Day 283

It’s that time of year when young people all over the country put on a goofy hat and an oversized robe to celebrate their accomplishments in education.  I graduated high school in 2002 and I don’t remember what any of the people up on stage talked about or who the valedictorian was, all I remember is there was a beach ball being bounced around at some point during the commencement and that it took FOR.EV.ER  for 1,000 kids to receive their diplomas.  6A high school graduations are brutal.

My niece Afton is graduating tonight from the same 6A high school I graduated from.  I was praying for her this morning and God led me to this scripture.

Philippians 3:12-14 (MSG) I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don’t get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.

After you receive your diploma and throw your cap into the air this since of “I’ve arrived” comes over you.  And yes, you have arrived at the end of your high school or college career, but you can’t get stuck at the end.

Finishing school, graduating from college, landing your dream job, getting married, or starting a family are not the goals that your eyes should be fixed upon.  Paul admitted he didn’t have it all together, but because his eyes were fixed on Jesus he was well on His way.

So many students leave high school or college feeling like they are well on their way, but there won’t be a lot of well on their way if they aren’t running toward Jesus.

Paul knew if he wanted to bloom into all that God created him to be he had to continue to press on in his relationship with Jesus.  We all have times where we feel we have “spiritually” arrived.  We read the Bible through in a year, we joined the altar counseling team at church, we haven’t talked bad about anyone in like 6 months, we throw our hats in the air and celebrate how far we’ve come and then we get stuck.  No need to press on further if you’ve already arrived, right?

While you are living in this fallen world, you will never arrive.  We must keep pressing on, we must send our roots deeper and deeper into the ground, we must keep moving forward.

‘When Spain led the world (in the 15th century), their coins reflected their national arrogance and were inscribed Ne Plus Ultra which meant “Nothing Further” – meaning that Spain was the ultimate in all the world. After the discovery of the New World, they realized that they were not the “end of the world” – they changed the inscription on their coinage to Plus Ultra – meaning “More Beyond.” Which motto better expresses your Christian life – “Nothing Further” or “More Beyond”?” – Guzik

To my little niece that’s graduating and to all of us who are tempted to think we’ve arrived I say Plus Ultra!  God’s always got more beyond, as long as we keep running toward Him.

  1. We are well on our way if we are running toward Jesus.
  2. God’s always got “more beyond.”
  3. David Guzik.  I just love his commentaries.
  4. Afton.  I still remember the day she was born.  I can’t believe she’s graduating from high school.
  5. My 6A school.  Graduation was long, but I liked going to a big school.
  6. I got to graduate a whole year early!
  7. I got to marry Josh a whole year early because I graduated a whole year early.
  8. A very encouraging FB message from JJ.  I love having people like her in my life!
  9. Who knew that Tulsa could be so exciting?  My kids were acting like we were on the way to Disneyland this morning.  It makes me happy to see how much they love their family.
  10. Awesome, awesome drive up with Josh.  I love our 4 hour talks on the way to Tulsa.
  11. Safe travels and no car problems this time!
  12. I was more intentional about asking God to use me this morning and he answered that prayer!
  13. The pretty pink wildflowers all along the highway.
  14. The kids traveled GREAT!
  15. Found some new movies for Beau in the $5 bin at Walmart and they were worth every penny.  She loved having some new shows to watch in the car.
  16. Fun family lunch with the Sparkmans and Nana & Papa.
  17. Papa treated us all to lunch.
  18. Lazy, lazy afternoon.
  19. Gus got to spend his afternoon playing with Nana and his cousins, Ryan & Olivia.
  20. Hideaway Pizza for dinner.
  21. Thunderstorms.
  22. I got to wrap a Nintendo DS and some DS video games in Ninja Turtle wrapping paper.  Having a boy is a lot of fun!
  23. Gus & Beau put on a very entertaining concert for us tonight.  Ice cream phones as microphones, fire place mantle as a stage.  I would have played good money to see it.
  24. Nana had the fridge stocked with milk and orange juice and the pantry stocked with our favorite snacks.
  25. Gus & Beau sleeping in the same room, talking and getting in trouble together before bed time.  Those two are as cute as they come.
  26. In bed by 9:45!
  27. Tomorrow is Gus’ party day!!!  He’s never been so excited about one of his birthdays.

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