Day 245

Remember when “not” was a really popular expression?  Maybe if I use it in a sentence it will refresh your memory.

Hey, you look really cool in that hypercolor t-shirt… NOT!

I’m glad hypercolor shirts along with obnoxious people saying “not” have gone out of style… although I’m not sure that everyone’s happiness meter got the memo… it still seems to use the expression, or one like it, all of the time.

I finally got my dream job, now I’ll be happy… NOT!

I lost 30 pounds, now I’ll be happy… JK!

We are moving into a nicer house, now I’ll be happy… SIKE!

When our happiness is based on our circumstances it will always deceive us.  We have to learn to be happy before we get our dream job, drop 30 pounds, or move into a nicer house.  We have to be happy NOW, when circumstances aren’t perfect.

How do you get to that place of perpetual happiness?  I think Psalm 89:15 sums it up beautifully,

Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, LORD. 

Happy (blessed, fortune, to be envied) are those who hear the call to worship!  The call to worship was a trumpet used on the morning of the jubilee (Leviticus 25:9), a celebration of liberty and a restoration of inheritances.  If you were alive and you heard that trumpet you had reasons to be joyful.  If you are alive and reading this right now, you too, have reasons to be joyful-  the same reasons the people who would be attending the jubilee festival had.  Jesus came to set you free from the power of sin and won back your inheritance- every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm, and He accomplished what he came to do!  We have liberty and our inheritance has been restored through Him!

If you want to experience year round happiness you need to start tooting your own horn… you need to blow your trumpet everyday by spending time worshipping Jesus.  Remind yourself that you are abundantly free and everything you could ever need has been provided.  True happiness can only be attained when it’s based on what Jesus has already done for you, not on your present circumstances.

When you daily hear the call to worship you will walk in the light of God’s presence, which means you will live in His favor and enjoy His smiles.  It’s impossible to not be happy when the creator of the universe is smiling on you!  Circumstances are like hyper color shirts… they change, but what Jesus accomplished for you never does.  

  1. Happy are those who hear the call to worship!
  2. Jesus came to set the captives free.
  3. Jesus won back our inheritance!
  4. We can toot our own horn when we spend time worshipping God everyday.
  5. I’m happy, happy, happy!
  6. Jesus is smiling on me.  What a sweet thought.
  7. Hypercolor shirts and “not” are not in style anymore.
  8. Had time to do my hair before church this morning.
  9. Beau had to get her new blow dryer and straightener out and pretend to do her hair before church too.
  10. Had a great class of 5 year olds this morning at church.
  11. Got to teach the kids about what it means to have BIG faith!
  12. Awesome nap this afternoon.
  13. Disney Princesses on Ice tonight with Beau & Josh!
  14. We had really great seats.
  15. Got a nice little “Disney Fix.”
  16. Beau really enjoyed seeing all her favorite princesses.  She especially loved getting to see Rapunzel and Maximus.
  17. Seeing her little dimpled hand reach into the popcorn bucket.
  18. Josh dropped us off at the door so we didn’t have to make the long walk to the arena.
  19. Beau is so girly.  She was hiding when the Beast came out, but then she was sad when Gaston hurt him.  She went through every emotion possible in that 2 hour show.  So sweet.
  20. She talked the whole 45 minute drive home about the show… the whole 45 minutes!
  21. One of her favorite parts of the night was riding on dad’s shoulders on the way to the car.
  22. My friend Sayra kept Gus for me so he could play with his buddy Alex instead of having to endure girly stuff.
  23. Gus got to go to Chuck E Cheese with Alex.
  24. He had so much fun I had to pretty much drag him out to the car.
  25. The guy at Chuck E Cheese gave him hundreds of extra tickets so he could get a Spiderman action figure he wanted… he just gave his first tithe at church on Saturday, so it was a great way to show him how God blesses us when we give!
  26. What-a-burger for dinner.
  27. Getting in bed early tonight.

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