Day 57

My kids are asleep every night by eight o’clock, and that’s the way it’s been since they were newborns.  So we rarely leave the house later than seven, therefore my kids rarely see nighttime.  A few days ago I went to see a movie with my four year old Gus and we didn’t get out of the movie until almost nine.  When we got outside he asked me why the sky looked so ugly and black.  I told him it was just dark.  The moon and stars were hiding behind clouds, so it was extra dark, but once we started driving home he noticed something.

He couldn’t believe how bright the traffic lights shined.  The same signs that he had seen plenty of times during the day, he really noticed in the dark.  It was pretty much like Vegas to him.

When he was talking about all the bright lights, this verse dropped into my heart.

Psalm 112:4 Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness; He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.

The traffic lights don’t change the amount of light they put off once it gets dark outside, they shine the same green, yellow, and red throughout the entire day, but the darker it gets the brighter they seem to shine.  Just like stars.  They don’t actually shine brighter out in the country, you can just see them better out there because there is more darkness.

God never changes.  He is always gracious, He is always full of compassion, He is always righteous, but if you turn to Him when you are surrounded by darkness (and yes, even the upright will go through dark times) He will shine brighter than you’ve ever noticed Him shining before.  You’ll see His grace like never before, you’ll feel his compassion like never before, and you’ll be more grateful than ever before that you serve a righteous God.

I’m thankful light arose for us in the darkness and the same light that shined so brightly 3 months ago, is still shining for us today.  John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it!

He is light in the light and He is light in the dark.

  1. Light shines in the darkness for the Godly!
  2. Light shines in the light for the Godly!
  3. Jesus is always gracious, compassionate, and righteous.
  4. Light is so very useful when trying to find your way out of the dark.
  5. “Light Will Shine” by Hillsong United.
  6. Good Bible time this morning with Gus & Beau.  I love little hearts hungry for God.
  7. Found a song to help Gus memorize The Lord’s Prayer.
  8. Lunch at In-N-Out with my favorite little boy and little girl.
  9. Beautiful, beautiful weather today!  We were able to enjoy our lunch outside!
  10. Petland.  Conveniently located near In-N-Out.  I love going to look at puppies.
  11. Great time at Toys R Us shopping for birthday presents.
  12. God used my post yesterday to encourage a single mom!
  13. God put the song “With Everything” on my heart today for our city.  Makes a beautiful prayer.
  14. Got to talk with Josh for a few minutes before the kids woke up and the day officially started.
  15. It’s October!!!  I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’m happy about it.
  16. My sister-in-law Brooke was born 30 something years ago today.  She is the sweetest sister-in-law I could ask for, and I’ve always admired her love for and devotion to God.
  17. God healed my mother-in-law, Brooke was a miracle baby!
  18. Spent the afternoon making Super Hero, Star Wars, & Halloween cookies with Gus.
  19. My kitchen got very messy, and messy means fun when you are making cookies with a four year old.
  20. I found a great sugar cookie recipe that doesn’t require the dough to be refrigerated before you can roll it out for cookie cutters.
  21. My mom’s icing recipe.  So easy, and actually tastes good.
  22. Played out in the backyard for a long time this afternoon and never got hot!
  23. Breakfast for dinner.
  24. Bike ride after dinner.
  25. Josh sowed some serious seed tonight.  Missing the Cowboys game to provide child care for the classes at church tonight.  He never even complained about it!
  26. I told Beau I loved her tonight and she said, “I love you too.”  It was the best thing I heard all day!
  27. Josh took time to call me after work, before he went to the church.  I enjoyed getting to catch up with him.
  28. Lots of little people clothes to fold and put away tonight.  I’m so blessed.

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