Day 333

I knew my mother in law, Trudi, before she was my mother in law… but only from a distance.  My father in law was the worship leader at my church in Tulsa and she was also part of the worship team.  She was one of the back up singers on stage every weekend.  She was easy to spot with her blonde hair and her sincere passion for the Lord.  Our pastor often turned to her when he felt like God had a word for the congregation.  She would speak the word out in a prayer language no one understood, except of course God, and while she was speaking He would give the interpretation to our Pastor who would then give the interpretation to the church body.  You don’t see tongues and interpretations done in churches very often anymore, but it’s scriptural, and even as a young girl I knew God was speaking and I thought it was neat.

Trudi has always had this special and deep connection with God.  She has finely tuned her spiritual ear and her spiritual eye.  She hears from God and He shows her things in the spirit regularly.  When I married her son 10 years ago I knew I was getting a wonderful God fearing woman for a mother in law, but I had no idea how greatly her sweet relationship with God would effect me.

Last July we found out the baby we were expecting in November was going to have to be delivered stillborn.  Trudi was the first person to find out about our loss.  She was the first person to hug us.  She was there to hold us when we got home from the hospital, and she put grieving the death of her mother, who passed away the day before our delivery, on hold so she could be there for us.  I got a call from her a few weeks after all of that and I could hear excitement in her voice as she began to tell me what God had showed her about Felix, the little boy we would have to wait to meet until we arrived in heaven.

She told me she saw a little dark haired boy holding a brightly lit torch.  She knew it was Felix.  He ran a very short race and then handed the torch off to another boy, a child just a little older than he was.  She said God spoke to her and told her that Felix was our torch bearer.  He didn’t run a long race, but he did start a fire, a fire in our heart that could not be tamed, a fire that would burn in the hearts of our family forever.  Those words settled so peacefully into my spirit.  I knew she hadn’t just imagined it, but that God really had shown her the importance of Felix’s life and the effect that it would have on my life and the lives of my family.  Those words marked me, forever.  I felt I had been given a new mission:  Keep the flame burning.

Trudi travels to different cities all over America every weekend and she uses the gifts that God has given to her to minister to the whole body of Christ, but she has always seen her family as her most important assignment and because of that God loves to speak to her about her family.  He loves to give her words of encouragement about her kids and grandkids.  He loves to show her what her future grand babies will look like.  He loves to give her scriptures to pray over each family member.  He loves to use her to minister to her family, His children.

If you are a mom, a dad, a grandma or a grandpa God wants to use you in the same way.  It doesn’t matter if you have ever been in full time ministry or attended Bible school, if you want to minister to your family YOU are eligible!  God is looking for people who want to used by Him and I can’t think of a better place to do that than within the walls of your home.  He wants to show your things about your children’s future.  He wants you to be able to give them words in due season.  He wants to speak to your children via your voice.  He wants you to be His hands and feet when they need to comforted.

Trudi is an amazing gift to the body of Christ as well as to our family.  I’m so thankful for a mother in law that loves me like one of her own daughters and has taught me that God wants to use me to minister to my family, His children.

  1. 60 years ago today Trudi Carol was born!
  2. She has such a sweet and close relationship with God that her children and grandchildren benefit greatly from.
  3. My mission from God came through her voice.  Keep the flame burning.
  4. I am convinced that I have the best mother in law in the world.
  5. My kids are beyond blessed to have her as their Nana.  They adore her and she adores them.
  6. The heritage and legacy our family has all started with Trudi.  She got saved at 17 and prayed for Ken until he got saved.
  7. She has always had great faith.  Her eyes were miraculously healed at a home prayer meeting because of her great faith.  She simply believes God will do what He says He will do.
  8. She was told she would never have children.  She knew God said she could, so she believed and she did!
  9. On Nov 4, 1979, 5 years before I was born, she gave birth to my amazing husband.
  10. Josh is an amazing husband because she raised such a wonderful man.
  11. She loved me and accepted me and has been nothing but sweet to me from the moment I met her.
  12. She has been a wonderful example to me when it comes to raising my children and being in ministry.
  13. She always put her family first and she still does.  She is selfless.
  14. She makes the best Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners!  Everyone looks forward to it all year long.
  15. She makes Christmas so special.  All the decorations, the tree just for the kids, stockings for everyone, and a fireplace that is always burning.
  16. She is fair.  If she buys a gift for Gus she insists on buying something the exact some value for Beau.
  17. She keeps me well stocked in make up.
  18. She is a good listener.
  19. She is awesome to vacation with.  She’ll ride roller coasters with you or she’ll sit and watch the baby nap while we ride roller coasters.
  20. I can always count on her to go to war in prayer when I tell her we need prayer about something.
  21. She can write and teach so effortlessly about the “Accomplished Woman” because she is an accomplished woman.
  22. She’s always the same lady.  What you see is what you get with her.
  23. You have to be careful about complimenting her about anything because if you say you like something of hers she will give it to you.
  24. She spends her Christmas and birthday money on buying the latest and greatest gadgets from Williams Sonoma so she can make ice cream, popsicles, and snow cones with the grand kids.
  25. She is always so gracious and loving to my family and let’s our big crew come to her house to celebrate my kid’s birthdays.
  26. She has been one of the biggest supporters of me and this blog.
  27. She is thoughtful and considerate.

2 thoughts on “Day 333

  1. Miriam Ehrler- Tovar says:

    Ive had the priviledge to hear the Word preached by Mrs Trudi in SPS, Honduras, and every time has been a huge blessing and impact!! God bless her even more! Happy birthday Mrs Trudi!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. loopityloop says:

    Sarah I look forward to reading your new post everyday. You are such a gifted writer. I am so thankful to Trudi for showing it to me thru Facebook. I agree with you about Trudi. She is awesome! I have loved her for many years. Thank you for sharing your life and your teachings.

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