Day 221

I’m sure at some point while you were growing up you asked a Magic 8 Ball for some guidance.

Will so and so ask me to the dance?  Is it certain.

Will I make the cheerleading squad?  My sources say no.

Am I getting a new walkman for my birthday?  Ask again later.

Not real reliable the old Magic 8 Ball.

In Exodus 28:30 you can read about the Urim and the Thummim, which were dice like objects used to determine the Lord’s will for His people… sort of like a Magic 8 Ball, only not magic and always accurate.

Bible scholars describe the dice as being four sided- 2 sides with the word yes, and 2 sides with the word no.  If God’s people needed guidance they could ask the Lord a question, cast the objects and get their answer.  2 Yes’s meant, it is certain.  2 No’s meant, my sources say no.  1 Yes and 1 No meant, ask again later.

It would be pretty sweet if I had Urim and Thummim I could carry around in my purse.  I would use it all of the time.  Do these jeans look good on me?  Are we going to get pregnant this month?  Is my husband going to be late for dinner?  A pair of loaded dice like that could really come in handy!

God doesn’t use the Urim and Thummim to speak to His people anymore, but He does still speak and He does it in an even better way.  When Jesus left the earth He let us know that He wasn’t leaving us alone.  The Holy Spirit was coming to be our helper. He replaced the need for a set of loaded dice.  When we have questions and we need to hear from God, we have direct access to His Spirit.  Can you imagine how hard it would be to hear from God if all we had was one pair of dice for everyone on earth?  The waiting list to get a meeting with the priest in possession of those things would be impossible to get on.  The Holy Spirit however, is available for anyone, anytime.

John 16:13 (NLT) When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.  He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard.  He will tell you about the future.  

To not ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and answers to your questions is like having a pair of loaded dice and never throwing them out there.

So often we want our pastor, our spouse, our councilor, our parents, or whoever to hear God for us, forgetting that the one with all of the accurate answers wants to speak directly to us.  Remember, prayer is not just you talking to God it’s you listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you.  God wants to speak, but YOU have to throw the dice.

Proverbs 16:33 We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall.

  1. The Holy Spirit!
  2. The very Spirit of God lives in us and wants to speak to us.
  3. The Holy Spirit is always accurate!
  4. Pastor Bob Yandian.  Great Pastor and Bible teacher.
  5. Josh let me sleep in!
  6. Fridge and pantry are full!
  7. Gateway Frisco sent us home with a Hunger Pak last weekend and we got to fill it full of food for the Children’s Hunger Fund.
  8. We are blessed and can bless others!
  9. Beau was extra sweet and patient for our extra long grocery shopping trip.
  10. The sweet lady behind me while I was checking out that told me how smart Beau was and that I didn’t look old enough to have a 4 and 2 year old.  Kind words go along way in brightening someone’s day!
  11. 5% off every Target purchase.  Saved $20 today!
  12. The boys spend the morning doing yard work together.
  13. Gus & Josh’s lemonade after yard work tradition.
  14. Got a lot of work done this afternoon while Beau was napping.
  15. When I went to wake Beau up I found her in her closet reading books.  She’s so CUTE!
  16. Beautiful, beautiful day!
  17. First grilling out night of the year.
  18. The smell of hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill.
  19. The kids were so happy to get to sit at the little picnic table under their swing set together.
  20. The burger Josh made me was delicious!
  21. Braum’s for dessert.
  22. Josh and I needed God to answer a question for us tonight, so we asked and right away He answered.
  23. Josh did bath time, book time, and bed time without me so I could have some time to get the bills paid and check book balanced.
  24. The Halls got their house rented out!
  25. Enjoyed my night with Josh laughing and watching our favorite shows together.
  26. Surprise check in the mail.
  27. Worked our little tails off today and tomorrow we sabbath!

Day 89

Josh and I have been watching “The Men Who Built America” on the History channel.  It’s a series about some of the most influential business men in America’s history.  Guys like Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Vanderbilt.  It’s pretty interesting, all though some what disturbing how greed, power, and money were what fueled most of them.

