Day 196

The other night I went to see “The Impossible.”  It’s an amazing true story about a family that was vacationing in Thailand when the catastrophic tsunami of 2004 hit.  A husband and wife and their three boys were swimming in their resort’s pool one minute and the next they were being swept away by unbelievable amounts of water.

I could hardly watch as the mother and her oldest son tried so desperately to stay together as their bodies were forced through water pouring in from the ocean, filled with all kinds of debris.  It was such a chaotic scene.  They stay together, but they have no idea where the dad and the other two boys are.  There is no way to contact them, no idea as to where they might be, and no idea if they are even alive.

Miraculously, the father and the two sons were alive and still together but were swept in another direction.  The father is determined to find his wife and son, so much so he leaves his two very young sons behind with complete strangers!  I am not one to talk out loud during a movie but at that point I had to let my husband know I could not believe the father was leaving his sweet boys behind to look for his wife and son, who for all he knows could be dead!

Oddly enough, the next day I came across the story of the lost sheep.

Luke 15:4 What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? 

The father in the movie had two of his sons, he knew where they were and that they were safe, but his oldest son and his wife were still out there, lost.  He had to leave the two that were found, to go after the ones who were lost.  He searched through debris and through all of the hospitals that were set up all over the area,  it was literally like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Body bags lined the streets, but he kept looking.

As I continued reading through the parables that Jesus told in Luke 15 I began to really get a picture of what it means to be found in Him.  Growing up in church I’ve wandered from God a few times, but I’ve never really been lost, so I’ve never really appreciated what it means to be found… until now.

If it weren’t for Jesus I would be separated from my father with no way of contacting Him.  I would be waiting around in a make shift hospital just barely surviving, but instead I’m wrapped in His arms and I know that He cares for me so deeply that if I were to wander he would come looking for me.  Who knew Ewan McGregor could help me understand just how awesome it is to be able to say that I’ve been found by my father.

All of us have this desire to find things that are lost.  It’s in our makeup.  Weather it’s a puzzle piece or a puppy dog, when something goes missing we want to find it and when we do we appreciate it more than ever.  We get that desire from our maker.  He made us in His image.  It’s His desire that everyone be found in Him.  This week spend some time appreciating that fact that you once were lost, but now are found… even if you were found before you even knew that you were lost!  Imagine what your life would be like if you had to spend it separated from your Father and thank Jesus that because of Him you don’t.  He found you!

Luke 15:5 And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing.

  1. I’m found!
  2. I was found before I even knew I was lost.
  3. The deep and indescribable love that God has for his children.
  4. Amazing Grace.
  5. Found In You by David Moore.
  6. Luke 15.  Jesus was a good story teller!
  7. When a revelation makes old songs like new songs.
  8. Woke up extra early and had time to pray, read, and write before the kids got up.
  9. Got to teach the 5 year old about the time that Jesus told the children to come to him.  It was moving… I got teary eyed looking at their sweet little faces soaking it up.
  10. Gus vacuumed for me.
  11. A sweet lady at church brought me a pretty necklace with a special meaning.
  12. How God brings certain people across your path
  13. Found an awesome promise from God this morning, Deut 28:11 in the Amp is so good!
  14. Totally chilled out this afternoon.
  15.  Napping with Gussy.
  16. Gus realized he forgot to thank God for his food half way through and stopped and told God he was sorry and that he was thankful even though he had already eaten half of his PB&J.
  17. Family movie night.
  18. “Movie Night!!  Ew! Ew!”  – Beau
  19. Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix.
  20. Dance Party following the movie.  “Rio” has some good dance party music.
  21. Reading the story of Abraham and Sarah in Gus’ Jesus Story Time Bible… ministered to me and him!  When God makes a promise it’s as good as done!
  22. Josh is feeling much better tonight than he was last night.
  23. Gus and Beau prayed and laid hands on me for a crick I have had in my neck.
  24. Hot shower.
  25. My mom called to let me know she was sending me a gas gift card for my trip to Tulsa next week.
  26. The sweet voice mail from my niece Olivia wishing me a belated happy Valentines day.
  27. The kids fighting over who got to sit by me at movie night.

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