Day 284

In Exodus you can read about the very detailed plans for the tabernacle.  It’s fascinating to me how God chose very specific colors, fabrics, and materials.  He knew exactly what He wanted that tabernacle to look like and He made sure the people who were building it knew exactly what He wanted it to look like.

He even knew what He wanted the priests’ robes to look like.  He was much more creative than whoever chose our modern day “priest look”, all black with a little white collar.  God was all about the color.  He chose gold, blue, purple and scarlet.  These robes were going to be fancy and he needed “gifted artisans” to bring them to life.

Exodus 28:3 So you shall speak to all who are gifted artisans, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, that they may make Aaron’s garments, to consecrate him, that he may minister to Me as priest.

God told Moses to gather together the best fashion designers in the business and share with them His plans for the priestly robes.  Then He let Moses know that He had filled this group of designers with the spirit of wisdom.  That is cool!

God could have created the robes Himself, like He created animals, flowers, and trees, and then had them laying out on the priests’  beds before the tabernacle opened, but He wanted the designers that He had gifted with special artisan abilities to be able to use those abilities.  He also wanted them to succeed at this very important task, so He filled them with the spirit of wisdom.

I can just see them in the meeting with Moses as he’s filling them in on their assignment from God.  They weren’t overwhelmed and they weren’t confused.  Because of the spirit of wisdom God had filled them with, they knew exactly what they were supposed to do.  They all saw the same image of the robe.  They knew where to get their supplies, they knew which part of the robe they would be best suited to work on.  This would be the biggest project they would ever put their hands to, but they knew exactly how to tackle it.

God filled a bunch of fashion designers with the spirit of wisdom so they could use the gifts He placed inside of them to bring Him glory.  He wants to fill you- teacher, mother, business man, architect, fire fighter, administrative assistant, waitress, grocery store cashier or whoever you are  with the same spirit of wisdom.

He wants to show you exactly how to use your gifts to bring Him glory.  Ask Him to fill you with wisdom.  You may not be an expert fashion designer, but you are a gifted artisan.

Don’t be filled with a spirit of frustration over how to use the gifts God has placed in you, instead declare Ephesians 1:17-18 over yourself.

God, the father of glory, is giving me the spirt of wisdom and revelation knowledge of Him.  The eyes of my understanding are enlightened, so I may know what is the hope of His calling.

  1. God didn’t just fill the priests and seemingly important people with a spirit of wisdom, but even fashion designers.
  2. God is a detailed God.  He was just as detailed when he envisioned me as he was when he envisioned the tabernacle.
  3. The father of glory is giving me a spirit of wisdom.
  4. I am seeing more clearly than ever how to use the gifts God has given to me.
  5. Got to visit my mom for a few hours this morning.
  6. Lunch at Arby’s with Josh & Beau.  Roast beef sandwich with Arby’s sauce hit the spot.
  7. Gus got to hang out with my mom all day.  He had a great time with her, his favorite puppy Norah and his little cousin Ava!
  8. Josh ran lots and lots and lots of errands for me today to help me get ready for Gus’ party.
  9. Gus’ Wreck It Ralph cake turned out fantastic.  So thankful for the recommendation.  Sassy Sweets in Tulsa is my new go to custom cake baker.
  10. The cake tasted great too and I don’t usually like birthday cakes.
  11. Gus’ party turned out even cuter than I had imagined in my head!
  12. Gus was so excited about his cake.  He told everyone who came through the doors they had to come see his cake.
  13. The little kids had fun decorating their cookies at the “Kart Bakery.”
  14. Nana & Papa are so sweet to let me use their house to host my kid’s birthday parties.
  15. Gus’ Nintendo DS was a hit!  It feels so good to bless your kids.
  16. Grammy & Grampy got Gus a Wreck It Ralph DS game, Wreck It Ralph smashing hands, and an awesome Wreck It Ralph book.
  17. Nana & Papa got Gus a Sonic and a Mario DS game and a really nice Nerf case to keep his DS safe.
  18. The Sparkmans got Gus the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys he’s been asking for.
  19. The Kincades got Gus a wallet with mulah, a Donkey Kong Leggo set and some cool Toy Story rollers.
  20. My sister Mindy brought a special gift for Beau.
  21. The Dunlaps got Gus huge Jake coloring pages and a gift card to Target.
  22. The Firths got Gus a much needed new Dark Knight mask and silly string.
  23. Uncle Zach & Aunt Tosha got Gus a Star Wars DS game.
  24. Justin & Courtney got Gus his very first fishing pole.  It’s Iron Man and it lights up when you cast.
  25. Hanging out with the Sparkmans tonight after the party.  It was nice to sit and talk and know that I have tomorrow to clean up the party mess.
  26. I get to sleep in tomorrow!!!  Yes, that’s three exclamation points.
  27. I won the American Idol challenge against my friend Sayra.  Candace did it!  Which means Sayra will be treating me to dinner and The Great Gatsby very soon.

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