Day 107

A few days ago I really had Felix on my heart.  Now that his due date has passed everyonce in a while it hits me… he should be here.  If everything had gone the way we were expecting it to I would have a little newborn sleeping on me at Thanksgiving dinner in a few days.  When I get to missing him that way I go into my closet, get a little stool and get down his little white box that rests on the top shelf.  When we left the hospital they gave us the little white box and said they put a few mementos from his birth in it and we could look at it whenever we were ready.  A few days after the delivery I built up enough courage to open it up.  Inside I found his tiny footprints, a measuring tape to show how long he was, a little card with his weight and the time he was delivered on it, and a teeny tiny ring.  The other day when I was looking at it I got frustrated and thought to myself, “He wasn’t supposed to be put in a box.”  Right after that I heard God tell me that people put His son in a box all of the time.

He’s right.  So many people have Jesus in a pretty little white box and they only get it out and think about Him when they need something or when Christmas and Easter roll around.  Jesus shouldn’t be something hidden away on a top shelf that you just peek in at every once in a while to make you feel better about yourself.

Acts 17:28 for in Him we live and move and have our being…

It’s hard to live and move and exist in God if you’ve boxed up His son.  Jesus is not just for special occasions.  Jesus is not just for emergencies.  Jesus wants to be apart of your life, daily.

In the Lord’s prayer Jesus teaches the disciples to pray, “give us this day our daily bread.”  I love what my pastor just taught about that.  Jesus didn’t teach them to pray give us our monthly bread or our yearly bread, but our daily bread because he wanted them to make time to fellowship with the father every single day.

I am very grateful for my little white box and that I have something tangible to remember Felix by, but I would much rather have a son that I get to spend time with daily.  I can’t do that yet, but I can spend time with God’s son daily.  I can live and move and have my being in Him every single day.  Don’t put Jesus in a box, He deserves more than that.

  1. God sympathizes with me.
  2. God speaks to me, so sweetly.
  3. Jesus is apart of my daily life.
  4. Pastor Robert’s teaching on asking God for our daily bread.
  5. Safe trip to Tulsa today.
  6. Josh’s Christmas play list.  570 great songs!  I really enjoyed breaking that out today on the drive up.
  7. Bing Crosby.
  8. Nat King Cole.
  9. Burl Ives.
  10. Andy Williams.
  11. Brenda Lee.
  12.  Gene Autry.
  13. Beau will wear headphones now!  We got to enjoy our music and she got to enjoy Curious George.
  14. How happy Christmas music makes Josh.  It’s kind of adorable to see him get all giddy.
  15. Beau took a great nap this afternoon even with all the excitement of getting to nana & papas.
  16. Hideaway Pizza waiting for us when we got here.
  17. I got to see my sister Mindy today!
  18. My sister is a very busy photographer and designer and she made time to take our family pictures today.
  19. Mindy found a little wagon that was perfect for the kids at the shoot.
  20. Gus does not like getting his picture made, but he did so good today!
  21. Josh made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world today.
  22. Nana’s Christmas candles.
  23. Tulsa has a very distinct fall smell and I like it.
  24. There are leaves on the ground everywhere out here… I like that too!
  25. Taco Bueno!
  26. Josh got to go to the studio and start work on 2 new kid’s songs.
  27. Beau was playing baby dolls and singing “Jesus” to them before they went to sleep, just like I do with her.
  28. Christmas lights are going up all over the neighborhood.

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