Day 115

I have been stuck on Daniel 6 for the past few days.  It’s the story of Daniel in the lions’ den.  A story I have heard a hundred times and told a hundred times, but this week I’ve seen some things about Daniel I’ve never noticed before.

Daniel was not in sin or disobedience to God when he was thrown into the den of hungry lions, he was doing what was right.  He was a man devoted to His relationship with God.  He spent time praising God and talking to God everyday.  His devotion to God was actually why he ended up in the den.

There are so many stories in the Bible that have a similar theme, a child of God is right in the middle of His will and then the next thing you know that child finds himself in a huge battle, a fierce storm, or a deep pit.

Every one, no matter how deeply devoted to God is going to have battles, storms, and pits of their own.  I love the example Daniel gave us of how to get out of those situations alive.

I always thought that God sent an angel to protect Daniel from the lions because Daniel was unjustly accused and because He was in right standing with God, but that’s not what did it.  Daniel’s last moments alive were not spent being eaten alive, because Daniel had great faith in God.

Hebrews 11:33 who through faith subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions,

“The power of God sent an angel to protect Daniel, in response to a prayer of faith…” (Guzik)

If you ever find yourself in a pit don’t expect to get out of it just because you are not in sin or just because it’s unfair that you ended up there.  If you want out, you have to have faith in the power of God.

Previous to the lion ordeal Daniel had been exercising his faith by praying and praising God everyday at least 3 times a day.  When the time came and he was tossed into the den, he knew what to do… Pray to the God who he had seen work before and trust that he would work again.  He knew the drill.

Think of a fire drill.  You practice the drill when there is no fire, so if a real fire were to happen you would know what to do.  Daniel did two things to drill his faith everyday.  He prayed and he gave thanks to God.  I love how these two things work together to strengthen faith.  Prayer strengthens faith because when we pray and ask God  for help, provision or for an answer and He gives it to us, our faith grows.  Praise strengths faith because when we begin to thank God for who He is and all of the amazing things He has done for us it reminds us of how faithful He is and that causes our faith grows.

Daniel showed me how important it is to have a faith drill everyday by praying and praising, so no matter what I come up against I will know what to do… I’ll make it through in one piece.

  1. Daniel 6.
  2. David Guzik’s commentary on Daniel 6.
  3. When we have faith in God we can make it through anything.
  4. Prayer & Praise builds faith.
  5. Small group brunch and fellowship today.
  6. The envelope of nice things my small group wrote about me.
  7. Learning about the strengths of my friends and sharing my strengths with them.
  8. Kristen sent me home with some delicious coffee cake.
  9. Josh took the kids to child care for me this morning so I had an hour all to myself.
  10. Josh helped me clean up after breakfast and helped Gus pick out his clothes for the day.
  11. Kids were happy, fed, and smarter when I picked them up from child care today.
  12. Lunchables.  Fast, easy and Gus thinks they are delicious.  Perfect for a peanut free zone.
  13. Beau set up little chairs for her Cinderella baby and Piglet and she told me they were at church.
  14. Gus got really into decorating the playroom window with Christmas window clings.  He was so proud of how he set it all up.
  15. Fake snow.  I said I wasn’t going to do it this year, but it’s so fun.  The playroom window looks very wintery!
  16. Beautiful weather.
  17. Really enjoyed being outside at the park playing Jake & The Neverland Pirates with Gus & Beau.
  18. Gus asked me to get a mistletoe so he can kiss me under it… guess what I’ll be shopping for tomorrow.
  19. Playing “guess what Christmas picture I drew” with Gus & Josh.
  20. Leftovers for dinner night.
  21. 20 something years ago today my sister in law Tosha was born!!
  22. Tosha makes my brother happy!  She has always been the one for him!
  23. Before I walked out of Gus’ room after tucking him in he told me I was the best mom ever.
  24. He also told me not to dream about toot buckets or poop soup… such a boy and I love it.
  25. I got to read my nephew Justin’s essay on finding Jesus in the Old Testament.  It was so good!
  26. Justin is writing essays on Jesus!  I love that He’s learning so much at ORU.
  27. Very relaxing, sleepy night watching Food Network with my favorite person.
  28. Gus is really into the advent calendar this year.  Wakes up and asks about it first thing every morning.

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