Day 282

It was about this time 10 years ago that I was being lavished with gifts at my bridal shower.  I was barely eighteen and didn’t know what half of the stuff I received actually did, but it was exciting none the less.  A group of 10 ladies headed up by my mother in law all went together and purchased some of the more expensive items I had registered for, including my KitchenAid White Artisan Stand Mixer.  It’s an awesome mixer, it better be with a price tag that reads $350, but I am not much of a baker so over the last 10 years I’ve probably only used it 20 times… including today.  I mixed a big batch of sugar cookie dough in it this morning.  After I had finished making the dough, I began to clean the mixer so it could go back to sitting and looking pretty on my kitchen counter for another 6 months and while I was wiping it down God began to show me some things.

God has called us to do more than just sit around on the counter and look pretty.  We are not just a decoration, but He has created each of us with a purpose.  My mixer, although a lovely decoration, wasn’t created to be a decoration, it was created to help the home cook mix bread doughs, cookie doughs, cake batters, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, pizza dough, and whatever else that might need mixing.  Because I am not much of a cookie, cake, or bread maker, my mixer goes months between uses.

If we are not intentional about being used by God we too can go months between uses.  God wants to use each of us every single day to accomplish His will on the earth, but instead of asking God to use us, we are content with sitting on the counter and looking pretty until the PERFECT ministry opportunity becomes available.  But I got news for ya, if you sit around waiting for the perfect ministry opportunity to come knocking on your door, you are going to miss out on being used by God where He wants to use you NOW.

I feel like God wants to use me to write books.  When I was in the 4th grade God put a desire on my heart to be an author, but I honestly kind of forgot about it until after I started this blog.  The desire is back and it’s something I’m seeking God on a lot these days, but I’m not waiting for my first book to come out for God to use me.  Who knows how long that could take.  I don’t want to just sit on the shelf and gather dust, I want Him to use me everyday.

I want Him to use me to teach my kids about His love.  I want Him to use me to encourage and support my husband.  I want Him to use me to text someone who needs to know God is thinking about them.  I want Him to use me to recognize the waitress who could use a bigger tip.  I want Him to use me to share my story with someone who needs to hear it.  I want Him to use me to minister to the 5 year olds I get to teach at church.  I want Him to use me to do whatever He needs done in the lives of my family, my friends, or complete strangers that He places in my path.

You don’t have to be called into full time ministry, or wait until you volunteer at church on the weekends to be useful to God.  Make these two words part of your prayer every day, USE ME.

2 Timothy 2:20-21 (MSG) In a well-furnished kitchen there are not only crystal goblets and silver platters, but waste cans and compost buckets—some containers used to serve fine meals, others to take out the garbage. Become the kind of container God can use to present any and every kind of gift to his guests for their blessing.

Stop waiting around for your big ministry opportunity, there is one awaiting you today!  Be the kind of utensil that God can use daily to present blessings to who He wants His blessings presented!

  1. We can be used by God every day!
  2. God chose to use people to establish his kingdom in the earth.
  3. Use Me such a beautiful song and beautiful prayer written by my husband.
  4. My Kitchen Aid Mixer.
  5. My bridal shower.  We got everything we registered for and then some!
  6. Bed Bath & Beyond.
  7. Made a ton of sugar cookie dough this morning with Beau.  She is good little helper and extra cute covered in flour.
  8. Listening to Disney songs together while we worked.
  9. Just me and Beau this morning with no where to go.  Nice to be home alone with her.
  10. Beau was my waitress this afternoon and other than her telling me she had to go potty her service was excellent.
  11. Grilled cheese + pickle spear + potato chips + blackberries = A yummy lunch.
  12. Josh taught Gus a new scripture that he can say on the way to school, I am growing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.  Awesome hearing him tell me what it all meant tonight before bed.
  13. I got to bring cupcakes to Gus’ class today to celebrate his birthday!
  14. Chase McCoy’s mom.  She’s the mom who brought cupcakes to our class in 5th grade and made me want to be a stay at home mom someday.
  15. God gives us the desires of our heart!
  16. Watching Gus’ little smiling face when all of his friends were singing happy birthday to him.
  17. Gus’ sweet friend Ava brought by a special gift for him after school.  A Sonic The Hedgehog race car and race track!  He loved it and played with it all the way up until time for dinner.
  18. Made a ton of car shaped cookies for Gus’ party with the dough we made this morning and they turned out really cute.  Can’t wait to see what they look like after all of his little cousins decorate them.
  19. My childhood friend Lilia is celebrating her birthday today!  I loved having my best friend live right across the street from me.
  20. Had to improvise for dinner when I discovered my red peppers were bad and my improv dish was better than what I was planning on making.
  21. Josh did bedtime for both kids tonight so I could get a head start on washing my hair.
  22. Very relaxing bath.  Making sugar cookies requires a lot of standing.
  23. Got our bags all packed up and ready for Tulsa tomorrow.  Kids can hardly stand it they are so excited.
  24. We are taking all of the Ken Blount Ministries product making supplies to Tulsa to hand off to Justin & Courtney!
  25. “24” is coming back.  America needs some Jack Bauer!
  26. Josh got Gus’ new Nintendo DS game out to charge it and he couldn’t stop playing it.  I’m so excited about giving it to Gus!
  27. Josh is not afraid to tell people no.

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