Day 92

Psalm 23:1-2 The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.  He lets me rest in green meadows…

The Lord is our shepherd, so that makes us his sheep.  What do sheep eat?  Sheep eat grass.  Where do you find grass?  A green meadow would be a great place to start.  But we are not actual sheep so we don’t eat grass, but we do need food.  In Matthew 4:4 Jesus tells us about the most important food we can ingest.  Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

As God’s sheep we can’t just live on bread, we need to be consuming God’s word.  We need to reading, studying, and speaking it every day.  My husband takes a vitamin called “perfect food” that has antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, probiotics and all kinds of other stuff that is supposed to be great for your body.  The Bible is perfect food for our spirits.  It has everything we need inside of it.

“The word of life is the nourishment of the new man- it is milk for babies, pastures for sheep, never barren, never eaten bare, never parched, but always a green pasture for faith to feed in.” (Henry)

God’s word is perfect food for anyone who picks it up.  There are things in it that feed the spirit of my 18 month old daughter, my four year old son, me, my husband, a new believer, Billy Graham or anyone else that takes it in.  It’s never barren.  The shelves in the Bible are never empty.  It can never be eaten bare.  You can never clean your plate when you read God’s word.  There’s always more to learn, more to consume.  Gods word is a green pasture where we can feed our faith.

The green pasture in Psalm 23:2 that our shepherd wants us to rest in is His word, the Bible.  The word “rest” in Hebrew means to lie down or recline.  It’s also the same word used to describe a four legged animal when it lies on its chest with its feet gathered up under it.  Don’t run through the green meadow of God’s word today.  Stop, lie down and rest in it.  Curl up in it.  He’s not rushing you along, He wants you to get full of His word and enter into His rest.  He’s your shepherd, He has all you need.  He has the perfect meal prepared for you each day, you just have to sit down, open the menu and order up.

  1. Psalm 23.  I think I had let myself become too familiar with that chapter.  Glad I took time to read it today.  It’s incredible.
  2. The Lord is my shepherd.
  3. He leads me to green pastures where I can eat and rest.
  4. God’s Word is perfect food.
  5. Kids slept in again… adjusting to the new time nicely!
  6. Gus and Beau got to spend time playing with Nana and Papa this morning.
  7. Papa treated us to… you guessed it… Whataburger!
  8. Gus eats hamburgers now!
  9. Beautiful weather.
  10. I saw a few orange trees today.
  11. Got lots of work done this afternoon.
  12. Spent time playing games with Gus before Beau woke up from her nap.
  13. My mom sent Beau a Cinderella baby doll, Mickey Mouse book and Gus some Jake & The Neverland Pirate toys and a DVD in honor of the Disney trip.  Can’t wait to give it to them on Sunday when we surprise them!
  14. My mom and dad sent me and Josh some spending money for our trip.  Just what we needed for the Very Merry Christmas Party tickets.
  15. My mom and dad also sent us a very sweet letter about Felix that I will keep forever.
  16. Got to take the kids shopping for Operation Christmas Child pack a shoebox this afternoon.  It was a fun way to teach Gus about giving.
  17. Found a video of kid’s opening the shoe boxes from Operation Christmas Child and got to show Gus how happy the little boy he packed a box for would be when he got his shoe box from him.  I could tell it touched his heart.
  18. Beau helped me pack a box for a two year old girl.  Lots of Cinderella stuff!
  19. God has blessed us so we can bless others.
  20. Quiet, relaxing evening to myself.
  21. Got my Christmas edition of “Real Simple” today!
  22. I have 7 days of blogs written (minus the lists) to post while we are on vacation next week.
  23. 30 years ago today my friend Briana was born!
  24. Left overs for dinner!
  25. One more piece of yum yum cake.
  26. God showed Josh some great verses tonight for our family.
  27. The Next Iron chef is back!
  28. Enjoyed cuddling with Josh on the couch and talking about our days.

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