Day 325

Water balloons have changed a  lot since I was a kid.  It used to take about an hour to get 10 balloons filled and ready for war.  It was so hard to get them wrapped around the hose that we would usually loose about half of them in the filling process.

I spotted some water balloons the other day and thought my five year old, Gus, would enjoy them, so I got them.  750 of them and two nozzles that go on the hose, making filling them a cinch.  I was right, he loves them.  He thinks it’s so fun to throw them at the fence or on the porch or against his swing set and watch them explode.  He didn’t realize they were for throwing at people until his dad came outside and I told him to throw one at him.  Bad idea.  Water balloons might be easier to fill nowadays, but it seems they are harder to break.  Gus threw one at Josh and it just bounced off of him.  Josh picked it up and threw it back at Gus, but he threw it hard enough to break it, and he got him right in the back, leaving stinging and a huge red welp behind.  Gus was crying and mad all at the same time.  I thought it would make him feel better if I threw one at Josh.  So I did and keep in mind I don’t throw like a girl.  Growing up I was right in the middle of two baseball playing brothers, so I put some heat on that balloon.  Josh dodged it and it went flying straight toward my unsuspecting, sweet little two year old daughter.  And the next thing I know she is standing there, with the remains of a popped red balloon on her forehead, crying her eyes out.

My revenge backfired.  My idea to get Josh back was noble, but I didn’t execute it right.  I wanted to avenge Gus and make him feel better, but instead I ended up with two crying kids.

Romans 12:19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the Lord.

The Lord knows that things will happen in life that make us angry… righteous angry.  Someone hurts your child or someone betrays your trust or does something that you feel they need to be paid back for.  You cringe to think about them getting away with what they did and are tempted to take things into your own hands.  God gives a fair warning.  He says NEVER, no matter what, NEVER take revenge.  Never pick up a water balloon and try to hit the person that you  think deserves to get hit, because you can’t control the outcome of your actions.  More than likely you will miss and you could hurt someone else in the process.  Hand that water balloon over to God and let Him handle it.  He promises to pay them back.

Leaving revenge up to God is a matter of faith.  You have to trust that He is real, that He will defend you, and that He is fair.  God would never ask us to turn the other cheek if He had no plans to bring the person who hit us in the cheek to justice.  He doesn’t just let people off the hook when they mess with His kids.

Isaiah 33:22 For the LORD is our judge, our lawgiver, and our king. He will care for us and save us.

He makes the laws, passes the judgements, and has the final say as King.  His final say will always be in favor of you because He cares for you.  Leave it up to Him.

  1. God is my avenger.
  2. God is my judge.
  3. God is my lawgiver.
  4. God is my king!
  5. He cares for me and is always in favor of me.
  6. He will avenge us better than we could ever avenge ourselves.
  7. He is fair.
  8. Beau got over the water balloon incident pretty quick and never held it against me.
  9. The nozzle attachments for the water hose that make filling water balloons so easy.
  10. Gus asked to watch one of his baby videos this morning so we did and I enjoyed every minute of it!
  11. Gus still has the exact same laugh he did when he first started laughing.
  12. Picked up a gift card at Kroger instead of having to go to the mall.
  13. Didn’t think I was going to find blue bandanas for my team at my family reunion, but spotted some right as we were leaving Hobby Lobby.
  14. Got an extra blog written today.
  15. Peanut M&Ms.
  16. I happened to look at my gas gauge and realized I had ONE mile left to E, thankfully we were just a few seconds away from a gas station.  Pulled in with zero miles left.  It would not have been a good day to run out of gas!
  17. Josh came home with great reports from Day 2 of Wacky Week in Southlake.
  18. “Three Little Birds” 
  19. Lindsay Cochran is celebrating her 13th birthday today! Gotta be the most thoughtful 13 year old I know.
  20. Got the upstairs bathroom organized and ready for company.
  21. We worshipped our hearts out during Bible time today.  I love watching my kids sing and dance and smile about Jesus.
  22. The kids entertained themselves all evening while I made dinner and cleaned up.  I love Gus’ imagination and how Beau joins right in on whatever he’s imagining.
  23. Really yummy and fresh tasting basil chicken pasta for dinner.
  24. The smell of Basil.  It never gets old.
  25. The kids cleaned their plates and were sad when they couldn’t have seconds because we had to save some for dad… that’s a good dinner!
  26. Josh got home just in time to kiss the kids goodnight.
  27. When my husband prays for me.  I’m so blessed to have a husband who knows how to pray effective prayers.

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