Day 315

This morning at church I got to teach the four year olds about Zacchaeus.  You know, the wee little man who climbed the sycamore tree so he could see Jesus?  I had a first time visitor in my class, but it was obviously not her first time in church.  She knew every answer to every question I asked and she even corrected me on my pronunciation of Zacchaeus’ name.  I wasn’t annunciating it enough for her.  She was awesome.

The name Zacchaeus is not a very a common name these days, but it has a great Biblical meaning.  It means pure, clean, and just.  Before Jesus met Zacchaeus he was certainly not pure, clean and just.  He was a lying, cheating, thieving tax collector that everyone disliked.  People were appalled when Jesus showed kindness to Zacchaeus and even more appalled when Jesus invited Himself over to the corrupt man’s home.

But Jesus could see something all of the appalled people could not see.  He could see that Zacchaeus, if given a chance, could live up to his name.  He could change from a little dirt bag into man with a big, pure heart.

All it took was a few moments in the presence of Jesus and Zacchaeus repented and made a decision to pay back everyone he’d ever stolen from, four fold!

When Jesus said, “Zacchaeus, hurry down from the tree” He said, “Pure, clean and just man, hurry down from that tree” and because the word of the Lord is powerful, I imagine when those words left Jesus’ mouth and entered into Zacchaeus’ ears something happened in His spirit that would mark him for the rest of his life.

It must have been wild for Zacchaeus to realize that the man everyone was crowding the streets to get a glimpse of knew HIS name.  I’m sure he felt like a junior high girl that just passed by the most popular guy at school who not only said hi to her, but said “Hi, Sarah.”  Zacchaeus was trying to stay calm on the outside, after all he was already up in a tree, which had to look pretty silly, but on the inside he was probably thinking, “He knows my name!  He knows my name! Jesus knows my name!”

John 10:3 The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep recognize his voice and come to him. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.

Jesus knows your name too and not just the name your parents gave you, but the name HE gave you.  The name you will go by in heaven.  The name that He knows you can live up to if you’ll spend time in His presence.  When He sees you He doesn’t see what everyone else sees, He sees the person He created you to be long before you even existed.  God saw pureness is Zacchaeus and helped Zacchaeus see pureness in Himself.

Come down from your tree today into the presence of Jesus, invite Him to spend the day with you and listen as He calls your name.  He sees somethings in you that you have yet to see in yourself.  Remember, He knows you better than anyone else.

  1. When we are in the presence of Jesus He will reveal to us who we are in Him.
  2. He knows my name!  Jesus knows my name!
  3. Enjoyed teaching the story of Zacchaeus to the 4  year olds and studying it for myself.
  4. Miss Saylor.  She was fun to have in class today.
  5. Slept so great.  Slept good while Josh was at camp, but slept great with him sleeping next to me!
  6. Gus was so excited about Father’s Day he came downstairs in his PJs and Rangers hat ready to go to a baseball game with dad… even though the baseball game is not until Thursday.
  7. Josh was happy with his Father’s Day gifts!
  8. The whole family cuddled up in bed with with Josh this morning before church.
  9. Beau told me that she loves her class at church.
  10. Gus sang every word to every song they sang in his class for me and Beau on the way home.
  11. We got to skype with my dad and mom… Norah and Colton too!
  12. The kid’s got to face time with Nana & Papa for a little bit.
  13. Sunday afternoon nap.
  14. Tasty leftovers for lunch.
  15. Josh got to take a nap this afternoon too!
  16. Pappadeaux for dinner to celebrate Josh, the best dida around.
  17. Split a big plate of fried fish goodness with Josh.
  18. Banana Pudding for dessert.
  19. So nice to live near Dallas and have lots of great restaurants to choose from for special occasions.
  20. Tic tac toe, paper rock scissors, and talking with Gus about what he thinks his family will be like when he’s a dad.
  21. Kids were very well behaved even though dinner seemed to take forever… and that’s with no iPhones to pacify them!
  22. Pappadeaux has so many great places to take pictures.  Got a cute one of Josh and the kids!
  23. Next year we’ll have another little Blount celebrating Father’s Day with us.
  24. Relaxing night hanging out with Josh and watching TV together.
  25. I get to sleep in tomorrow!
  26. Josh is back on bath duty.
  27. Our calendar for this week is full of fun things.

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