Day 314

On May 20, 2008 we welcomed our first born, Joseph Augustus, into the world and I got to watch my husband become a father.  I felt like I became a mother the moment I saw the two pink lines on the pregnancy test I took 8 months earlier, but it’s different for the dad.  It usually doesn’t become “real” to them until they are holding their new little baby in their arms.

It was so amazing meeting my little Gus that day, but it was also amazing to see Josh leap into fatherhood.

He instantly fell in love with his son and was so proud of him.  I can still see him looking very sleepy but very fulfilled walking around the hospital room and holding Gus in the crook of his arm.  He changed most if not all of his diapers at the hospital and became a master swaddler.  It made him visibly upset when the nurses came in to prick his little boys heel to draw blood.  He wanted the plastic baby bed on his side of the room, because he is a lighter sleeper and wasn’t sure if I would wake up if Gus needed something.  He took hundreds of pictures of Gus’ first week of life.  He got up in the night to help me with feedings.  He was in heaven when we got home from the hospital and he got to take naps holding his little guy.  He was completely head over heels in love and the feeling hasn’t worn off.  A lady at church just a few weeks ago told me she loved watching Josh interact with our kids.  She loved that he is affectionate with them.  He hugs them, he kisses them, he holds their hands as he walks them to class, he helps me load them into the car each week, and he tells them that he loves them.  I love watching him too!  He is an awesome dad and my children are so blessed to have a father that realizes that how they see him is how they will see God.

Psalm 103:13 (NLT) The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

I know not everyone was raised with a father that was tender and compassionate toward them.  Some people have never even talked with their real father or heard him say I love you to them.  34% of children today live in homes where their biological dad is not present, but I wonder out of the 66% percent of children who do have their father at home, how many of them have fathers that are tender and compassionate toward them and are giving them a positive picture of what God the father is like.

Many people struggle with relating to God as their father because of the relationship or lack their of that they had with their earthly fathers.  Their dad worked all of the time, so they see God as busy… too busy to care about what’s going on in their life.  Their dad was always stern and never loving, so they see God as a cold hearted disciplinarian.  Their dad was hard to please, abusive, disinterested, disconnected, or completely absent and so their idea of God as father has been warped.  But make no mistake about it God has never been or never will be a dead beat dad.

He is like a father that is tender and compassionate to His children, not like the father most father’s day card’s portray- a lazy, football watching, beer drinking joke.  We are God’s children and He loves us even more than my husband loves my children.  He’s the dad that watches us while we sleep.  That cries when we cry.  That can not wait to spend time with us.  That is never to busy for us.  That never forgets us.  That never gives up on us.  That desires nothing but the best for us.  That is pleased with us.  That never leaves us and never forsakes us.  That gave His own son up for us.

You may not be celebrating your biological father today, but I encourage you to celebrate your Heavenly Father.  Give Him a special gift of praise today.  Let Him know how thankful you are that you were born into a family with the greatest dad of all time.

  1. We have a tender and compassionate heavenly father.
  2. He never leaves us or forsakes us.
  3. He gave His only son so that we could be His children.
  4. How Deep The Father’s Love For Us.
  5. My dad.  Steve Newsom.
  6. My father in law.  Ken Blount.
  7. The father of my children.  Josh Blount.
  8. My kids love their dad, their grampy, and their papa.
  9. Kids slept late thanks to the overcast sky.
  10. Kids slept through the thunder that woke me up.
  11. Bills are paid.
  12. Cancelled Direct TV and switched to Grande.  Going to save $400 a year.
  13. Made some yummy cupcakes with the kids to celebrate Josh’s homecoming.
  14. Got to use the Snow White & Star Wars cupcakes sets the kids got in their stockings… so cute!
  15. Josh and all of the campers made it home safely this evening.
  16. Josh go to ride the van home instead of the bus!
  17. Josh Hall took good care of my Josh last night and this morning.
  18. Felt so good to give Josh a big hug when I saw him tonight.
  19. He came back tanner and in super shape!
  20. The kids were so excited to see Josh.  Beau kept hugging and loving on her daddy.  It was the sweetest sight.
  21. We had a very loud family dinner.  The kids could not stop talking!  They had to fill Josh in on everything.
  22. Yummy italian beef sandwiches for dinner!
  23. Root beer flavored dumdums.
  24. Awesome worship at Gateway Frisco.  Always great to have Pastor Ben home.
  25. Josh let me talk his ear off tonight.  So nice having a big person to talk to!
  26.  I get to sleep by Josh tonight!
  27. My proofreader and encourager is back to being the first one to get to read my blogs before published.

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