Day 139

I was greeted by my four year old at 7:00 a.m. this morning with a very sweet, “Merry Christmas, mom.”  He hung out with me in the bathroom while I put on my makeup and everyone else was still sleeping.  He talked to me the whole time, hardly taking a breath in between sentences.  He was so excited that Christmas was finally here.

He and my daughter both had an awesome morning opening all of their new toys.  It was so fun to watch their little faces light up as they got enough paper off of the gifts to figure out what they were.  Gus got the Eagle Talon Castle he has been talking about for 6 months now.  And Beau got her Disney Princess Fisher Price Castle complete with Snow White and Cinderella.  When we, and by we I mean Josh, got the castles put together and ready to play with they both played with them for a while, while we, and by we I mean me, cleaned up.  But after a few minutes they were both asking, “Mommy, daddy come play with me.”

Here they have all of these new toys that they are so excited about, but what they really want more than anything is for us to play with them.  They desire our company.  They want to be with us!

Did you know that Jesus became God with us because he wanted to be with us. He downsized to the confines of a human womb and put on skin just so He could be with us!

2 Corinthians 5:21 He who knew no sin became sin for us so that we could become the righteousness of God.  

Why would He do that?  Because He wants to be with us.  He wants to spend eternity with us.

Revelation 21:3  I heard a loud shout from the throne saying, ‘Look, the home of God is now among His people! He will live with them, and they will be His people. God himself will be with them.

I love the way Dick Foth says it, “He came to our place. He took our place. And He invites us back to His place.”

My kids had new toys all over the place this morning, yet they wanted to be with us.  Jesus was an all knowing, all powerful God, living in heaven with his Father surrounded by glory and beautiful things, yet what He really wanted was to be with us and He knew the only way that would be possible was to come to earth and live and give His life for us.

Think of all He gave up in hopes of an eternity spent with you.  There isn’t a word to describe the awesomeness of that.  I’m so glad He came to our place, took our place, and we’ve been invited back to His place.

  1. Jesus wanted to be with us so bad He gave everything for us.
  2. He will be with us for eternity.
  3. My morning with my excited little four year old.
  4. Gus told me he cried tears of joy in his bed this morning because he was so excited about Christmas.
  5. Gus told us that God told Him we should take time to be thankful this morning before we opened gifts.
  6. The kids loved all of their gifts.  They were even happy about the socks and undies in their stockings.
  7. We surprised Gus with some Wreck It Ralph toys.  He was so pumped about them!
  8. The huge mess of paper, ribbons, and tags we made today.
  9. Josh surprised me some some new Fossil boots!
  10. I have a husband who can shop for me when I’m not with him and pick out stuff I love.
  11. Josh remembered I mentioned I needed a new make up bag and got me a really nice one.
  12. Beau’s reaction when she saw her bitty baby sleeping in the box.  So glad we got it on video.
  13. Josh put together all of the toys that needed putting together.
  14. Took a little recovery nap this morning.
  15. That our kids want to play “with us.”
  16. I enjoyed playing with them and their new toys.
  17. I wrote 3 blogs this afternoon.
  18. Josh shaved his face all the way clean! Kisses no longer hurt!
  19. Had time to get the kids dinner before church.
  20. Awesome Christmas praise and worship tonight at church.
  21. Pastor Robert’s I believe in Christmas message.  It was the perfect way to end Christmas.
  22. The kids had a great time in their classes too.
  23. I got peppermint bark in my stocking!
  24. Beau had to tell everything she saw “Merry Christmas” before she went to bed tonight.  Diapers, books, bubba, everything.
  25. New books to read to the kids tonight.
  26. The chance of snow on Christmas in Tulsa is looking good!
  27. Got a super sweet text from Josh on his way home from church.
  28. We get to do Christmas all over again on Monday and then again on Tuesday.  We’ve only just begun.

Day 130

A few months ago I took my Strengths Finder assessment.  You answer questions online for about 20 minutes and at the end of it the computer analyzes all of your input and gives you a list of your top five strengths.  It was pretty interesting.  There are 34 different strengths.  My top five were belief, developer, relator, achiever and maximizer.  When I read the descriptions of each strength I was pretty impressed at how accurately they described me and the way I tick.

After I took the test I wondered how Jesus would have taken the test.  How would He have answered all of the questions?  Out of the 34 strengths what would be His top 5?  I think the computer might implode trying to analyze His answers.  He is the one who all of the strengths and gifts that we each have originated from, so I’m guessing not even Gallup could figure out His list.

I did find it interesting this week as I was studying the names of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 that there were 5 names.

  1. Wonderful
  2. Counselor
  3. Mighty God
  4. Everlasting Father
  5. Prince of Peace

That’s a pretty good top 5 strengths list right there, and then Matthew gives us a plus one in chapter 1, verse 23.

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

I think it’s very helpful to know what gifts, talents and strengths that God has given to you, but it’s also very helpful to know that it’s in our weaknesses that Jesus’ strengths are made perfect.

2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.  

I really like how the message says it too, My strength comes into its own in your weakness.

Jesus, the one with the most impressive strengths list is with us, and his impressive strengths are made perfect where we are weak.

Wonderful is with us.  Counselor is with us.  Mighty God is with us.  Everlasting Father is with us.  Prince of Peace is with us.  I really like that plus one.  No matter what our top 5 strengths are, Emmanuel is God with us, perfecting his strength in our weakness.

  1. Jesus is with us!
  2. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.
  3. He gave us all unique gifts, talents, and strengths.
  4. Strengths Finder.  Interesting and a lot more useful than your typical “personality” test.
  5. Group hug this morning with Gus and Beau.
  6. Lunch date with Josh and Beau.
  7. Beau finds Cheetos if there are Cheetos to be found.
  8. Frisco has a Jersey Mikes!  Josh was so excited.
  9. Officially finished with my Christmas shopping.
  10. Josh got a very nice hair cut.
  11. Gus got a very nice hair cut.
  12. Beau took an extra long nap.
  13. Got two blogs written, ready for Sabbath Friday.
  14. My niece Courtney and nephew Justin found out today that they lost the baby they were expecting this summer.  My heart breaks, but I know Felix has a new buddy in heaven.  Most fortunate of all are those who are not yet born. (Eccl 4:3)
  15. Life Church BA.  Courtney and Justin have had such love and support from them and that makes me so happy!  It is so God they are there.
  16. The maturity of Justin & Courtney.  You would never guess they are “newbies” in the faith!
  17. Very exciting message from a very sweet friend today.
  18. The replies on my princess of peace post.  I so enjoy being able to share my heart with friends through writing.
  19. Magic Christmas capsules.  Gus loved those things. 97 cents well spent!
  20. My friend Gena was born 20 something year ago yesterday.  She is a wonderful person and I’m glad to know her.
  21. $27 check from CoServ!  Thanks CoServ, In N Out is on you tonight!
  22. Beau ate her first hamburger and it was from In N Out so she of course loved it.  Gus couldn’t eat a hamburger until he was 3 almost 4!
  23. Had a nice, quiet evening to myself.
  24. Had some church while I washed my hair!
  25. Great message on thankfulness by Steven Furtick.
  26. My parents (and Norah) had a safe trip from Tulsa to our house.
  27. Josh got to party with 500+ 5th and 6th graders tonight!
  28. A Frisco student brought a friend to the Christmas party and he got saved!