Day 157

ESPN has a series called “30 for 30” that features documentaries about interesting sports stuff.  My husband and I always look forward to watching them together.  A few weeks ago we saw one called “You Don’t Know Bo” about one of the most amazing athletes of all time, Bo Jackson.

I had heard of Bo Jackson… in fact, I can still remember the “Back in Black” poster my big brother had of him hanging in his room, and I remember the “Bo Knows” TV ads, but I had never heard his story.

He’s legendary.  Like Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill.  He was an insanely gifted athlete.  There are urban legends about him jumping over cars, doing a back flip out of a pool, and dunking a stick.  I’m not sure if those are true or not, but I am sure that he was drafted in the second round by the Yankees out of high school, but decided to go to college and play football instead.  He went on to win the Heisman and was the first, first round draft pick in the 1986 NFL draft.  But he decided he would rather play baseball instead and he dominated.  The next year he decided to play BOTH professional football and baseball and he was extremely successful in BOTH… so not easy to do!

In 1990 during a play off game Bo Jackson injured his hip, and his career was over… just like that.  He never won a championship.  He’s not in the hall of fame for either sport.  He doesn’t hold many records nor did he win any major awards as a pro athlete.

When people think of Bo Jackson they can’t help but wonder, “what if?”  What if his career wasn’t cut short by that fluke injury?  What could he have gone on to do in the world of sports?  Because we only had him at his full power for a fleeting moment, the legend of Bo Jackson forces us to continue dreaming, perpetually wondering about what else he might have done that would cause us to marvel. (Michael Bonfiglio)

When I read the story of Sampson today it made me wonder the same thing.  What else might he have done?  Sampson was an insanely strong man.  He ripped the jaw of a lion in half with his bare hands, he slayed thousands of Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey, he carried on his shoulders the gates of Gaza, he caught 300 foxes and tied them together by their tails- and these aren’t urban legends, this stuff really happened!  God had given Sampson a real and special gift of strength.  He could have gone down in the Bible as one the greatest men in the Old Testament, but instead he’s remembered for sleeping with a prostitute, having his eyes gouged out and killing himself along with more Philistines as he brought down the temple’s roof.

I think God had more for him.  I’m sure it was not God’s plan for Sampson’s life to end so tragically.  There was so much potential greatness in him that just went to waste, all because of disobedience.

We all have the potential to do something great for the Kingdom of God, but we also have the potential to fall short.  I don’t want to look back on my life and wonder what else I might have been able to do had I not wasted my potential.  People so often end up in that situation.  They let disobedience take them down the wrong path, not realizing that ignoring God’s voice and not following the plan He had for their life is just as harmful for them as sleeping with a gold digging harlot was for Sampson.

Sampson was the great conqueror who never allowed God to properly conquer him. (Guzik)  Let God have full rule and reign in your life so no one ever has to wonder what might have been… including yourself.  Live up to the God given potential you have inside of you.  Do ALL that he created you to do!

  1. We all have the potential to do great things for God.
  2. If we incur a “spiritual injury” our career doesn’t have to end.  God is THE healer.
  3. The reminder to dream big!
  4. I go to start my day worshipping with my church.  It was neat knowing there were fellow Gateway goers up early and praying at the same time that I was.
  5. A clean house!
  6. My oven is the cleanest it’s ever been!
  7. The Muppet Movie showed us how fun cleaning to “We Built This City” is… very!
  8. Got to stream the First Conference last night and hear a great message on Grace by Max Lucado.
  9. Another rainy, rainy day.
  10. 22 new books from the library.
  11. The excitement my kids get out of pushing the button on the elevator.
  12. Beau took an extra long nap this afternoon.
  13. Enjoyed spending time with Gus reading a bunch of his new library selections.
  14. The income I am able to contribute to our family.
  15. Josh brought home some cookies for Tiff’s Treats for the kids.
  16. Playing with Beau and her baby Cee Cee this morning.
  17. That Beau named her baby Cee Cee.
  18. Power nap with Josh on the couch.
  19. Subway for dinner!
  20. Since Beau took a long nap I felt good about going to our First Conference at church.  Kids both did great having to stay out a little later than they are used to.
  21. Beau’s adorable outfit tonight.
  22. Got to hear Andy Andrews tonight.  I love his heart for family.
  23. Worship tonight was SO good.
  24. Good word from Pastor Randy… ministered to me and gave me some material for one of my blogs tomorrow!
  25. The kids team who served the past four nights of the conference!
  26. Gus thinks I’m pretty cool because I can draw The Backson from Winnie The Pooh.
  27. Beau asked me to sing The Backson Song from Winnie The Pooh and I told her I didn’t know the words… Gus told her he knew the words and sang her the whole song… word for word!  It was awesome.

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