Day 55

Last night I had the privilege of going out on a date with my four year old son Gus.  He is quite the little charmer.  He took me to Whataburger, which is one of his favorite restaurants, and then we went to the movies.  I loved having that special one on one time with him.  I also have an 18 month old Daughter, Beau, so most of the time my attention is divided between the two of them.  Gus loves to talk.  He’s a bit of a chatter box actually, and I don’t always get to listen attentively like I got to listen to him last night.  After we left the restaurant (probably more of a fast food establishment than a restaurant , but whatever) we were driving to the movie and he said, “It’s different when Beau’s not around, isn’t it?”

My husband also had a date last night.  He took Beau to the mall and to get a cupcake.  He said he could tell she noticed it was different too, with it being just her and her dad.

Kids need that one on one time with their parents.  They desire it.  They like to know that they have your undivided attention.  Of course, they need time with the entire family too, but there is something special that happens when you can get them away from their siblings and just focus on them.

I think God is the same way.  He wants one on one time with His children.  He wants to get us away from everything and everyone so we can focus on Him and He can focus on us.  Most Christians make time to go to church, and that’s great.  I love the local church, but that’s not the one on one time God is looking to spend with you.  One on one time is when it is just you and God.

Mark 1:35 In the morning, long before sunrise, Jesus went to a place where he could be alone to pray. 

Even Jesus had to get away so he could have one on one time with His father.

Once the sun rises my kids are up and going full speed almost all day, so I like to have my one on one time with God early in the morning before anyone else is up.. including the sun.   It’s amazing how refreshed and recharged I feel after that quality time with God.  He made us to need that time with Him.

When we spend one on one time with God He will give us revelation that we need personally.  He’ll speak to the secrets of our heart.  He will focus in on our needs for the day.  When we give Him our undivided attention He gives us His.  Don’t let a day pass without one on one time with your Father.

  1. One on one time with my Father.
  2. The way God ministers to me personally each morning.
  3. One one one time with my kids.
  4. The way God uses my kids to teach me things about Him.
  5. Gus slept in, til 8!  That’s a record for him.
  6. Relaxing, rainy day!
  7. Grocery shopping with my favorite grocery shopper, Beau.
  8. Fridge is full, pantry is full!
  9. Gus re-discovered his robot magnets.  Played with them all morning.
  10. Baking soda.  Is there anything that stuff can’t do?!
  11. Good, painful workout.  I like when I can tell I’m not waisting my time.
  12. After getting Gus some football cards he’s decided he wants to be a pastor and a line backer when he grows up.
  13. The house smelled amazing all afternoon as the crock pot was working on dinner.
  14. Gus’ old clothes are tearing it up on e-bay!
  15. Beau took a great nap.
  16. Beau is finally back!!  She’s feeling good and being sweet again!!  I missed her!!
  17. Our back fence is being replaced with a stone wall by our town.  That’s going to make the neighborhood look so much nicer.
  18. Josh gave me some advice about helping Gus with his homework and it helped so much!
  19. If you haven’t left your burden with the Lord after you have prayed, all you have done is griped. -Pastor Robert Morris.
  20. Delicious dinner!
  21. I picked out my clothes for church in 1 minute.  It’s nice having some new stuff to choose from.  Last week it took me about 30 minutes to find something to wear!
  22. God showed me some things to pray over the city of Frisco during worship.
  23. Pastor Robert’s message on “The Person of Prayer”  was so GOOD!
  24. Gus asked me why it was called the red sea when it looked like a blue sea.
  25. Beau looked adorable tonight in her little corduroy bubble skirt.  She knew she did too.
  26. Josh helped me get the kids into church and walked us out with an umbrella afterward.
  27. Lazy night hanging out with Josh and catching up on some shows.
  28. Beau likes having her picture taken!  Gus has to be bribed or threatened to get him to take a nice picture.

One thought on “Day 55

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    When you wrote this about prayer, it is exactly what the devotional from The Assemebly was about last Tuesday through Friday. It spoke how Jesus got up before dawn and spent hours in prayer and sometimes he would pray all night. It referred to a verse in Psalm 55:17 Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and He will hear my voice. Our last nine weeks of sermons has been about THIS IS HOW WE CONQUER. The theme of these sermons has been that as we pray and praise God, the supernatural empowers the natural and this is how we conquer. It is good to know that God is always ready and willing to listen to us. Love you so much. Thanks for sharing your heart for the Lord.

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