Day 14

Yesterday on the way to church when it started to rain I began talking about the different kinds of days.. sunny, rainy, windy, snowy.  I told Gus my favorite days were fall days.  When the air is just a little chilly.  I asked him what his favorite kind of day was and he said, “my favorite day is whatever day I’m in.”

What a great way to look at life.  If you know Gus, you know that’s how he really is.  He has an awesome day every day, no matter what the weather looks like!  When he said that I immediately thought of Psalm 118:24 This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.  

I’m a planner.  So I’m always looking to see what’s coming up next.  I actually have a “Days Until” app on my phone that counts down the days to things I’m looking forward to.  3 days until our getaway, 16 days until school starts, 77 days until Josh’s birthday, 84 days until Disneyworld, and 128 days until Christmas!  And while I think it’s good to have things to look forward to I also know God wants us to enjoy THIS day.  To rejoice and be happy about IT.  I loved Gussy’s statement.  It challenged me to live in the moment and make every day my favorite day!

  1. The reminder from my 4 year old to make everyday my favorite day.
  2. For the passion and excitement Gus has for each day.
  3. Dinner on the couch with Josh last night after the kids went to bed.
  4. Me (in heels!) and Gus and Beau running to the car without an umbrella getting soaked yesterday leaving Target.  Both kids were laughing so hard.
  5. The awesome, awesome praise and worship at church this weekend.  I love how quickly the presence of God fills that room.
  6. My sister came to church with me this weekend! (she’s in Tulsa so she had to stream, but still, she came!)
  7. That my Pastor brings it every weekend!
  8. That instead of saying “yes” Beau says “uh-huh!”
  9. The beautiful morning.
  10. Slept so good it took me a while to figure out what day it was when my alarm went off this morning.
  11. We had nineteen in the five year old class today learning God’s word!
  12. Gus & Beau go crazy when they see Josh at church.
  13. Our new church campus in North Fort Worth opened this weekend and it was packed!
  14. Gus said his spider senses were tingling while he ate his spiderman shaped mac-n-cheese.  It was probably just the MSG.. he’s not used to it.
  15. Walking up to church this morning- Beau holding one hand, Gus holding the other.
  16. Gus’ skinny jeans.
  17. Leftovers for dinner night.
  18. God can be trusted to keep His promises (Hebrew 10:23)
  19. Josh trusts me to manage our finances.
  20. AFV Sunday nights!
  21. I have an extra key to my filing cabinet.  The other one is missing and Beau won’t tell me where she put it.
  22. Gus going through Josh’s toolbox tonight on the patio.  Getting out every piece and trying to figure out how they all work.
  23. Josh continued his labor of love and got a lot done on the swing set tonight.
  24., for all the people they are reaching worldwide, but specifically for some of my family in Tulsa.  I love to hear Pastor Craig’s messages and know they are getting good teaching on Sundays.
  25. Fun filled food network watchin’ night with my favorite person on the planet… Josh!
  26. God is using this blog to encourage other families who have lost precious babies.
  27. When Gus goes through all the words and animal sounds Beau knows with her. “Beau can you say….”
  28. My laptop.  I can write all over the house!

2 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    I read your comment on how you remember certain things. I remember when Dr Vammen told me that I was going to have you too. I also remember when the Holy Spirit told me to tell your Dad, “Don’t forget about Sarah”:. He wanted your Dad to know that he was going to have a girl. We didn’t know, but God told me. Your Dad fell in love with you the minute he first saw you, and of course I loved you even before you were born. I always thought you were the most beautiful baby.

    Today at church our pastor was still preaching on How We Conquer. He made it so clear about how praise is so important. He says praying and praising God even the midnight hour like Silas and Paul, will cause the chains that bind others to fall just by them hearing our praises. Even through your recent difficulty, you have been praising God in the midnight hour and you have now been loosening the chains on those who are reading your blog.

    Love you so much.

    • sarahbblount says:

      Love that mom! Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. It always makes me feel so loved and special when you tell the story of God
      Telling you you were going to have a girl. And I know God have me this idea to do what your Pastor was talking about. I can’t wait to read Paul and Silas from that point of view. Love you!

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