shopping at Target with my sweet little girl.
  11. Found some cute fall clothes!
  12. Tried story time at the library.  Beau had a constant smile on her face.
  13. A clean house.
  14. There were a lot of little girls excited when Gus got to school this morning.  I could tell he was embarrassed by all of their hugs.
  15. Fun play date after school for Gus & for me!
  16. Josh got to go to a Ranger’s game for free tonight.. good seats too!
  17. He got to hang out with some good guys that love God.
  18. Girls night at my house!  8 girls + Gus.
  19. Pizza for dinner.
  20. Root Beer Floats for dessert per Gus’ request.
  21. The kids all played so great together.
  22. I loved spending time with my great friends Julie & Anna!
  23. My sweet Aunt Melba is celebrating her birthday.  One of the nicest people in the world.
  24. My mother-in-law taught me a new word today – sagacious.
  25. Unsolicited hugs from Gussy.
  26. Beau woke up after only 45 minutes of napping, she usually naps for 2 hours.  I felt like I was supposed to wait 5 minutes to see if she would go back to sleep.. she did!  Thank you Holy Spirit.
  27. Productive work day thanks to the good nap!
  28. Spent the evening doing my hair and worshipping to some old school Desperation Band from 2006.  A lot of memories tied to the “Who You Are” album.

Day 50

Most everyone who grew up in and around church has heard this verse, Psalm 100:4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

I love the message translation, Enter with the password: “Thank you!” Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him.

If you want to get into my iPhone, you have to know my password.  If you want to open my garage, you have to know my password.  If you want to log into my online bank account, you have to know my password.  Everything is “password protected” these days.

God’s presence has always been password protected, but being the good God that He is, the password isn’t a secret.  He tells us exactly what we need to say to enter into His amazing presence.  The password is “Thank you!”

I gotta say the last 50 days of counting the greatness of God and being thankful for everything I can think of to be thankful for, I feel like I’ve gotten further into His courts than I ever have before.  He’s shown me things in His word that I’ve never seen before.  I’ve heard his voice better than I ever have before.  I’ve felt His love more than I ever have before.  Being intentional about saying “thank you!” has made everyday a good day!

Psalm 84:10 says that Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.. 

Just one day in God’s courts is better than a thousand days at Disney World, or a thousand days in Hawaii, or any other amazing place you’ve ever dreamed of visiting.  So you may wanna make a note of that password.

  1. 50 days of counting the goodness of God.  And what an amazing 50 days they have been.  1398 reasons down, 8602 to go!
  2. You don’t have to solve some mystery to get into God’s presence, all you need is gratitude.
  3. Better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere.  I love that we can spend everyday in His courts it we want to.
  4. “He has made me glad, He has made me glad, I will rejoice for He has made me Gl-a-a-a-ad!”  Used to sing that when I was little and I’ve never forgotten Ps 100:4 because of it.
  5. When my car wouldn’t start this morning my friend Sayra came and picked us up so we could still have a play date at the park.
  6. Gus had a great time riding his bike and playing with his friend Alex.
  7. I had a great time catching up with my sweet friend.
  8. Gus has been practicing his smile for his school pictures and man, it’s such a cute smile.
  9. Beau so enjoyed watching the outer space screen saver on my computer today.  She was in awe of God’s creation.
  10. Gus thanked me for making him lunch!
  11. Power nap.
  12. Helped Gus write his very first book- “Verde & Rojo’s Adventure To Meet God”  Two dinosaurs meet God in a volcano.  Good stuff!
  13. I know it’s a bit early, but we pulled out “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”  One of my favorites!
  14. Vince Guaraldi – composer of the Charlie Brown music.  Such well done songs.
  15. “You’re Not Elected Charlie Brown” is about as political as we get at our house.
  16. Sweet and encouraging e-mail from my friend J.J.
  17. I loved using Twitter today and reading tweets from my favorite pastors & ministers all over the world.
  18. Jesus rose from the grave so my sins would stay buried! – Judah Smith
  19. My car is not broken, the battery was just dead!
  20. Gus’ first response when the car started back up was to Praise God!
  21. Drove out to the lake to get the battery all charged back up.. The kids had fun looking at the water and listening to Love Out Loud.
  22. Found a new beautiful place to feed ducks!
  23. Quiet evening all to myself.
  24. Beau didn’t notice her sheepy blanket was missing tonight. Phew!  I had to wash it and didn’t have time to dry it before bed.
  25. Check book balanced!
  26. I have won all 3 of my fantasy football match ups this season.
  27. Watching Josh smile while he read the story Gus wrote.
  28. Josh got home in time to watch a little Monday Night Football with me.

Day 49

My son is in his second year of preschool and one of the things they are teaching the students is independence.  When he gets to school he finds his cubby, takes out his folder, unpacks his lunchbox, and hangs up his back pack all on his own.  We are teaching him to do things on his own at home too, because when he moves out someday we don’t want to have to drive over to his house to help him brush his teeth.

