Day 250

Next time you are waiting in line somewhere, take a minute to watch all of the people waiting around you.  You will notice one, if not all of these universal “I’m tried of waiting” signs.  The tap of the foot, drumming fingers, shifting weight back and forth, rolling eyes, big sighs, glancing at their watch, or breaking out their smart phone to keep them entertained.  It’s rare to find a person who can just sit or stand still and wait.

Psalm 130:5 I wait for the Lord,  my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

My WHOLE being waits.   It’s hard to stand still and wait with your whole being when you are waiting on a book of stamps, but it’s even harder to stand still and wait with your whole being when you are waiting on an answer to prayer.

The word wait in that verse signifies a long cord.  At one end of the cord is God, at the other end of the cord is our heart’s desire.  The cord that connects the desires’ of our hearts to God is our faith… believing that what He’s promised, He will do.

I imagine a lot of times our cords look like someone could jump in and skip rope on them if they wanted to.  We get so impatient while we are waiting on the Lord that our faith cord goes all over the place.  We start tapping our foot and letting out big sighs, letting the desire of our heart jerk the cord up and down and all around.  We try to make things work out on our time table.  We try pulling harder on our end of the cord to get God to move and we end up wearing ourselves out.  God doesn’t need us to pull harder, He just needs us to wait with our whole beings.  We don’t even have to move, we just have to stand, stand on His promises, and when it’s the right time He will walk over to you, take your end and match it up with his end, and totally exceed your expectations.

If you’re in a place of waiting, don’t get distracted.  Don’t give up.  Don’t let go of that cord.  Stand still and hold on tight.  Put all of your energy into trusting God’s promises and none of your energy into growing impatient.  God will never drop his end, so don’t drop yours.  Keep waiting.  Wait patiently.  Wait mentally, physically, and spiritually, wait with your WHOLE being.

Galatians 6:9 And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.

  1. God is teaching me to wait with my whole being.
  2. In due time we reap if we don’t grow weary.
  3. Strength will rise as we wait upon the lord, wait upon the lord, we will wait upon the Lord.
  4. God never drops His end of the cord.
  5. God always exceeds my expectations.
  6. Beau woke up way too early this morning, but I must say I enjoyed getting in her little bed and cuddling with her this morning.
  7. I went back to sleep for an hour while the kids watched cartoons this morning.
  8. Josh & Gus worked all morning on the lawn and in our flower beds and they did a great job.
  9. Beautiful, beautiful spring day!
  10. Gus & Beau finally got to use their bubble guns from Aunt Amy.  They loved them.
  11. Beach Boys Pandora station made the fact that we were able to play in the back yard today even better!
  12. The kids had so much fun helping Josh dig in the dirt and I had fun watching from a safe distance.
  13. Spent my afternoon watching Cupcake Wars and napping and watching Cupcake wars and napping some more.  It was great!
  14. Watched some of my home movies with the kids today.  Seeing my Grandpa Wagner made me smile.  Got to tell Gus about what an awesome grandpa I had.
  15. Family trip to Target just to browse the toy aisles.
  16. The Schlegel’s had us over for dinner tonight.  Really enjoyed getting to know that sweet family better.
  17. Jamie was the most gracious host ever.  She had a very elaborate spread for us!  Best homemade pizza I’ve ever had.
  18. Hot Brownies!
  19. Gus & Beau made 3 new friends tonight… Luke, Landon, & Biscuit.
  20. Movie night with just Gussy.  He was totally into “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.”
  21. That something as simple as sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor in mom and dad’s room still means so much to Gus.
  22. Got to cuddle with a very sleepy Gus which is rare… he’s never sleepy when he’s awake!
  23. Saved $50 on the frames I ordered for Beau’s room!  I had a $25 off coupon to PBK and Nana had one she let me use too.
  24. Every toilet in our house flushes right now.  No more jiggling handles.  Yay for a handy husband!
  25. Gus’ flag football coach had to step down, thankful for the dads that have stepped up to take his place.
  26. Central heat and air.  Need AC in the afternoon and Heater at night this time of year, so easy to switch from one to the other.
  27. Got another answer to prayer today!

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