Day 173

I bet we are the first group of human beings to have an abbreviated way of saying “Too Much Information” because we are the first group of humans to need one, due to the fact that we are bombarded with too much information every single day!

Facebook is a perfect example.  People are constantly sharing too much information.  Weather it’s updating their status every 15 minutes or getting really personal and letting everyone know that they thew up last night.  Either way… T.M.I.

Last week I was leaving a women’s event at my church when I felt like God told me the reason I was feeling stressed was because  of “too much information.”

After a lot of prayer and a lot of time spent seeking God, Josh and I felt peace about me getting pregnant again this year.  After delivering still born last July, we did not want to move forward without confirmation from God on the timing of everything.  He spoke to us several months ago about beginning the process in the new year, so as soon as 2013 started I started going down this road of gathering information.

After about a year of trying to get pregnant with our first born we discovered I needed some help ovulating.  Same was true with my second.  So that being the case and me being a person who likes to study at the first of the month I began to visit websites and message boards to make sure I was doing everything I needed to do on the right days and at the right times so we would be able to get pregnant right away.  I was reading about signs of ovulation and early signs of pregnancy and progesterone levels and basal body temperatures and all kinds of information… too much information!

In my heart I knew all of the information I had didn’t really matter because God’s plan is perfect, but I just couldn’t help myself.  When God dropped the “T.M.I.” warning into my heart I began to realize that it will happen when God wants it to… even if I have missed some crucial article about the best food to eat when trying to conceive!

After that I decided to stop researching, to stop googling everything I was curious about and to just rest in the promises of God and enjoy the process.  I felt the stress leave the very next day!

With the answers to everything we are curious about just a click away you would think that life would be simpler and less stressful, but in reality sometimes it’s just too much information.  For now, this is all the information I need.

Isaiah 30:15 (MSG) Your salvation requires you to turn back to me and stop your silly efforts to save yourselves.  Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me—

  1. My much less stressful week!
  2. God’s TMI warning.
  3. His timing is perfect!
  4. His timing with Gus was perfect!
  5. His timing with Beau was perfect!
  6. His timing with the next pregnancy will be perfect!
  7. Beau had her best potty training day yet!!
  8. Her first words this morning “I need to go potty!”
  9. Walked around the mall and went out to eat and she went potty on big potties and stayed dry the whole time.
  10. Finally went #2 in the potty.  (Sorry, that’s TMI right?)
  11. Friday afternoon movie featuring Air Bud!
  12. I LOVE having a sweet little boy to cuddle up with and watch cheesy movies starring animals with.
  13. Gus was very impressed by Air Bud’s basketball skills.
  14. Josh made a temporary coffee table out of his weight bench so we would be more cozy for our movie upstairs.
  15. Power nap.
  16. When leftovers are even better than second time.
  17. Found some Grinch PJs for Gus that he can wear next year for Christmas and they were more than half off.
  18. Got a cute little necklace with a Macy’s gift card I got for Christmas…also marked wayyy down!
  19. Tasty Garden for tasty chinese food.
  20. My Canadian friends Cathy & Allie are celebrating their birthdays today.
  21. Beau wanted to wear a necklace to go out tonight.
  22. The sweet, handwritten note I got in the mail from my niece Courtney.
  23. The afghan quilt Monner’s made us.
  24. The conversation I heard between Gus & Beau while she was taking a bath and he was brushing his teeth.  They are funny.
  25. A naked Beau running out of the bathroom into the room I was in and yelling “Surprise!!!”  Just another exciting Friday night with the fam.
  26. My well of wisdom mother in law has a new series on the accomplished woman available to download.  Lots of women have already purchased it and it excites me knowing they get a piece of what I have access to all of the time!
  27. Josh let me sleep on his shoulder most of the night while I was supposed to be watching a show with him… I started falling asleep at 9!

One thought on “Day 173

  1. Shannon says:

    I love to research and learn, as well. But like you’re saying, I have noticed that it actually increases my stress. This world we live in is like no other, with all the information we are bombarded with. That’s why I decided to take a break from Facebook for January, and it’s been a good thing. These tools we have, have many benefits, but there is a balance between reading all the news, sharing all of our news (social media), learning new things, and living life. Hopefully I’m getting better at it. 🙂

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