Day 246

Today after the floors had just been mopped, I loaded the kids into the car to run a few errands.  Since we were out of town last week our pantry is pretty stark and our fridge looks ridiculously oversized housing just one gallon of milk.  I also had a doctor’s appointment and needed to take some checks to the bank… but my car had other plans.  It would not start.

I was pretty annoyed… and  hungry.  I forgot to mention we were going to grab lunch before heading to the store.  I unloaded the kids and we waited in my room for the floors to dry so I could try to find something to make for lunch.  I would have had my husband come to the rescue but he was working 45 minutes from home today, so my plans were shot.  I tiptoed out to the kitchen, grabbed the last pieces of bread and started making some peanut butter and honey sandwiches when God reminded me of the crazy story I read in my Bible this morning.

In 1 Samuel 6 the Philistines are trying to figure out how to send the Ark Of The Covenant, which they stole from the Israelites, back to the Israelites.  Ever since they stole it 7 months ago, it has caused them nothing but trouble.  Wherever they moved it destruction followed in the form of tumor outbreaks.  They knew if they didn’t send the Ark back to God’s people, that it wouldn’t be long before “it” destroyed all of them.  So the Philistine priests came up with this very interesting plan,

1 Samuel 6:7-9 Now build a new cart, and find two cows that have just given birth to calves. Make sure the cows have never been yoked to a cart. Hitch the cows to the cart, but shut their calves away from them in a pen.  Put the Ark of the Lord on the cart, and beside it place a chest containing the gold rats and gold tumors you are sending as a guilt offering. Then let the cows go wherever they want.  If they cross the border of our land and go to Beth-shemesh, we will know it was the Lord who brought this great disaster upon us. If they don’t, we will know it was not his hand that caused the plague. It came simply by chance.

It sounded good to the Philistines, so they follow through with it.  They find the new mother cows, shut up their baby cows, put the Ark on a cart, hitch the cows to the cart and say, “giddy-up!”

The cows had no reason to go to Beth-shemesh.  They shouldn’t have even known how to pull a cart.  The priests came up with this weird plan because they wanted to feel better about the whole tumor outbreak thing and they thought that if the cows stayed put, it would prove that the Ark really wasn’t anything special, but that the destruction in their land had all just been a big coincidence.

God wasn’t about to let that happen.  The cows, headed straight toward Beth-shemesh.  They did it lowing along the way, which means they were going against their will, but they went.  They didn’t try to head back to their newborn calves.  They didn’t stray to the left or to the right.  They didn’t stop to grab a bite of grass to eat.  They pulled the cart all the way into Beth-shemesh, crossing the border, and proving to the Philistines that the tumors were not a coincidence, but a direct result of them stealing the Ark.

God used those cows to accomplish His will, much like he used the whale in Jonah’s story to accomplish His will.  Could it be that He used my car to accomplish His will for me today?  Could He have been the one that caused it not to start, or was it just a coincidence.

The more I thought about it the more my attitude changed from annoyed to grateful.  Maybe it wouldn’t start to prevent us from getting in an accident.  Maybe it wouldn’t start because we could have caught a bug waiting at the doctor’s office.  I’m not sure what might have happened, but I am sure that I prayed protection and favor over my family this morning and if God wanted to use my car to make sure I stayed home today, He could do it.

Next time you lose your keys, your flight gets delayed, your alarm clock doesn’t go off, or your car won’t start, take a minute to remind yourself that God might be using that annoyance to accomplish His good and perfect will for your life.

  1. God is in control of my life.
  2. He helped me go from annoyed to thankful.
  3. Slept so good last night!
  4. Clean house from top to bottom.
  5. My car didn’t start.
  6. Had a very relaxing day at home instead of a very busy day running errands with kids who didn’t want to run errands.
  7. Beau painted some pretty pictures for me with her new finger paints from Aunt Tosha & Uncle Zach.
  8. Beau took an extra long nap.
  9. I got to take a nap!
  10. All caught up on laundry.
  11. Spent the afternoon hanging out with Batman and Minnie Mouse.
  12. Beau has the greatest Minnie’s Bowtique set up.  Real bows to sell, cash register, a tent that looks like a shop, and a Minnie Mouse costume to wear!
  13. A 10kreasons reader who had a still born son last year gave birth to a perfect baby girl yesterday!  God is faithful!
  14. Frozen pizza to tide us over until I can make it to the grocery store tomorrow.
  15. Jelly bean treasure hunt with Pirate Gus and his first matey Beau.
  16. Josh’s last equip class for this semester is tonight.  I’m glad he got to teach, but I’ll be happy to have him back at home on Monday nights for a while!
  17. Gus beat me fair and square at Disney Scene It.  Boy knows his Disney trivia.
  18. Beau got “It’s A Small World” stuck in my head.  I love when she sings!
  19. Nice, quiet night to myself.
  20. Hot bath.
  21. Started a great, timely message by Pastor Colleen Rouse… can’t wait to finish it.
  22. Pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt.
  23. Abrah, one of our Amazing Kid’s workers, is celebrating her birthday today.  She’s served in Beau’s classes countless times so I could go to church.
  24. Got some video footage of Beau twirling her heart out in her Rapunzel dress… I’m pretty sure she was pretending she was a princess on ice.
  25. Alan Menken & Howard Ashman.  Those guys are responsible for so many awesome Disney songs!
  26. Found out my friend Elisa is having a little boy!!
  27. “Who we are in Jesus has more power than who we are in Adam.” – Guzik

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