Day 313

A few days before summer break started I decided I wanted to dedicate some time every day to work with my 5 year old on school stuff.  I purchased some workbooks, stocked our school supplies cabinet with new crayons, makers, glue sticks, and construction paper, dusted off the sight word flash cards, checked out early reader books from the library and researched craft and lesson ideas on the web… so far so good.  He looks forward to our “activity” time everyday.

Today, I realized that the most important thing we purchased for summer school were pencils.

I have never had Gus use pencils to write with in the past, just crayons or makers since that is what he used at preschool, but we were at Mardel one day and I told him he could pick out a few things in the party favor section and he picked pencils.  Not because he likes pencils, but because he thought the big erasers on the end shaped like sports balls were cool.  They were only a quarter so I got them for him.

The next day he picked his green pencil with the football eraser to use for his work pages and what a difference having an eraser made for him!  Before, if he messed up on a work page and he was using a crayon he would try to scribble it out, but of course a big scribble over it just made it look worse, which bothered him.  I don’t think he liked seeing all the places where he had “messed up.”  His whole demeanor has changed since discovering erasers.  If he writes his “S” backward instead of getting mad at the “S” and scribbling all over it he just says, “oops, better erase that and try again.”

Who knew those twenty five cent pencils would make doing school work with Gus so much more pleasant?

Today, as I watched him work so calmly with his little pencil in hand I was reminded of this scripture,

Isaiah 43:25 I—yes, I alone—will blot out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.

God has got Himself a pencil with a big eraser on the end of it that He uses to completely blot out our sins.  He doesn’t just scribble them out of His book, He leaves no trace of them.  He chooses to forget when we mess up.  God sees no point in remembering our mistakes, so why do we have such a hard time forgetting about them?  Why do we prefer to see them as just scribbled over instead of completely erased? Jesus went to the cross to totally obliterate our sins!

Romans 3:24 (NLT) Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.

See yourself how God sees you today.  He declares you are righteous and paid a great price to be able to declare that, so you declare it too.  Your sins have been erased, not just scribbled over.  Your work page looks the same as the one Jesus did during his 33 years on the earth… perfect.  Amazing grace.

  1. God blots out our sin.
  2. He chooses to forget when we mess up.
  3. My work page looks the same as Jesus’ work page.
  4. The undeserved kindness God pours out on us.
  5. Erasers!
  6. Gus is actually enjoying doing school stuff at home.
  7. Fun breakfast at McDonalds!
  8. Gus was SO sweet to Beau in the play place.  He gave her so many boosts so she could go up high with him and he was so encouraging to her.
  9. Dollar Tree!
  10. Kids have been so great for me this week.  Made my week without Josh as easy as I prayed it would be!
  11. One more sleep til Josh gets back!  Missing my best friend.
  12. Saw the final Monsters University trailer this afternoon.  Going to be awesome!  Can’t wait to take the kids next week.
  13. Stayed at the pool til we were good and wrinkled this afternoon.
  14. Beauty And The Beast move night!
  15. Beau found the cutest little box of Hello Kitty Jelly Belly’s for her movie night snack.
  16. Beau sat perfectly still snuggled up right beside me the entire movie.
  17. Beau’s soft hair against my cheek.  It’s SO soft!
  18. Gus shared some of the Jelly Belly’s he picked out with me.
  19. Beau twirling and singing “Tale As Old As Time” after the movie.  I love having a girl.
  20. Dale Helton is celebrating his birthday today.  Such a nice and very encouraging guy!
  21. Pastor Mary is celebrating her birthday today.  Her and Pastor Ken have such a huge heart for children’s ministry.
  22. Breakfast for dinner.
  23. Got myself all fixed up for Josh’s homecoming tomorrow.  Washed my hair took a good bath.
  24. Josh got thrown from a golf cart onto black top tonight at camp.  Hit his head really hard, but God protected him and he walked away with just a few scratches.
  25. Got pretty scared when I first heard what happened to Josh, but after praying in the spirit for a while and turning my worries into praise, peace came.
  26. Not the first time God has protected Josh from serious injuries at Dry Gulch!  Thankful for the blood of Jesus.
  27. Early to bed movie night… just me and Runaway Bride.

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