Day 223

This morning my son Gus asked his almost 2 year old sister Beau if she wanted to pray for their breakfast, and she did.  Dear Ward, thank you for the pretty fwowers, thank your for my wawfuls, the end!”  She loves the “Lord”, “Flowers”, and “Waffles.”

I thought it was funny that she ended her prayer with “the end” instead of “amen”, of course Gus couldn’t let that one slide, he made sure she knew that when you are done praying you are supposed to say, in Jesus’ name, Amen.  She ignored him and went back to her wawfuls, while I sat there and watched, God dropped this verse into my heart.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NLT) Never stop praying. 

Every morning I wake up and spend time in prayer and I always end my prayer with, in Jesus’ name amen, but if I don’t spend anymore time communicating with God for the rest of the day it’s like I’m ending with “the end.”  Okay Lord, there’s my 30 minutes, I’ll see ya tomorrow!  God wants more than that.  He wants you to be in fellowship with Him all day.

I strongly believe that everyone should have a certain time of day, everyday, that is set aside for prayer.  We all need to get in our “prayer closets” and devote some time to communicating with our Father, but it would be impossible to stay there 24 hours and pray without ceasing.  Obviously, we all have responsibilities that require us to get out of our prayer posture-  we can’t be kneeled down, head bowed, eyes closed, and talking only to God all day, but we can be dialoguing with Him all day in our spirits.

We shouldn’t end our conversation with God once our designated prayer time is over with “the end”, but instead we should finish with “to be continued.”

How can you stay in communication with the Father all day when you have so many other things going on?  You have to realize that without God you are nothing, but with Him all things are possible.  You have to remain dependent upon Him.  When you have your mind set on the fact that you need God, you’ll reach out to Him and spend time talking to Him whenever you get the chance.  You can talk to Him under your breath or even in your head.  He knows all of your thoughts and will be delighted when He hears you thinking about Him.  He wants to be apart of every moment of every day!  Your quiet time has to end, but your prayers do not!

  1. It is possible to pray without ceasing and not spend all day in your prayer closet.
  2. God wants to spend the entire day with me!
  3. The way Beau talks!
  4. Gus actually gave Beau a chance to pray for the food… I was shocked.
  5. Beau ate up all of her waffles and was very thankful for them.
  6. Enjoyed my morning doing some more party planning for Beau’s birthday!
  7. Gus taught Beau how to play police robots and they played together so well.
  8. My rug is vacuumed thanks to Gussy.
  9. Jergens Natural Glow.
  10. Josh bought me trash bags that smell like lavendar and they actually make the trash smell good.
  11. We’ve been filling lots of orders for kid’s music around here!  Exciting to think about all the little kids around the country singing such awesome songs to and about Jesus.
  12. Reading through Highlights with Gus.  He’s a little smarty pants.
  13. Beau’s hair is long enough I actually had to put some product in it to style it before church.
  14. Josh’s Uncle Brad is celebrating his birthday today.  He’s gotta be one of the kindest guys in the great state of Texas.
  15. Gus looked so cute in his new blue and green striped shirt.  His blonde hair and blue eyes looked so nice with those colors.
  16. We got to have Pastor Josh Hall at the Frisco campus for at least half of a year!  Going to miss him greeting the kids every time we walk in the church doors, but glad North Fort Worth is just an hour away.
  17. 4:00 service is extra nice with the time change!
  18. Driving to the car with the windows rolled down.
  19. The spirit of healing that was so strong in the service tonight during worship.
  20. Healing Is In Your Hands.
  21. Pastor Preston came from Scottsdale to preach for all of the Texan Gatewayers.
  22. Great and very challenging message on reaching the lost.
  23. BBQ Sliders were tasty and so easy!  I love my crockpot.
  24. Got to go on a walk with the kids after dinner.
  25. Gus lets Beau ride along in his Jeep Power Wheels even though he has to go at a slower speed when she’s with him.
  26. Seriously, this weather is so nice!
  27. In bed by 9:40!  Yes!  Been wanting to get to bed early all week and it just hasn’t happened until right… now!

Day 218

I graduated from one of the largest schools in Oklahoma with one of the best football teams in Oklahoma.  In fact, in 2003 my class of Union Redskins won state.  I was a cheerleader from 6th grade up until my junior year so I have been to countless football games, but the one that I will always remember was the Backyard Bowl in 2000 when the Union Redskins played the Jenks Trojans… who happened to be our biggest rivalry. Union and Jenks were featured on ESPN on a special about the best high school rivalries in the country, so anytime these two schools play it’s a big deal.

I was 15 and so excited to be performing at half time in front of 31,000 people.  We were up at the half and stayed up by 17 points all the way into the third quarter.  We thought we had the game in the bag, so much so we loaded the bus before the 4th quarter ended.  I will never forget sitting there, waiting to leave and hearing on the radio that with 2 minutes left to play we had given up the lead!  The bus got quiet.  A few seconds earlier we were all cheering and laughing and excited about the win and now you could hear a pin drop on the bus full of 10th grade girls.  It was not looking good and then with just 21 seconds left we scored again!  We were up 37-34!  We were all screaming and hugging and going nuts.  But wait.  What was the the announcer on the radio getting so excited about?  We got quiet enough to hear, “Jones is at the 50… the 40… the 30… the 20… the 10…. TOUCHDOWN!!!!”  Kejuan Jones had silenced our whole bus and every Redskin fan in the stadium.  80 yards, 21 seconds, and his 5th touchdown of the night gave our dreaded rivals the win.  We couldn’t believe it.  We made the ride back to the high school and no one said a word.  No one was shouting anymore.  That had to have been the most exciting 4th quarter in high school football ever.  If you were living in Tulsa you probably remember where you were and what you were doing when Kejuan became a local legend.

