Day 263

Last week during my quiet time I was praying for my four year old son, Gus.  He was headed to school that day and I was speaking protection verses over him.  While I was doing that God dropped a short glimpse of the future into my spirit.

I could see in my imagination Gus running, laughing, and playing on the playground at school, totally oblivious to the mighty angels that were tracking with his every move.  There were two of them, one on each side.  They were taking their assignment seriously, yet smiling at Gus as if they were totally enjoying themselves.

It was a sweet reminder that even though we rarely see them, our angels are real and they are with us.  I got another sweet reminder this morning when I was reading one of my favorite Psalms.

Psalm 103:20 Praise the Lord, you angels, you mighty ones who carry out his plans, listening for each of his commands.

Angels are sort of like body guards.  They are big, bad, and mighty, but they have a boss.  Justin Bieber probably has one of the toughest guys around keeping him safe, but that tough guy answers to him and his little 120 pound body.  He takes orders from Justin or from some other little dude in Justin’s entourage.  He gets his assignment from his authority.

Angels get their assignment from God.  They listen for each of his commands and when they hear those commands, they perfectly obey.  They are always in a state of ready and willing, but they don’t move until they get their orders from God.   They are always listening… listening for the voice of God’s word.

The angels that were with Gus at school were there because I sent them there.  They were listening for the voice of God’s word and when they heard it come out of my mouth, they immediately applied themselves to make sure that God’s word would not return void.  They got their assignment as soon as I said, “Angels go before Gus today and prepare his path.  Thank you God that no evil can befall him or come near him.  He is under the shadow of your wings today Lord.  Thank you for your protection over him today.”

It’s so important to give your angels an assignment each day by giving a voice to God’s word.  Speak his promises out loud over you and your family and over our country, our president, the schools in your community, your pastor, your church, and whoever or whatever else God lays on your heart to pray for.  Put your mighty angels to work… they enjoy it!

  1. The mighty angels that carry out God’s plans.
  2. We can put a voice to God’s word that angels will respond to.
  3. Hebrews 1:14 Therefore, angels are only servants–spirits sent to care for people who will inherit salvation.
  4. So many protection promises found in God’s word.
  5. The sweet reminders about God’s angels that He’s given me over the last week.
  6. Josh got up and made breakfast and got the kids ready for the day so I could write an extra blog.
  7. Had some time to kill this morning so me and Beau drove around some pretty neighborhoods with the windows rolled down.  It was so nice.
  8. We saw squirrels and even a few cardinals!
  9. Found the next neighborhood I want to live in.  Who knew you could find mature trees in Frisco!
  10. Found our new favorite park.  Beautiful trees, more squirrels, a little creek, a wooden bridge, shaded benches.  It was awesome!
  11. Watching Beau interact with the other little girl at the park.  She’s very outgoing!
  12. Gorgeous weather today.
  13. Breakfast at 5th Street with my sweet friend Elisa!
  14. Beau was very happy about her blueberry pancakes.
  15. Two enormous pancakes leftover for the kid’s breakfast tomorrow.
  16. Beau sat and ate so quietly while me & Elisa were chatting away.
  17. Gus’ new Texas Rangers hat came in.  He looks awesome in it.  I love having a little boy!
  18. The pretty gerber daises brightening up my kitchen.
  19. Gus has really been enjoying doing some science stuff at preschool.  He was so excited on the way home telling me about the bugs he looked at with a magnifying glass.
  20. Teacher appreciation week at school.  Gus has had 3 great teachers this year!
  21. Rudy’s BBQ for dinner.
  22. Banana Pudding for dessert.
  23. Got most of the laundry done and Beau really enjoyed the job I gave her of sorting all of the clean clothes into people piles.  She knew who every item belonged to.
  24. Gus finally got the hang of his Batman glider.  He played with it forever tonight.
  25. Sabbath Friday is tomorrow!  I can’t wait to do nothing.
  26. Wonderful praise report from a sweet friend.
  27. Josh got to enjoy the NFL draft tonight, I got to enjoy researching which DS to get Gus for his birthday.