Day 181

The story about the woman with the issue of blood is one I’ve heard and told many a time, but last night when I was reading it I got a whole new take on it.  In Luke chapter 8 starting in verse 43 we are introduced to a lady who has suffered from constant bleeding for 12 years.  No doctors had been able to treat her, so she decided that she would go see the healer, Jesus.  She told herself if she could just touch His clothes she would be healed.  She managed to make it through a crowd of people and when she got behind Jesus she touched His robe and immediately the bleeding stop.  Jesus asked who touched him and the disciples answered, “the whole crowd is touching you.”

Luke 8:46 (NLT) But Jesus said, “Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me.” 

Jesus felt the woman’s touch, even though people were brushing up against him on all sides.  What made her touch different than the touch of all of the other people that were touching Him?  Her touch was deliberate.  She meant to do it.  She had been planning this touch, thinking about it, talking to her self about it.  Her goal when entering that crowd of people was to touch Jesus.  And as soon as she touched Him, He touched her and she was healed.

I love what my pastor said last weekend, you can’t touch Jesus without Him touching you back.

When is the last time you set out to deliberately touch Jesus?  Most of us go to church every weekend and we casually brush up against Him as we go through the motions with the rest of the crowd, but I don’t want to just accidentally bump into Him, I want to deliberately touch Him.

I am guilty of sometimes worshipping God and making it all about me.  God heal ME.  God tell ME.  God free ME.  God show ME.  God touch ME, but worship isn’t about ME.  It’s about HIM.  Our goal when we worship God should be that we touch Him!  If you plan to touch Him, think about touching Him, talk to yourself about touching Him, get excited about touching Him, then you will touch Him… in a way that makes him stop and take notice and because He is so good, He will touch you back.  Worship is so much better when it’s about Him and not me.

  1. The Heart Of Worship by Matt Redman.
  2. God’s Greatest Desire by Robert Morris.  Fantastic message!
  3. We can’t touch God without Him touching us back.
  4. The inspiring woman with the issue of blood.
  5. Jesus knows the difference between when we accidentally bump into Him and deliberately touch Him.
  6. If we make up our mind to touch Him, we will!
  7. Josh cleaned out my junk drawer.
  8. Got all of our food for the Super Bowl prepared today.  It’s gonna be good!
  9. My football field cupcakes turned out pretty cute!
  10. I grew up before everyone knew it wasn’t safe to eat raw cookie dough and always got to lick the mixer beaters.
  11. Groundhog predicted an early Spring and Gus got to see it.  He was very interested since they have been learning all about it at school.
  12. I think the groundhog was right… gorgeous day today!
  13. Groundhog Day.  Really good movie.
  14. I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher.  Really good song.
  15. Another awesome message by Pastor Robert.  Love Expressed has been such a great series.
  16. Praise and worship was amazing and anointed as usual!
  17. I touched God and He touched me back.
  18. Beau did not have any potty accidents at church.
  19. Beau kept her little flower in her hair through her whole class.  She looked so cute tonight.
  20. Heard the last message in Love Expressed only fitting to have some Chicken Express for dinner.
  21. Mashed Potatoes.
  22. Found out a sweet friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby!
  23. Holy Spirit by Jesus Culture.  So good tonight.
  24. Seeing people get prayed for down at the altar every week after service is over.
  25. Josh had a really great service with the 5th & 6th graders.
  26. More insight on the woman with the issue of blood from Josh.
  27. Cold sheets, warm feet, soothing fans, sweet smelling husband… some good sleep is about to happen.

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