We have all been trained to do things on our own since we were just little preschoolers and because of that I think sometimes it’s hard for us to ask for help.  We think we should be able to figure everything out on our own.  And yes, we should be able to iron a shirt and prepare kraft mac n cheese without assistance, but there are things that we aren’t made to tackle on our own, and if try to, we will fail.

Hebrews 13:6 The Lord is my helper I will not fear..

One of God’s roles in our life is helper.  He wants to help.  He’s not disappointed when we can’t do something on our own.  He doesn’t want us to be independent like our teachers and parents trained us to be.  He wants us to be dependent.. on Him!

I’m guilty of turning to things like Google for help instead of turning to God.  Google is helpful, but it doesn’t know us and our situation like God does.  The great men and women of faith in the Bible didn’t have all of the resources we have today.  Abraham couldn’t search the web for “how to conceive when your wife is 99.”  WebMD wasn’t available to give the woman with the issue of blood medical advice.  Joseph couldn’t put a post on Facebook to let everyone know what his brothers had done.  They only had God to turn to and that’s a good thing because turning to God for help is foolproof!

What are you trying to figure out on your own?  Why your baby won’t sleep through the night?  Why your husband won’t help around the house?  Why you aren’t happy?  Why you can’t get pregnant?  Why you keep doing things you know you aren’t supposed to do?  Why your child isn’t enjoying school?  I’m sure you could find all kinds of answers to these questions by searching the web or reading a magazine or watching Dr Phil, but try asking God first, because He has the RIGHT answer.

  1. God is my helper.
  2. I have nothing to fear!
  3. He has always helped me every time I’ve asked Him to.
  4. God reminded me to teach my kids that it’s okay to be dependent on God.
  5. It’s okay that I can’t figure out everything on my own.  God loves when we lay down our pride and tell Him we need Him.
  6. Google.  It is helpful and I use it everyday for things “like how many ounces in a cup.”
  7. Beau reading to me in her amazingly sweet little sleepy voice.
  8. Kids both looked so cute for church today in their new clothes we got with the gift card from Grammy.
  9. My niece & nephew got to come hear Josh preach today.
  10. I spent my morning with a class full of sweet 5 year olds singing and learning about Jesus.
  11. Josh was able to give some nice shoes to my nephew, they fit him great and were just what he needed to go with his new pants.
  12. Beau has been so sweet considering she has about 5 teeth coming in right now.
  13. My sweet and beautiful niece Desiree was born 15 years ago today!
  14. The picture of Desiree my sister posted today.  I remember when she was that little and now she’s a freshman!
  15. Relaxing Sunday afternoon.
  16. Beau just wanted to lay around on me and be cuddled this afternoon.
  17. Good left overs for dinner!
  18. Josh warmed up dinner, cleaned up dinner, and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher for me.
  19. Sweet, sticky faces after ice cream at Braum’s.
  20. Justin & Courtney had a safe trip home.
  21. “There’s nothing better than cuddling with mamma” – Gus
  22. Gus borrowed Josh’s cologne this morning.  I love good smelling boys.
  23. Josh had Gus call me and ask me out on a date this Friday night.
  24. Sunday Night Football and Food Network with my sweet husband.
  25. The little dinosaur Gus’ cousins bought him hatched today.  He played with “Verde” all night.  Gave him a bath, made a bed for him to sleep in.  So adorable.
  26. I finally got a Twitter account!  I’m at sarahblount10k if you wanna follow me.
  27. I’m a Blount..  that is awesome!
  28. The hymn finder on  I love being able to find old hymns based on whatever scripture I’m studying.

Day 48

One of my favorite chapters in the Old Testament is 2 Samuel 22.  It’s a song David wrote after God delivered him from his enemies, and from the hand of Saul.  I drew a lot of strength and comfort from this chapter in the weeks after losing Felix.  The whole chapter is awesome, but I’ve really been thinking about this verse today.

11 He rode upon a cherub, and flew; And He was seen upon the wings of the wind.

When David called upon the Lord, and cried out in his distress, God heard his voice and responded in a really powerful way.  David says, God rode upon a cherub, and flew on the wings of the wind.  I love that picture, God flying in a moment through the world to rescue the one who called out to Him.  Faster than any jet or a guy wearing tights and a cape.  He was there for David, ready to meet his need with super fast speed.

I am still amazed sometimes at the supernatural speed in which God came to our rescue.  We called out to Him and He flew through the world in a moment and started to comfort us with His love and heal our broken hearts.

When Gotham City needs Batman to come to the rescue, a bat signal lights up in the sky, and Batman speeds to the rescue.  David had a “bat signal” he used when he needed God to come to his rescue..  we all have one..  it’s our voice.  All David had to do was open his mouth and call out to God for help, and God traveled on the wings of the wind to deliver David from his enemies.

