Day 288

Gus’ Aunt Mindy got him his very first Lego set for his birthday.  He was so excited to put it together he could hardly wait for me to finish unpacking when we got home from Tulsa on Saturday.  He probably asked me 15 times in 30 minutes if I was ready to help him with it yet.

When I finally was ready to help him with it, we opened the box and dumped out 65 little pieces onto our coffee table.  We were supposed to take all of those pieces that did not resemble a race car in any way and turn them into exactly that,  a race car.

Thankfully, we had steps.  9 steps that told us exactly what to do, when to do it, and with what pieces to do it with.  Suddenly, all of the little pieces laying on the table didn’t seem as intimidating anymore.

We started with the first step and everything was going great until we reached the last step and realized we had three leftover legos that were not supposed to be leftover.  Somewhere in the middle we had skipped a step.  To make the car right we had to undo steps 7-10, go complete step 6, and then redo steps 7-10 again.

As I was walking and praying around the trail at the park this morning while the kids were playing I spoke a scripture over our family that I have spoken many times, but this time it really seemed to come alive.

Psalm 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…

God has a step by step instructional guide designed just for my life.  He knows what the finished project is supposed to look like and how all of the pieces are supposed to fit together.  No one else has my same instructional guide with my exact same steps in the exact same order as mine.  If I were to take your instructional guide and try to put my pieces together with it, it wouldn’t work.  We each have our own unique pieces because God made us to be unique finished projects, so we must go by the unique God ordered steps He has planned for us.

God wants to make things easy for me and you.  He wants to speak to us and tell us exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  Don’t get in too big of a hurry that you skip a step and have to go back and undo and redo and cost yourself more time.  Slow down, and listen carefully as he wants to share his steps with you.  He doesn’t want you to be intimidated looking at all of the pieces that need to be put together, He wants you to trust in Him and know that He doesn’t just order your steps, but He delights in every detail of your life.

When we got our Lego race car all put together it was so satisfying.  I don’t know if I could have ever figured it out if not for the 9 steps.  God wants you to live a satisfied life, a life that is satisfying to you and a life that is satisfying to Him.  Follow the steps He has taken the time to order for you and be satisfied and satisfying along the way!

  1. My steps are ordered of the Lord!
  2. He delights in ordering my steps.
  3. Thanks to our Lego project I’ll never look at Psalm 37:23 quite the same.
  4. My instruction manual is unique to me.
  5. Treated the little birthday boy to pancakes for breakfast this morning!
  6. The internet!  Ours was out almost all day.  I never realized how much I depend on it for work.
  7. Enjoyed our time at the park today.  Glad I got to walk a little and pray a little and watch the kids all at the same time.
  8. Beau got to see lots of puppy dogs at the park today and that made her one very happy little girl.
  9. KBM had a great weekend in Amarillo!
  10. Only 2 more days of school left for Gussy.
  11. Crinkle cut fries and cherry lime aide from Braums.
  12. Gus got to use his new wallet and spend some of his birthday money at Target.  He really enjoyed the whole process.
  13. He brought his tithe from his birthday money to church on Sunday and when we got to Target to shop today we found the last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle guy left of the shelves and it was a few dollars off.  He got to see firsthand how God blesses us when we give!
  14. Fridge & Pantry are full!
  15. The watermelon Papa sent us home with is delicious.
  16. The predicted tornadoes stayed away from our families in Tulsa last night.
  17. Oklahoma is such a great state.  I’m very proud to have been born and raised there.  I know they will unite and help all of the people affected by the tornadoes in Moore.
  18. God can turn something devastating into something beautiful.
  19. We let Gus choose any restaurant he wanted for his birthday dinner.  He chose La Hacienda!  I’ll take that over Chuck E Cheese any day.
  20. Chips & salsa!
  21. Awesome steak fajitas.
  22. The wait staff sang happy birthday to Gus and brought him a huge brownie covered in ice cream!  He loved all of it.
  23. Beau had me laughing so hard at dinner it hurt.
  24. I thought I was going to have to go to Starbucks to check my email and publish my blog tonight, but right before I left the internet started working again!
  25. My babies are safe and sound in their peace filled rooms tonight.
  26. Gus has a good face time phone call with Nana & Papa today.
  27. Beau got really quiet while I was unloading the groceries so I went looking for her hoping she wasn’t coloring on a wall or something… I found her snuggled up, reading her Bible.  So sweet!

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