Day 106

Last night I listened to a message called “Having A Family That Changes The World” by Pastor Dennis Rouse.  In it he talked about how important it is to have a vision for your family.  As I thought about the different goals we have when it comes to our family and raising our children I was reminded of 5 words that God spoke to me in August of 2011, Teach them to be worshippers.

Every family has their own unique vision and goals, but teaching your kids to be worshippers is a goal all Christian parents should have.

I love the story in Matthew 21 where Jesus was in the temple healing the blind and the lame that came to Him.  There were children in the temple watching these miracles happen and they responded to what they saw with praise.  They began to shout, “Hosanna to the Son of David!”  Of course, the easily annoyed Pharisees were annoyed and they asked Jesus, “Do you hear what they are saying?”  Maybe they thought Jesus was hard of hearing.  Of course He heard them.  He responded,

“Yes. Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise’?”

Jesus was quoting Psalm 8:2, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

That’s some powerful stuff right there.  The words “hast thou ordained” mean to found, fix, establish, begin, to lay a foundation.  Every parent desires for their children to have a firm foundation when they leave the nest, but a lot of times they don’t know how to lay that foundation.  Good news for us, God gave the how to guide for pouring solid foundations is Psalm 8:2.  If you want your kids to have a firm foundation, teach them to be worshippers.  Children that are taught to worship God from a young age have a foundation of strength that can’t be manufactured any other way, and that strength is something they have to have to live a victorious life.

Your kids have an enemy, and if you want them to be able to still that enemy, you have to teach them to be worshippers.

My son Gus is an excellent communicator.  He has been saying full sentences since he was eighteen months old.  When he was two years old he began to stutter.  It was a really weird thing.  He went from talking perfectly one day to getting stuck on every word that came out of his mouth the next day.  I thought maybe he was just being silly, but after a few days of listening to him struggle and seeing the frustration on his face I knew it was an attack of the enemy.  Every time he started to stutter my husband would have him say “Jesus is Lord.”  Every day the stutter got better and within a week it was completely gone.  We did some research on stuttering and found out that it is common in little boys that talk early and can last 6 months to three years!  Praise God, that was not the case for Gus.  Out of his mouth came perfected praise and it stopped the enemy dead in his tracks.

It is never to early to start pouring a foundation of strength in your children.  Teach them to be worshippers!

  1. God reminded me how important is is to teach my children to be worshippers.
  2. My kids love to worship.
  3. Even at 2 years old the words out of Gus’ mouth stopped the enemy.
  4. Gus’ stutter completely disappeared after 6 days.  Glory to God!
  5. I got to share the story about the stutter with Gus today and talk to him about how important it is to worship the Lord.
  6. Beau asked me for a kiss this morning.
  7. Cut up grapefruit waiting for me this morning after my workout thanks to Josh.
  8. Josh made the kids breakfast and put away the clean dishes.
  9. Messy morning making turkeys, acorns and pilgrim hats out of cookies and candy.
  10. Gus was really into the crafting and Beau was really into the candy.  So they both had a good time.
  11. Found a new dress at Fossil for our family pictures tomorrow.  So thankful for the gift card Josh blessed me with yesterday.
  12. The sales associates at Fossil are always SO nice!  A lady today helped me pick out my dress, tights, and gave the kids tin watch boxes to keep them entertained.
  13. Gus told me I looked gorgeous when I put on my dress.
  14. I forgot the stroller and didn’t want to pay $7 to rent one and Gus & Beau did so good walking and staying close to me while I was shopping.
  15. I got to spend the last 6 days with Josh.  Every minute.  I loved it.  I missed him today.
  16. My house is clean, which will be nice to come home to after Thanksgiving break on Saturday.
  17. Leftover chili for dinner.
  18. I did some mending tonight… with a needle and thread instead of fabric glue.
  19. Thimbles!  How do people push needles through without them.
  20. Fun dinner telling Josh about all of the exciting adventures that happened while he was at work.  Including, losing Beau in the house for a good 5 minutes and Gus helping me get the trunk of the car unstuck from the garage door.
  21. Check book balanced.
  22. Cuties.  Those little clementines are good!
  23. My neighborhood is not being bombed right now.  Praying for Israel.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to be there right now.
  24. Beau is now saying “yep” and “nope” instead of yes and no.
  25. New fabric softener makes the whole house smell so clean.
  26. Hot tea and honey.
  27. Right after I finished writing my blog my computer locked up, but I did not lose my document.
  28. November 2012 is going to go down in the Blount family history books as one of the best months ever.

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