Day 56

After coming home from a night shift a single mom with four kids ages twelve, eleven, five and three, laid down in her bed and cried out to God, “I know you have someone out there for me, send me someone that will love me and love my kids.”

Two years earlier she had to divorce her husband of 12 years and the father of those four children.  It was never the way she imagined her life would turn out.  But after the boy she fell in love with at college started using drugs, drinking, and cheating on her, she had to get out.  She kept her house and worked a full time job to keep up with payments.  Her littlest was only one, still in footsie pajamas when his dad left.  It had been a tough two years.  She knew that she wasn’t supposed to be single for the rest of her life.  She went on dates, but I’m sure finding a guy who wanted to marry a lady with four kids wasn’t exactly a piece of a cake.  So there, in her room, all alone, she told God she wanted to meet that “someone” that He had for her.

In the same city a man who had a five year old daughter and had also been divorced, was crying out to God too.  He painted planes for a living and about six months earlier a group of guys he worked with who were radically on fire for God told him God could help him with his failing marriage.  He decided to get saved, only to be told by some legalistic church that he wasn’t ready to give his life to God.  He came back to work and told his friends what the church told him, and they led Him to Christ right there, because they knew there is nothing you can do to get “ready” to be saved.  He told his wife that he was living for God and wanted her to come back and try to work things out, she declined.  They divorced shortly after.  One night he was reading a Bible his parents had given him for Easter and he got up, stood in a corner and cried out to God, “I’m tired of living like this.  I just want someone to love.  Bring my wife back or bring me someone new to love.”

A few weeks later at a country line dancing place, the single mom of four met the newly saved divorced man.   They danced and then went to breakfast and spent hours talking about God.  The man was hungry for the Holy Spirit, the woman grew up in church and was filled with the Holy Spirit, so they had a lot to talk about.  They both knew something “special” happened that night.

God heard the cry of the woman wanting someone to love her, and He heard the cry of the man wanting someone for Him to love.  He brought them together in, of all places, a country line dancing joint.

Just 2 months later that brave man married the single mom with the four kids.  They were now a party of 7!

That single mom was my mom and the brave man that married her was my dad.  They are celebrating 30 years of marriage today!  I’m so thankful that they cried out to God and that He heard them.

Jeremiah 33:3  Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.  

God wants us to call to Him, because He wants to work in our lives.  I’m glad my parents didn’t wish on a star, throw a penny into a well, or follow their horoscopes and expect something magical to happen.  They called out to the one true God and He answered them.  He showed them that special person they were both asking for.

If you need God to show you great and mighty things, call out to Him,  He promises that He will answer.  He can change your future, forever.

  1. My mom called out to God.
  2. My dad called out to God.
  3. God heard them!
  4. My dad fell in love with my mom and wanted to marry her even though she already had four kids!
  5. I got 5 siblings through my parents previous marriages.
  6. They decided to have more kids a few years after being married, me and my little brother made us a party of 9!
  7. My parents are celebrating 30 years of marriage today and 30 more to come.
  8. My mom shared that story with me a few months ago.
  9. I got to hear my dad tell his side of the story today.  It was so sweet hearing him get all choked up about it.
  10. My dad ended up getting filled with the Holy Spirit that he was so hungry for.
  11. The friends of my dad’s that were bold about Jesus and led him to the Lord and changed his life and my life forever.
  12. When someone cut in on my mom and dad’s first dance, my dad walked away, but my mom chased after him and they finished their first dance.
  13. God wants to show us great and mighty things in our future, we just have to call.
  14. Gus slept in again.. so me and Beau watched cartoons in bed this morning.
  15. Great class at church.  Teaching the 5 year olds that God hasn’t given them a spirit of fear.
  16. Beau’s hair was very sticky when we left church, she apparently got covered in bubbles.  She loves bubbles and she loves church!
  17. It was actually cold outside this morning.  Felt fall-ish.
  18. Relaxing, restful afternoon.  Pajamas, football, couch.
  19. Ice cream at Braum’s with one of our favorite family’s, the Halls.
  20. Fun at the park, burning off ice cream sugar highs.  Loved hearing all of our kids laugh and play together.
  21. The sun came out this afternoon.
  22. The really beautiful sun set.
  23. Listened to a great message tonight by Pastor Jimmy Evans on communication in marriage.
  24. Yogurt and almonds for dinner.  Nice not having to cook or do dishes.
  25. Check book balanced, bills paid!
  26. Took a short football break to watch “The Great Food Truck Race” finale on Food Network tonight.
  27. My Grandpa Wagner went to heaven two years ago today.  I know he’s held Felix in the football hold.
  28. Getting in bed early!

One thought on “Day 56

  1. livingonaprayerandateacherssalary says:

    So awesome to hear more about Steve and Marilyn’s love story. I’ve heard bits and pieces before. I love how God works! Love you!

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