  1. God always hears us when we call out to Him.
  2. I have a voice to use to call out to Him.
  3. He comes to our rescue with great speed!
  4. 2 Samuel 22.  So glad David wrote that awesome song.
  5. God gave me the thought about our voice being like the bat signal.. Gus liked that illustration.
  6. Sweet time “talking” with Beau this morning while the rest of the house was sleeping.
  7. The way Beau looked in her new little pajamas.  Best body ever!
  8. Gus reading his Bible to us on the way to lunch.. “Chapter 11, be sure to love The Jesus.  Chapter 12, no loving satan.”
  9. Beau was in the mood to dance this morning and it was very entertaining.
  10. Fantastic lunch at Kenny’s Burger Joint.
  11. Josh let me have the last bite of his burger!
  12. Got to take Justin & Courtney shopping in Plano.
  13. They both found cute new pants!
  14. Watching Gus & Beau run and climb and play and smile at the mall playground.
  15. Won an awesome pair of shoes for Gus on e-bay for more than half off the retail price!
  16. Praise and worship tonight.  I love being in God’s presence.
  17. Pastor Robert preached a great message on the purpose of prayer.
  18. Got to take communion tonight.  Good word from Pastor Jelani.
  19. Justin & Courtney got to come to church with me!
  20. Fun night watching a fun movie with fun people.
  21. Popcorn!
  22. Gus’ lesson at church was about Moses & the plagues and tonight before he got in bed he said “Dadgum Pharaoh”  It cracked me up.  I’m glad he was still meditating on it.
  23. Pot Roast, carrots, potatoes and rolls for dinner.  Everyone enjoyed it!
  24. Gus planned a date night for me and him… I can’t wait.
  25. I got to Skype with my sister Mindy for a few minutes.
  26. Justin watched Gus & Beau while me & Courtney waited in the very long changing room line at H&M.
  27. Subtitles.  We watch all movies with them on and never have to rewind because we couldn’t understand what was being said.
  28. Beau tells everything she sees “nighty night” on the way to bed every night.

Day 47

It’s pretty natural for humans to feel sorry for themselves.  You get a flat tire, you feel sorry for yourself.  You don’t get the house you made an offer on, you feel sorry for yourself.  Your flight gets delayed, you feel sorry for yourself.  You don’t get the job you applied for, you feel sorry for yourself.  It’s usually what our first response is when things don’t go our way.

When we found out about Felix, of course I felt sorry for myself.  I couldn’t help but think, why me?  I love kids- like really, really, really love kids!  I’m a good mom!  I have made it my life’s mission to train my kids to serve Jesus with all of their hearts for all of their lives!  I wanted this baby!  Why me?

Jesus never felt sorry for Himself, but Isaiah 53:3 says He was a man of sorrows.  He wasn’t sorrowful about His life and the pain and rejection He faced, He was sorrowful for us.  Every sorrow that every man, woman, and child has faced, He took on Himself.  He loaded all of them onto His back, as if they were His own and carried them away.  He became acquainted with our grief.  Every sad emotion I’ve felt in my life, He’s felt it too.  He didn’t have to do that.  He wanted to.  He wanted to become a man of sorrows, so that I don’t have to be a woman of sorrows.

Jesus is so, for lack of a better word, SWEET!  The sweetest person to ever walk the earth.  The whole book of Isaiah 53, makes me cry, just thinking of His sweetness.  He went out of His way to take away our sorrow and get to know our grief.  He felt sorry for us, so we don’t have to feel sorry for ourselves.

  1. God’s given me 1,288 reasons over the last 46 days to remind me I have no reason to feel sorry for myself!
  2. All of the emotions I’ve felt, He’s felt for me.
  3. He took my sorrows and carried them away on His back… willingly!
  4. He’s sweet, so amazingly sweet!
  5. A few things that made Gus’ thank you list today.. Snow balls, granola bars, and of course his puppy who lives in another state.
  6. The sweet lady at the post office who saw my hands were full and carried my packages for me.
  7. Got to play dominoes with Gus.
  8. Beau’s 3 hour nap!
  9. Josh listed several things on E-bay this afternoon that I’ve been meaning to do myself.
  10. Although sometimes it gets him in trouble, I am thankful Gus is so passionate about things.
  11. The Bible tells us how to discipline.  Amazing how quickly a spanking will turn around a bad attitude.
  12. Josh always does a good job at backing me up when we have to discipline the kids.
  13. Favor with a seller on e-bay.
  14. We have been Texans for 3 years now!
  15. My sister Mindy sent me an awesome Dooney & Bourke Disney bag to borrow for our trip in November.
  16. My nephew Justin and niece in law Courtney are staying with us this weekend.
  17. They came bearing gifts for Gus & Beau.
  18. The way Beau was hugging and kissing her Bible tonight.
  19. They made it here from Tulsa safely.
  20. Great dinner at Babe’s Chicken!
  21. Beau warmed up to Justin pretty quickly.
  22. The beautiful sunset we watched on the way home.
  23. Going through Justin’s notes from his Old Testament class at ORU.
  24. For the special relationship with have with Justin & Courtney.
  25. For the special relationship they have with Jesus.
  26. For the special relationship they have with each other.
  27. That I am only going to get about 5 hours of sleep tonight, because we were having so much fun visiting.
  28. When you go after God He will totally put you on the fast track and help you make up lost time.