Day 117

Luke 2:7 And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

Is there any more magnificent of a story than the one about the night Jesus was born.  It’s so simple with very few details, yet it’s completely awe inspiring.

I was driving around this afternoon and thinking about how there was no room in the inn for Mary and Joseph to deliver Jesus.    Not one spare room, every room was occupied.  I find it interesting that God didn’t slow down Mary’s labor until a room did open up for her and Joseph, or have them squeeze into a tight space and try to make it work, He sent them to a place where they had plenty of room.  It wasn’t the most ideal place to give birth to the Son of God, but it was plenty roomy.

Jesus likes room!  He wants room to live and work in our lives, but too often all the space in our lives is occupied with other guests.  We think we are living a full life, and it is full, but it’s not full of the right stuff.  It’s full of things like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, T.V., keeping up with the Joneses, video games, driving our kids from activity to activity, working, spending time with family, and on and on.  When Jesus shows up looking for a place in our lives we have to say, “sorry there’s no room for you here.”  Jesus will politely move on.  He will go where He is welcome.  He will stay where there is room for Him.

I’m sure that the people who had no room for Mary and Joseph that night in Bethlehem were really kicking themselves 33 years later when Jesus was gloriously raised from the dead.  I can hear them saying, “We should have made room that couple that night.  We could have witnessed the birth of the Messiah.  We totally blew it!”

Maybe it’s time to have a garage sale, clean out some of the stuff that’s filling up our lives, and make room for the King of Kings.  He doesn’t like to be crowded.

  1. The amazing story of the birth of Jesus.
  2. Jesus wants room to live and work in our lives… we should feel so honored!
  3. I did not have to have my children in a cave surrounded by animals.
  4. Beau has really been enjoying learning about baby Jesus.
  5. Great 18 month check up for Beau… even though we were 3 months late.
  6. Beau only had to get one shot and only cried for a few seconds.
  7. Suckers and stickers!  Hit the spot for Beau on the way home from the doctor’s visit.
  8. I really like our Pediatrician.  She is so good with the kids.
  9. Chic Fil A lunch!
  10. Figured out which Fridge we are going to buy!
  11. The ease in which you can read reviews and check prices on the iPhone.  So helpful when appliance shopping.
  12. Had a great consult appointment with a new OB/GYN.  I am so glad someone mentioned him to Josh.
  13. Have been asking God for direction on picking a new OB or staying with the one I have now and He made it so clear that the Doctor I met today should be the one.
  14. A friend messaged me to let me know she miscarried this week and that my blog had helped her through it.
  15. Liberty Burgers.  Voted best burger in Dallas… it was very good!
  16. The beautiful Christmas tree at The Galleria.
  17. The Galleria always reminds me of getting engaged to Josh.  It’s fun being there with him now and our sweet little kids.
  18. Got to go to the American Girl store with Beau and oh my, I can’t wait til Christmas.  She loved it!
  19. Got to hang out with The Halls tonight.
  20. Beau can now name every member of the Hall family.
  21. Got a beautiful locket to keep Felix’s foot prints in.
  22. Kleenex with cooling sensations.
  23. No one was hurt when the car we were in started going in reverse when we were unloading the kids.
  24. We got our Jawbone Jambox and it sounds awesome.  We don’t have to listen to Christmas music through my computer speakers anymore and I can now play my iPhone in the car!
  25. Josh folded laundry for me while I was at my doctor’s appointment.
  26. I got a $20 gift card to Macy’s tonight.
  27. We have some very understanding friends.
  28. In bed before 10.

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