Cornelius Vanderbilt was born in 1794 and when he died in 1877 he had the largest fortune in the U.S.  He bought a sail boat at the age of 16 and by  the time he was 40 he had turned that one sailboat into a fleet of over 100 steam boats and he was worth several million dollars.  He didn’t stop there.  Vanderbilt had the ability “to see around corners” and he saw that rail roads were going to play a huge part in the future of America, so he bought several rail roads in New York and in five years made $25 million dollars.  He was kinda like me when I play Monopoly… he dominated everything.

There are a lot of successful business men and women who possess that trait of being able “to see around corners.”  They see what’s coming next before anyone else sees it.  Having this trait gives them an edge in the business world.

John 16:13 (AMP) But when He, the Spirit of Truth (the Truth-giving Spirit) comes, He will guide you into all the Truth (the whole, full Truth). For He will not speak His own message [on His own authority]; but He will tell whatever He hears [from the Father; He will give the message that has been given to Him], and He will announce and declare to you the things that are to come [that will happen in the future].

Jesus was letting the disciples know that He was going back to heaven but He was sending an amazing person to live with them.  That person was The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit helps us to “see around corners.”  He knows what is coming and he wants to share those things with us.  He gives us the edge so we can be successful, not just in business, but in everyday life.

The other night when Beau wasn’t feeling well, I was about to put her down in her crib so she could go to sleep, but I felt I needed to rock her for a little bit even though I never rock her to sleep.  So I sat down to rock and began to sing to welcome the presence of God into her room, as I was singing I felt like I needed to pray in the spirit over her so I did.  After a few minutes of that I went to lay her down and that’s when I noticed she was in an unconscious like state and we had to rush her to the emergency room.  I don’t know if anything serious would have happened had I laid her down and she went into that state without anyone around, but I really believe the Holy Spirit knew that was coming.  The thought that I had to rock her and pray for her for a while came from Him.  He was “seeing around the corner” for me and keeping my child out of harms way.

What a sweet friend the Holy Spirit is.  I’m so glad that the ability to see around the corner is a gift God that gave us when He sent the Holy Spirit to the earth to be our helper.

  1. Jesus let us know the Holy Spirit was coming and how awesome He would be.
  2. The Holy Spirit led me to hold Beau for just a little longer that night.
  3. The Holy Spirit helps us to see around corners because He knows the future.
  4. I got to sleep in this morning!
  5. Josh had already fed the kids breakfast and had a few loads of laundry done before I got up.
  6. Got a good run in this morning.  Even though it felt like spring instead of fall.
  7. Moved the coffee table out of the way and played in the floor with the kids all morning.
  8. Beau’s eyes are finally back to normal.  Bright and shiny and full of joy!
  9. Gus read his new Batman dictionary and played with his tiny lego batman for hours and hours.  His imagination is amazing.
  10. Friday family day.  Love having Josh around all day long.
  11. I Believe In Jesus dance party.
  12. Gus taught me some new awesome dance moves.
  13. Sweet message from my mom today.
  14. Sweet text from my mother in law today.
  15. I have 2 awesome moms!!
  16. Found airport parking for the entire week we are gone and got a great deal on it.
  17. Quick, easy, cheap and really tasty dinner.  Black bean burritos are a hit around here.  Gus even asked for seconds!
  18. I booked our family photo shoot with my big sister today!
  19. All of the thankful posts on FB counting down to Thanksgiving.
  20. Sword in the Stone movie night.
  21. Had a huge selection of candy at the concession stand thanks to all of the Hulk’s hard work trick or treating.
  22. Josh gave Beau a bath and put her to bed allowing me to finish the movie cuddling with my sweet Gus.
  23. A bonus Goofy short and a bonus Mickey short after the movie ended.
  24. Josh cleaned up all of the movie night pillows, blankets, and popcorn crumbs.
  25. Watched Disney World on their website today with the kids and talked about how we wish we could go there again soon… they have no idea what’s coming!
  26. We have power.  Praying for the people on the east coast who are without it.
  27. Kanka canker sore medicine.  Ahhhh, relief!
  28. Drinking hot tea and watching more of The Men Who Built America with Josh.