Day 91

I still remember the night before my first born child started preschool.  Packing his lunch and laying out his first day of school outfit didn’t bother me, but when I got in bed that night it hit me.  My little buddy, the little blonde haired boy that had been with me everyday since the day he was born was starting school tomorrow.  It was only 5 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but still, I laid in bed with my husband and cried thinking about how the little boy I loved so much was growing up so fast.

Today, I taught the 5 year olds at church about Hannah.  Hannah was unable to have children and it was all she wanted.  One day she prayed, “O Lord of Heaven’s Armies, if you will look upon my sorrow and answer my prayer and give me a son, then I will give him back to you. He will be yours for his entire lifetime, and as a sign that he has been dedicated to the Lord, his hair will never be cut.”

God answered her prayer and gave her a son, Samuel.  Over the next three or four years she got to do what she had always wanted to do.  She got to be a mother.  She nursed him, changed him, rocked him, sang to him, taught him, kissed him, hugged him, bathed him, and loved him.

But the day came and Samuel was weaned.  (I’m sure Hannah “milked” that for as long as possible.)  Theologians believe Samuel was 3 or 4 years old when his mother took him to the tabernacle.  You know there were some tears shed that day.  Hannah probably cried herself to sleep the night before the big day and I’m sure Samuel cried when he realized his mamma was about to leave him.  I know my four year old would be doing some serious crying if I told him I was taking him to live with a stranger for the rest of his life.  What a sacrifice.  She was giving up her only child.  I can’t imagine how tough that had to have been.  But, the Bible says Hannah did something amazing after she left Samuel… she rejoiced!

1 Samuel 2:1-2 Then Hannah prayed: “My heart rejoices in the Lord!  The Lord has made me strong.  Now I have an answer for my enemies;  I rejoice because you rescued me.  No one is holy like the Lord!  There is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.

“She does not, and she can not, rejoice in the leaving of her son. But she can, and she does, rejoice in the Lord. In the most desperate situations, when we have nothing else to rejoice in, we can rejoice in the Lord.” – Guzik

I love that.  I’ve lived that.  I did not and could not rejoice in the death of my 17 week old son, but I can and did rejoice in the Lord. Even in the most desperate times, the hardest times, the scariest times, we can rejoice in the Lord.  Don’t let your circumstances keep you from doing that.  Remember, He makes you strong.  He gives you an answer for your enemies.  He rescued you and there is NO ONE like Him!

Hannah gave God her son and she gave Him her praise and in return He blessed her with three more sons and two daughters.  Not to mention Samuel went on to be a judge, a prophet, and has two books in the Bible named after him.  God is good and we can rejoice in him always… again I say rejoice.

  1. There is no one like my God!
  2. No matter how desperate our situation, we can still rejoice in the lord.
  3. Hannah inspired me today.
  4. God never goes into debt.  Hannah gave her a son, He gave her back 3.
  5. An extra hour of sleep.
  6. My kids both got an extra hour of sleep too!
  7. Woke up to the best looking 33 year old around.
  8. Breakfast and cartoons in bed with Gus & Beau.
  9. Had a very full, very fun 5 year old class at church today.
  10. Josh’s parents drove to Texas to surprise him for his birthday this afternoon!
  11. We kept it a surprise!
  12. Gus had so much fun surprising his dad.
  13. Josh liked the watch I bought him!
  14. He got some money from his parents and my parents to buy new shoes.
  15. Nana brought Josh a home made strawberry cake… it was delicious.
  16. Beni Hana for dinner!
  17. Gus was totally into the “ninja chef.”  He had so much fun wearing his hibachi hat and sitting by his dida.
  18. Beau made up for all of the missed meals last week.  She stuffed her little face with tons of fried rice.
  19. Yum Yum cake for second dessert… it was also delicious.
  20. Josh got blessed with some gift cards at church today to restaurants I like to eat at too.
  21. Beau is saying anything and everything!
  22. Beau’s new indian girl shirt.  She was extra adorable today.
  23. Josh got a nice looking hair cut from his dad.
  24. Papa got to read Gus bedtime stories tonight.
  25. Great praise and worship last night at church.
  26. Another great message on The Lord’s Prayer from Pastor Robert this weekend.
  27. Nana brought me some new makeup and a new eyeshadow brush.
  28. ONE WEEK til Disney World!

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