Day 332

Two tickets to a Frisco Rough Riders baseball game were included in my husband Josh’s Father’s Day present this year.  A guys night out for him and our five year old Gus.  Josh had been talking about how he wanted to take Gus to a real baseball game so they were both excited when game night arrived.  Right before they left I told Gus to run upstairs and grab his baseball mitt.  He was confused.  He said, “I thought we were going to watch a game not play a game.”  I told him that’s exactly what they were going to do, but one of the big baseball players might hit a foul ball into the stands and he might need his glove so if they hit it to his seat he could catch it and take it home.  His eyes lit up.  He ran to get his glove and left the house determined to get a foul ball.

I was shopping with Beau that night and every once in a while Josh would send me texts to tell me how much fun Gus was having.  He loved the fireworks after the home run.  He loved getting an ice cream in a little souvenir cup shaped like a helmet.  He loved drinking Dr. Pepper at Dr. Pepper Ball Park and He loved having his dad sitting next to him giving him a breakdown of all the plays, BUT what he really wanted was a foul ball!

They had great seats right behind the home team dug out, but after a restroom break Josh decided to move to a different section.  They sat down and not 3 minutes later a foul ball was hit right to their seat.  Josh stood up and snagged it with his bear hands.  Everyone cheered and then he handed it to Gus who was estatic and everyone cheered louder.  The picture of Gus right after it all happened was my favorite text of the night.  His face was priceless.

When they got home Josh told me the whole story.  He said he knew they moved to those exact seats at that exact time and that the batter hit it right to them, because God wanted to remind him that he does hear his voice and when we follow God’s voice, favor follows us.  Catching that foul ball was as confirming to Josh as being called out of service by some famous prophet and being told that he was hearing from God.

I think God wants to confirm His voice and His favor in our lives like that more often!  He is a FUN God!

Psalm 90:17 (AMP) And let the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord our God be upon us; confirm and establish the work of our hands—yes, the work of our hands, confirm and establish it.

God wants to confirm things in our lives in beautiful, delightful, and favor-ful ways.  Josh was wondering if the things he had been thinking about were God thoughts or just his thoughts and that moment at the ballpark God confirmed that they were God thoughts.

Let God lead you in the little things… the fun things, like being in the right place at the right time to catch a pop fly or to spot a seal at the beach, and let the favor, the beauty, and the delightfulness that follows you confirm and establish the bigger things that God has planned for your life.

  1. God is fun!
  2. The beauty, delightfulness and favor of the Lord that is upon us.
  3. He wants to confirm and establish things in our life that we need confirmed and established.
  4. The unforgettable Rough Riders game!
  5. Slept really late this morning.
  6. Another day of perfect 70 degree weather.
  7. Fun morning on the pier souvenir shopping for the kids.
  8. English toffee.
  9. Salt water taffy.
  10. I get to see my kids tomorrow!
  11. The awesome pictures my sister Mindy took at Robber’s Cave.
  12. Holding hands seems to happen way more frequently on vacation.
  13. I have not see a single fly since we’ve been here.  Seriously, how did that manage to pull that off?
  14. Awesome grilled cheese with bacon and avocado at Pace Food & Drink for lunch today.
  15. Felt like a little kid seeing The Lone Ranger today.  It was fun.
  16. Got to put my feet in the ocean.
  17. The scenic route.
  18. Santa Barbara is so easy to get around in.
  19. Gus & Beau got to go to Incredible Pizza tonight with Nana & Papa.
  20. Got to face time with the kids and see the little prizes they won at Incredible pizza.  They were both so proud.
  21. Los Agaves Mexican food round two!
  22. Josh shared his rice, the best Mexican rice I’ve ever tasted, with me.
  23. McConnell’s Ice Cream round two!  Split a delicious sundae with my sweet husband.
  24. Josh packed all of our suitcases up while I wrote my blog this afternoon.
  25. Linda Swanson is celebrating her birthday today!  She’s one fine lady.
  26. A college student that works with Josh sent him an amazing word that God gave him for Josh.  It was so dead on and in line with what we’ve had on our hearts lately.
  27. Had such a relaxing, refreshing, fun and memorable trip with Josh!  He truly is my very best friend and we always have a great time being together.

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