Day 197

In Genesis chapter 30 Jacob strikes up a very interesting deal with his father in law Laban.  Jacob had been working for Laban for 14 years and getting the run around for 14 years.  He was tired of it.  He wanted to go out on his own and provide for his own family.  Laban didn’t want Jacob to leave because since Jacob has been working for him business has been better than ever so he asks Jacob to name his price.  Don’t you love when lame bosses do that?  You tell them you are quitting and then they decide to offer you more money.  Anyway… Jacob didn’t ask for more money he asked for all of the speckled and spotted goats and all of the black sheep that were born after their agreement and the catch was that all Jacob had to start with were goats and sheep that were not speckled, spotted, or black.  Laban liked his odds.  He figured the chances of Jacob’s plain jane sheep and goats having a bunch of speckled and spotted goats were not real great, so he agreed.

But Jacob had a plan.  A very peculiar plan.

Genesis 30:37-39 Then Jacob took some fresh branches from poplar, almond, and plane trees and peeled off strips of bark, making white streaks on them.  Then he placed these peeled branches in the watering troughs where the flocks came to drink, for that was where they mated.  And when they mated in front of the white-streaked branches, they gave birth to young that were streaked, speckled, and spotted.

Isn’t that crazy?  He took some branches and made them spotted and speckled and placed them in a spot that the flock would see them and then the plain sheep and goats gave birth to spotted and speckled sheep and goats and before you know it Jacob became exceedingly prosperous which in the original Hebrew is translated “the man burst out exceedingly exceedingly.”

Jacob gave his flock a vision of what he wanted them to do and by the power of their imagination they did it.  If that principle works for a bunch of sheep I know it will work for us.  God told Abraham his descendants would be like the sand and the stars… both things that Abraham saw with his eyes all of the time.  I can picture him getting home from work, taking off his shoes, pouring sand out of them and being reminded about what God said and then sitting on his porch, looking up at the stars trying to count them while he imagines what it will be like to hold his first born son.

We are believing God for another baby so this morning I got out my own striped sticks.   Josh saved our positive pregnancy tests from Gus and Beau and they both still have two beautiful pink lines on them.  I know that looking at those sticks will not make me pregnant, but they do remind me of God’s faithfulness.  They do remind me that those two pink lines showed up because we trusted in Him and they will show up again someday to let us know that another precious gift from God is on the way.

What are you imagining?  What kind of things do you have your eyes fixed upon?  The Bible says to write the vision and make it plain, not so you can practice your hand writing, but so you can see it with your eyes, like the sheep saw the branches and like Abraham saw the sand and the stars.  He wants you to be able to gaze upon things that remind you of His goodness, his faithfulness, and his promises. Use your imagination to grow your faith in your so very faithful God!

  1. Jacob’s peculiar plan.  How cool!
  2. Josh saved those pregnancy tests.
  3. Fourth Dimension.  Fantasic book by David Yonggi Cho.
  4. My friend Sayra for recommending Fourth Dimension to me.
  5. My father in law is much easier to work for than Laban.
  6. Kids played nicely together all morning.
  7. I got to clean out and organize a few closets that I wasn’t planning on cleaning and organizing.
  8. A lot of Beau’s stuff from last summer still fits her.  She lost a lot of her chubbiness last year.
  9. Newman’s Own Pizzas.
  10. Beautiful afternoon.
  11. Gus came up with a great idea to get some new sand for his sand table.
  12. We ran into a family from church at Lowes and the little boy who is in my class gave me a great big hug.  SO sweet!
  13. The very nice guy at Lowes that helped me load the sand into my cart and then into my car.
  14. The kids played at the sand table all afternoon.  Pretty great that Beau does not have a problem with wanting to eat the sand like she did last year.
  15. Got some pretty pictures of Beau for her birthday invitations.
  16. The way a mango smells.
  17. Tasty BBQ chicken quesadillas for dinner.
  18. Fruit salsa.
  19. Pineapple Princess.  What a cute song.
  20. Beau dancing like a little hula girl to Pineapple Princess.
  21. Disney Scene It.  Gus beat me, but I still had fun.
  22. Got kids down by 7:45 and I was flying solo tonight!
  23. Read “Pete The Cat” to Beau for the first time and she was impressed.  She couldn’t stop talking about it… even after I put her down I could hear her trying to recite it in her crib.
  24. What Joy.
  25. Some quiet time to myself tonight.
  26. I have a job and something to fill my time with besides TV on nights that Josh has to work.
  27. Got an extra blog written for this week and loved studying for it.

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