Day 244

In Deuteronomy chapter seven Moses gives one of the greatest locker room speeches of all time.  I can totally picture the Israelites huddled around him, his foot propped on a rock as he leans in, forearms resting on his thigh, whistle around his neck, and a very serious look on his face as he says to them,

“The Lord is about to hand some nations over to you, and these nations will all be greater than you, but listen to me, you’re going to conquer them!  You are going to completely destroy them!  Let’s get in there and break down their pagan altars and burn up their idols!  You’re holy people and don’t you forget it!  God chose you!  “Faithful God” on three…”

It was a great speech, but the Israelites were still afraid of the mighty nations they were going to have to face.  So Moses, adds to it,

“Look at me!  Do not be afraid!  I repeat do not be afraid!  God is on our team and He is great and awesome.  Little by little we will get there!  Are you with me?!”

I think Moses made a terrific coach.  He built up his teams confidence and reminded them that God was on their side and then he let them know that this was going to be a little by little process.  Meaning, God was not going to wipe out all of these nations at once, but He was going to do it little by little.  One game at a time.

God could have easily destroyed all of the nations in one day and I’m sure that’s how the Israelites would have preferred Him to do it, but He knew something they didn’t know.  He knew that if He did that the wild animals after carcasses would multiply too quickly, so little by little God delivered them from their enemies.

We serve a big God and I think sometimes we limit Him to big things… if He doesn’t do something big we don’t think He’s doing anything at all, but He doesn’t always work in big ways, sometimes He works things out for us little by little.  However He chooses to work in our lives He’s always got our best interest at heart.  It was to the Israelites advantage that He used the little by little technique and the same is true for us.  Immense spiritual growth takes place when we go through little victory after little victory.  We gain patience and our hearts learn to trust God like never before.

God is a BIG God, but He’s not limited to working only in big ways.  Don’t overlook the little ways that God is using to help you win everyday!

  1. God is BIG, but He can work however He wants.
  2. He always has my best interest at heart.
  3. Little victory after little victory results in BIG spiritual growth.
  4. God is on my team!
  5. I win everyday!
  6. I do not have to be afraid!
  7. Moses’ locker room speech, it really ministered to me this afternoon.
  8. Gussy had his very first flag football game today!
  9. He looked awesome with eye black on.
  10. Huge purple jeresey, huge purple shirt, huge yellow hair.  I’m a big fan of #2!
  11. He had a great attitude the whole game!
  12. Ran into my friend Ellen at the game.
  13. Pony tail holders.  I would have missed half of the game without one.  So windy!
  14. Enjoyed being at home and getting the house back in order and everyone back on a routine.
  15. Check book balanced.
  16. Beau looked pretty today in one of her new outfits from Grammy.
  17. My friend Sayra blessed me with a very nice smelling candle for my birthday.
  18. Starbucks gift card for my 3rd American Idol win in a row!  Ew Ew!
  19. Jesus isn’t condemning, yet he’s not compromising.  Good message tonight by Pastor Robert.
  20. All of the faithful volunteers that serve every weekend in Gus & Beau’s classes!  They love church!
  21. Beau brought home her very first coloring page tonight.  She was pretty proud of it.
  22. Listening to the kids play out in the backyard while I got dinner ready.
  23. Best brother of the day award goes to Gus for pushing his little sister on the swing so sweetly for about 10 minutes.  It was precious.
  24. Practicing hearing God’s voice with Gus.
  25. My sister Mindy took some awesome pictures of Beau’s birthday party!
  26. Came across one of Gus’ flip flops, size newborn.  It was neat showing him how tiny his shoes used to be.
  27. God reminded me while I was brushing my teeth about a “little” victory He made happen earlier this month.  He’s so good!

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