Day 324

I love those moments when you are praying out loud and suddenly you know what you are praying isn’t coming from your own mind.  Your spirit begins to take over.  Sometimes that happens when you begin to pray in your own prayer language, one that you don’t understand, but sometimes it happens and your spirit begins to pray in your native language;  you understand what you are saying, but you know you aren’t the one coming up with it.

That happened to me the other day while I was praying with Josh.  We were praying about our future and I said, “Lord, help us to pick up on the scent that you’ve laid on the trail for us.”  While I was saying those words I could see a dog in the woods with his nose to the ground sniffing and walking, sniffing and walking, leading his handler to whatever it was they were looking for.  It was such a vivid image and I found myself thinking about it again this morning and desiring to know how a tracker dog gets so good at tracking.  I did some research and now the words and pictures God gave me have an even greater significance.

There are different types of search and rescue dogs, but the one I saw was a tracking or trailing dog.  A tracking dog works with his nose to the ground.  They are trained to follow the trail of human scent through any kind of terrain.  “These dogs are not searching, they are following.” (How Stuff Works, Julia Layton)  In other words, they start where the person whose scent needs to followed was last seen, they are given an article of clothing or something containing the person’s scent and then they go to work.

When I read those words this morning, “they are not searching, they are following” I thought of this scripture.

Romans 8:14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.

As children of God we should never be searching, but following… following the Spirit of God wherever He takes us.  He desires to lead us.  He wants us to be able to pick up on his distinct scent and follow after it and only it.  To not be distracted by other scents that will inevitably cross our paths.

Interesting too, that the tracking dog has to start at the last place the person they are tracking was seen.  I know for me when I feel like I am stuck or going in circles, it’s always best to go back and think about the last thing I heard from God.  To think about the last step He led me with and make sure that I’ve completed that step before trying to go on to the next one.  Where was the Holy Spirit last seen in your life?  If you feel you’ve lost His scent, go back and pick it up again.

Search and rescue dogs spend approximately 600 hours in training before they are ready to go pro, but the training process is not grueling for them, it’s more like fun and games with lots of rewards.  A dog training to find people who have been buried in snow for instance, watches from a distance as his handler falls into a snowy ditch and then is realeased to search for him.  When he finds his handler he is rewarded with his favorite game- tug of war.

Being led by the spirit requires training too, training that comes with rewards.  Hebrews 11:6 says that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  If He leads you to do something and you do it, a reward will be attached to it.

I think about my father in law, Ken Blount, and the time that God led him to help Willie George start a Christian T.V. show for kids.  He was told upfront that there was no money to pay him a salary with, but Willie believed if he came, so would the salary.  He knew it was what God wanted him to do.  So he left a good paying job in Texas, took a huge step of faith, and moved his family to Tulsa.  The Gospel Bill Show was born.  He was led by the spirit and he is still reaping the rewards from that as well as his children and grandchildren.

God has a scent, a scent that you can train yourself to pick up on, follow, and receive your reward.  Remember, you are not searching, but following.

  1. Those who are sons of God are LED by the Spirit of God.
  2. God’s got a specific scent He’s placed along a specific trail to lead us into His good and specific plan for our lives.
  3. The more we practice being led the better we get at it.
  4. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
  5. I really enjoyed reading about search and rescue dogs today… what amazing animals!
  6. My father in law picked up on a scent, followed it, and God rewarded him.
  7. When God speaks in pictures like the one He gave me of the dog.  I love having something to visualize like that.
  8. Good school time with Gussy.  He’s doing so good and I love playing teacher.
  9. After a week of phone tag, I finally got to talk to my new friend Linda.  I’m so excited about building a relationship with such an amazing lady.
  10. Set the kids up outside with their kiddy pool and popsicles and I got to talk on the phone uninterrupted while I watched them through the window.
  11. Taught Gus how to use his new Iron Man fishing pool.  He’s a natural.  He’s so excited about the possibility of catching a real fish at Robber’s Cave this weekend.
  12. Got my car detailed.  It is squeaky clean!  No goldfish crumbs, empty capri sun pouches, or water bottle lids to be found!
  13. The car detail took a ridiculously long time… TWO hours!  But Gus & Beau were little troopers.  I was more put out about it than they were.
  14. Free fountain drinks at the car wash.
  15. – online coloring pages that entertained the kids for one of the hours while we were waiting.
  16. Mac computers!!!  The computers in the waiting room were PCs and they made me appreciate my Mac more than ever before.
  17. Beau was able to watch a whole episode of “Team Umizoomi” on my iPhone.  Technology was really helpful for those  two hours of my life.
  18. No time to make dinner so we opted for Peanut Butter & Banana sandwiches and everyone enjoyed them.
  19. The kiddy pool water was nice and warmed by the sun when we got home and the kids spent all evening playing in it.
  20. Dinner on the patio.
  21. 1,800 kids at Wacky Week in Southlake today!  So glad everything went smoothly.
  22. Put Beau to bed and could hear her singing “Ring Around The Rosie” to herself for a few minutes before she fell asleep.
  23. Extra good episode of 24 tonight!
  24. Finished my water intake early today so I didn’t have to chug a whole bottle right before bed.
  25. Barnes & Noble.  Read that hundreds of their store are closing and that they company is on it’s last leg.  I sure hope not.  I love that store and so do my kids!
  26. Real books!  I’ll always opt for a nice hardback children’s book over an ebook as long as they are available.
  27. Two weeks ago Beau started stuttering… similar to what Gus did when he was his age.  It was really bad for a few days, but we have been speaking and trusting God’s word over her and she is doing great!

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