Day 116

Colossians 3:16 (NLT) Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives…

The past five months I have realized more than ever before just how rich the word of God really is.  I have always read my Bible like a good Christian girl should, but I don’t think it has ever filled my life with it’s richness like it is now.

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I was in Missionettes, a sunday school group for girls.  They gave us a binder with lessons and things to study and there was also a bible reading chart.  Every time you read a chapter in your Bible you could fill in the corresponding square and if you colored in all of the squares you could be crowned an Honor Star!  I had seen some of the older girls at church get their honor star crowns and it looked pretty awesome.  You got to wear a pretty dress, maybe some makeup, and be in a fancy ceremony with other girls from all over the state.  I wanted to be an Honor Star so I started to read my Bible and color in all of my spaces, but after a few days of reading I realized it was going to take forever at the pace I was going, so I started speed reading.  I was coloring in my squares much faster, but I wasn’t retaining a single thing.

I think everyone is guilty of reading their Bibles that way.  I’ll just read this chapter real fast so I can color in my square for the day and get my crown!  The Bible is not meant to be read that way.  It’s richness is supposed to fill your life, but that can’t happen if you just read it so you can check something off of your Christian to do list each day.

I love how this verse says Let the word of God fill your life and then it instructs us to teach and counsel others with the wisdom we get from the word.

If you are just speed reading through your Bible or reading it to help you fall asleep at night you won’t get anything out of it to teach and counsel others with.  Be intentional when you read your Bible.  Dig into it and find some treasure that you can share with someone else.  You may not be a pastor, a small group leader, a writer, or anyone that HAS to study to teach others, but you are a spouse, a friend, or a parent, and you should study the word so you can teach your family and friends with the wisdom He gives you.  If a scripture or verse stands out to you study it.  Look it up in different translations, look up commentaries on it, find it in a concordance, look up other scriptures that relate to it, take notes on what you learned and then share it with someone else.  Teaching others, teaches you.  So dig in to the richness and let if fill you up!

  1. God’s word is so rich!
  2. God’s word fills my life!
  3. Writing this blog has changed the way I study and read God’s word.  I retain so much more after writing it out like this.
  4. 17 years ago today my sweet and beautiful niece Emma was born!
  5. Beautiful sunrise.
  6. Josh took Gus to school and let Beau ride along so I could have some time to myself to get ready.
  7. Beau is already a little mother.  She loves taking care of her babies and puppies.  I love watching her feed them, sing to them, nurture them.
  8. I went to the dentist thinking I might have an impacted wisdom tooth and it was only a big canker sore.  Phew!
  9. Found some very soothing sore throat spray at the Family Health Market.
  10. Dentist appointment was free!
  11. Josh’s day off!
  12. Refrigerator shopping!
  13. I just learned how to spell refrigerator… always thought there was a D in it.  Thanks spell check.
  14.  Housing allowance.
  15. Found some Wreck It Ralph toys for Gus’ Christmas.
  16. Gus had a great day at school and was so excited about the countdown to Christmas Santa he made.
  17. Gateway Pastor’s Wives Christmas party tonight.
  18. I dropped and shattered the candle I was going to bring for a gift right before I left, but I had another one that I had not burned  yet to replace it with.
  19. No one was near me when the glass went flying everywhere.
  20. Cherri drove all of us to the party… Driving at night in Southlake is not one of my strengths.
  21. Great time visiting with the Frisco wives on the drive up and back.
  22. Delicious dinner!
  23. Josh had a fun night hanging out with Gus and Beau.
  24. Gus got to have a movie night with Josh and was sound asleep in our room on the floor in his Darth Vader sleeping bag when I got home.
  25. Pretty trinket holder from Pastor Debbie.
  26. Gus told Josh to make sure he saved me a spot in bed so I would have a place to sleep when I got home.
  27. Found a Christmas dress my mom made me when I was Beau’s age and got to put it on her and take her picture in it today.  So sweet.
  28. My friend Tracy delivered a healthy baby boy today and everything went great!

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