Day 182

For me, there is nothing like getting to church on time and worshipping my heart out with one of the best praise and worship teams at one of the best churches in America every weekend.  I have never been apart of a church where it is so easy to get into the presence of God until now.  I mean right off the bat, first song, first word and you’re in.  It’s awesome.  It’s obvious to me that people have been preparing the atmosphere and welcoming the Holy Spirit into the church long before I get there and that prepared atmosphere is what makes it so effortless for me to get into God’s presence.

But then church is over.  I pick up my kids, chase one down the hall while the other one is giving me a good bicep burn, get in the car, rush home to get the kids fed and in bed only to have one of them pour an entire container of gravy on the rug and then go pee pee on another part of the rug while I am trying to vacuum up the gravy.  That wonderful presence of God thing I had going an hour ago has now worn off… it’s a good thing I don’t have to wait an entire week to experience it again.

I woke up this morning and prepared my own atmosphere and welcomed the Holy Spirit into my home and He showed up, just like He does at church every weekend.  No amazing band, no room full of people, no pastor, no piano solos, just me and a song I was playing through my less than great iPhone speaker.

I’m so grateful for a church who values God’s presence, but I can’t live at church.  I can’t depend on other people to seek His presence for me the rest of the week, if I want to experience it on a daily basis, and I do, I’ve got to seek it for myself.  I’ve got to do the prepping, the praying, and the welcoming on my own.

The wonderful thing about the Holy Spirit is He will show up anywhere that He’s welcome.  I was reminded this morning about the night we were waiting to deliver our son still born.  It was not a good night.  I did not want to be there.  My husband did not want to be there.  I can’t think of anyone who would have wanted to be there.  But when we welcomed the Holy Spirit He did not think twice about showing up.  He was there.  He stayed through the whole thing.  It was never too heavy, too sad, or too awkward for Him, we had invited Him so He was going to stay as long as He was welcome.

God’s presence is so sweet, welcome it into your life everyday.

1 Chronicles 16:11 (GWT) Search for the Lord and his strength.  Always seek his presence.

  1. When the Holy Spirit is welcome, He shows up.
  2. You Are Welcome Here by Deluge.  One of my favorite welcoming songs.
  3. My less than great iPhone speaker.
  4. Our awesome praise and worship team.
  5. The people who prepare the atmosphere before church each weekend.
  6. My church values the presence of God.
  7. The Holy Spirit showed up and helped us through the hardest night of our lives.
  8. 1 Chronicles 16:11 just happened to be YouVersion’s scripture of the day.
  9. The gravy was not as hard to clean up as I thought it would be.  Yay for carpet shampooers.
  10. My sister sent me a picture of a paper my niece Gentry wrote for school about someone who inspires her… it was all about me.  SO touching, SO sweet, SO honored,  SO glad I got to read it.
  11. I’ve always prayed that I would be someone my nieces could look up to, so excited they can see the light of God shining through me.
  12. Sharing the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead with the five year olds at church.  They really loved wrapping each other in toilet paper.
  13. Hearing the kids scream their new memory verse – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5
  14. Beau took an extra long nap.
  15. I took an extra long nap.
  16. Gus let me cuddle with him while he watched TV and I slept.
  17. Frito Chili Pie.
  18. Doritos, Cheetos, Pretzels, and Sun Chips mix… good little football watching snack.
  19. When one of our little people guests got sick and threw up he did it on the tile, not on something that would be hard to clean up.
  20. Clorox wipes.
  21. The power of God’s word!  My little people will not get any bugs if there was a bug to be got.
  22. Kids fast asleep by 7:45.
  23. Didn’t plan on watching the Super Bowl just me & Josh, but I really enjoyed cuddling on the couch with him.
  24. The game was really good!
  25. My team won!
  26. Being able to fast forward through the half time show.
  27. Josh was extra thankful for all of the food and snacks I prepared.

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