Day 59

Anybody remember that episode of “The Simpsons” where Bart and Lisa see a commercial for a water park called Mount Splashmore and they decide they have to go?  I saw it when I was younger (don’t worry, I don’t watch the show anymore!) and I can still hear them asking their dad, “Will you take us to Mount Splashmore?  Will you take us to Mount Splashmore? Will you take us to Mount Splashmore?” over and over and over and over again, until finally he says he will take them if they will stop asking.  He gives in to their persistence.

There’s a story in the Bible that Jesus told about a persistent man, to make a point about persistent prayer.  The man’s friend shows up at his house from out of town and he’s tired and hungry.  The man is completely out of bread, so he decides to go ask his neighbor for some… at midnight!

When the man gets to the neighbor’s house he is of course sleeping and so are all of his kids.  To get up and give this guy bread is going to totally wake up his whole family and who knows how long it will take before they all fall back asleep.  So inconvenient.  Does the neighbor get up to give this guy the bread he needs?

Luke 11:8-9 I tell you, although he will not get up and supply him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his shameless persistence and insistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs. So I say to you, Ask and keep on asking and it shall be given you;.. 

He does!  Not because they are friends, but because of the neighbor’s shameless persistence.  He was kind of like Bart and Lisa.

Lots of people read this story and think God was like the neighbor in bed that didn’t want to get up and give the guy the bread he needed, but Jesus isn’t comparing himself to the neighbor in bed, He’s contrasting Himself to him.

He’s not a reluctant neighbor that we have to annoy with shameless persistence.  He’s a willing father who hears our prayers and wants to meet every single one of our needs.  He let’s us know it’s okay to ask and to keep on asking.

Persistence helps us to hold on tightly to the things God has placed on our hearts to pray for- lost loved ones, healing, being debt free, finding a spouse, or whatever.  Pray as long as it takes.  Don’t feel like you are bothering God.  He’s not Homer Simpson.  He’s not the man who doesn’t want to get out of bed to help you.  He’s a good God who keeps His door open to you at all times.

Be persistent and keep praying faith filled prayers to a God who is willing to meet your needs and IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU!

  1. The reminder to be persistent!
  2. That God is not annoyed by us being persistent, but tells us to ask and keep asking.
  3. We prevail with men by importunity because they are displeased with it, but with God because He is pleased with it! – Matthew Henry
  4. God is ready to do good for us and always leaves His door open.
  5. Beau giving Gus hugs this morning.  It’s adorable seeing her pudgy arms wrapped around his waste.
  6. Great time of prayer and fellowship in small group.
  7. I was so encouraged today by the words my friends spoke to me and prayed over me.
  8. The church provides a fun couple of hours of free entertainment for my kids so I can be involved in a small group.
  9. Got to see Josh for a few minutes when I picked up the kids.  He had all of the 3 through 5 year olds laughing and being very silly.
  10. I got lots of hugs from the kids in child care today that I teach on Sunday.
  11. Relaxing, yet productive afternoon.
  12. All packed for Tulsa!
  13. I am proud to say I know what a Wampa is and Gus thinks I’m a pretty cool mom because of that.
  14. The Lizard (me) was turned back into Dr Connors (me again) when Spiderman (Gus) brought the “potion” down to the sewer and rescued Gwen Stacy (Beau)
  15. My entire couch was covered with action figures this afternoon.  Gus played so contently and intensely while I worked.
  16. Decided not to cook tonight.. Yay for fast food.
  17. I never want a whole soda, just a sip.  Gus let me have 5 sips of his root beer tonight.
  18. Andy Andrews article on how he watches T.V. with his family.  Love this idea!
  19. Found Beau’s baby doll in the washing machine.
  20. Peanut M&Ms.
  21. My friend Kristen loaned me her Prayer of Jabez book.  Can’t wait to start it!
  22. Beau now says “Awwwww” anytime she thinks anything is cute or sweet.
  23. Extra long loofah = extra clean back.
  24. My friend Julie shared how she was incorporating prophetic words spoken over her family into her prayer time.  I’m going to do the same thing.
  25. Josh and I got to watch our new favorite show together tonight.
  26. Someone figured out how to chart Basal Body Temperature.
  27. Someone made an app for charing Basal Body Temperature.  So much easier than tracking it on a piece of paper like I did in the “old” days.. 5 years ago.
  28. Gus busted out with the pledge of allegiance to the Bible today in the car.  He said he learned it at school.  Awesome!