Day 321

Yesterday, I wrote about Daniel’s do or die dream interpretation for King Nebuchadnezzar.  If he could correctly tell the king exactly what he dreamed and exactly what it meant he would live to see another day, if not, off with his head.  Daniel asked the king for some time to figure this out and during that time he prayed, but he did not pray alone.

Daniel 2:17-18 Then Daniel went home and told his friends Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah what had happened.  He urged them to ask the God of heaven to show them his mercy by telling them the secret, so they would not be executed along with the other wise men of Babylon. 

Daniel recruited his friends, more commonly referred to by their Babylonian names, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, to join him in prayer.  He didn’t suggest the idea to them, but passionately urged them to ask God to help him.  What he was about to do was serious business and he wanted these friends to go to war with him until he received the answer to his request from God.

I was reading over that part of the story yesterday when God stopped me and talked to me about how important is it to have praying friends.  To have a small, close group of people that you can go to and urge them to pray with you when you need God to move.  I have friends that I know pray for me, but I’m not always great at sharing my prayer requests.  I am not one to call up a friend and let them know about things going on in our personal life that we could use prayer about.   I pray with my husband of course, but God showed me that as a couple, we need to be better about sharing our prayer needs with our closest friends so they can be doing battle with us.

“Praying friends are valuable friends; and it well becomes the greatest and best men to desire the prayers of others.  Let us show that we value our friends, and their prayers.”  Well said, Matthew Henry!  Well said.

A true friend will not be offended if you ask them to pray with you about something, they will be honored.  They will know that you truly value their friendship and their prayers.  When someone asks me to pray with them about something specific going on in their world, I never think less of them as a person, instead I feel closer to them and am impressed that they are able to say, “I could use some help, will you pray with me?”  To ask others to pray for you is to lay down your pride and realize that you can’t cover it all on your own.

It’s a wonderful thing to desire the prayers of others.  I’m praying for God to show me 3 close friends, the kind of friends that Daniel had, that I can share urgent prayer requests with.  I know I can do a lot when I pray alone, but I know I can do more when I pray with friends.

  1. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
  2. Daniel mentioned his 3 friends and how he employed them for prayer.
  3. God mentioned to me how big of deal it is to desire the prayers of others.
  4. We have a good group of family and friends to choose 3 prayer partners from.
  5. My new eye shadow primer.  Shadow Insurance.  Works great!
  6. Josh let me sleep in again!
  7. Woke up to a Beau modeling her new Jessie PJs.
  8. Gus and Beau played together in perfect harmony all day.  Yay!
  9. Bills paid!
  10. Upstairs office cleaned and organized.
  11. My E.O.B. that showed me what I would have had to pay for pregnancy blood work if I didn’t have good health insurance!
  12. Chicken pot pie for dinner.
  13. Pillsbury pie crusts.  Target was out so I went with another brand… never again.
  14. Mandolin veggie slicer.
  15. Hearing Gus laugh at his Lego Batman movie while I made dinner.
  16. Early to church and even had time to iron the kid’s clothes before we left.
  17. Horses, cows, and huge corn fields on our drive to church.
  18. Wild Sunflowers!  They are so pretty and all over the place right now.
  19. Gus found all kinds of clouds in the sky that he said Jesus made shaped like things he likes.
  20. Josh got a great picture of the kids posing in their Ninja Turtle costumes.  I love being able to capture their awesomeness on camera.
  21. Instagram.
  22. “Great Great God” +”O The Blood Of Jesus” at church tonight = powerful.
  23. Dave Ramsey taught week one of  Financial Peace University at Gateway tonight and he will be teaching the rest over the next four weeks!
  24. I’ve heard a lot of Dave Ramsey’s principles and practice a lot of them, but I’ve never heard him teach.  I loved how much he talked about God’s word and can’t wait to implement what we are learning.  He was awesome.
  25. Kids had a great night at church too!
  26. Every meeting that I have been needing to confirm for work has been confirmed!  Productive night!
  27. Leftover baseball peanuts.  Why are they so much better when you have to crack them open?

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