This morning I was studying the word shout and thinking about why people shout unto the Lord.  It’s not because He can’t hear.  It’s not because it fills a moment at church between the time when praise and worship ends and the preaching begins.  We shout because He’s good!

I was on the bus that night lifting up a shout because our quarterback was good!  He had given us the lead again!  He couldn’t hear me all the way out in the parking lot, but that didn’t matter.  I was just excited about the good play, so excited I had to shout.  But when our defense didn’t play good, I stopped shouting.

I love these verses in 2 Chronicles 5:13-14,

….and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the Lord, saying:

“For He is good,
For His mercy endures forever,”

that the house, the house of the Lord, was filled with a cloud, so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.

The priests were moving the arc into the temple and shouting about the goodness of God and filling the temple with His glory!

I think sometimes we get on this roller coaster of highs and lows with God.  One quarter we are feeling great, the score board says we are winning so we shout and we talk about how good God is all of the time, and then the next quarter things seem to start unraveling so we get quiet, and then things turn around and we are back in the lead so we start shouting again.  We go back and forth between shouting and riding home in silence all based on our circumstances.  I am so thankful that the goodness of God is not based on our circumstances.

The devil loves when He succeeds in silencing our shouts, just like I’m sure Mr. Jones loved silencing all of the Redskin fans watching the game that night.  Satan hates hearing about how good God is, so he tries to get you to shut up about it.  He knows that when we shout about God’s goodness that it fills the atmosphere with the Glory of God.  Realize that even if you aren’t having your best day, God is still good and always will be good so you have something to shout about!

We are always on the winning team.  We never have to ride home defeated and in silence.  Next time your Pastor says, “let’s give the Lord a shout offering” or “let’s lift up a shout of praise” and you can’t think of anything to shout, just remember that “God you are good!” will always work in that situation, because no matter how you feel He is always good!

Somebody shout!

  1. God is good all the time!
  2. We always have something to shout about.
  3. When we lift our voices and praise the Lord the atmosphere is filled with His glory!
  4. God’s goodness is not based on my circumstances.
  5. I am always on the winning team… even if sometimes it seems like I’ve lost the lead.
  6. High school football!
  7. Josh took the day off!!!
  8. Breakfast at Ihop.  The kids were thrilled.
  9. Beau quoting Rapunzel while she was eating her pancakes, “Best day ever!”
  10. Thanks to Josh my kitchen sink no longer smells of death.
  11. Thanks to Josh light bulbs to high for me to replace have been replaced.
  12. Got a beautiful new purse from Fossil, the nicest I’ve ever owned, thanks to my sister Mindy and the purses she gave me to sell on ebay.
  13. The employees at Fossil are SO SO nice!
  14. We got to invite a guy who just moved to Frisco to church.
  15. Got Beau a big butterfly mirror for her room and since it had a tiny scratch on it they gave us 30% off.
  16. $10 back on my check card thanks to price adjustments at the Gap.
  17. Gus got his first pair of cleats today!
  18. Hungry for pizza so we decided to try a new place, Chicago’s Gourmet Pizza, and it was really good!
  19. As soon as we walked in the door Gus took off his jeans and shoes and changed into his new cleats and football shorts so he could practice.
  20. I worked on my blog and watched Josh and the kids play outside together.
  21. Blowing dandelions with Beau for the first time.
  22. Date night at the movies with my husband!
  23. Reeses Pieces.
  24. The best baby sitter ever!
  25. The sun comes up later now… a nice feature when your children wake up with the sun.
  26. My new purse has so many compartments and so much space.  I feel so organized!
  27. Getting into a super comfy bed after a nice hot shower.

Day 15

A friend recently shared this verse with me and it’s been on my mind ever since then.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4   Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

As a Christian there are many times when I have felt comforted by God, the God of ALL comfort.  But I’ve never thought about the reason He comforts me.  It’s not just so I can feel better and keep what He’s done for me inside, it’s so I can comfort those who are in any trouble with that same comfort I received from Him.

When Paul (who wrote the verses above) was having a hard time in Macedonia he experienced the comfort of God through Titus.  2 Corinthians 7:6 Nevertheless God, who comforts the downcast, comforted us by the coming of Titus.

Titus went to where Paul was and brought with Him the comfort of God.  He didn’t just say a prayer that Paul would get the comfort he needed.  He became a physical instrument for the Lord and Paul received the comfort he needed through Titus coming to him.

Never underestimate the amount of comfort you can bring to someone by reaching out to them.  If you have ever been comforted by the Lord then you qualified to minister that same comfort to someone else.  You don’t have to know exactly what they are feeling or exactly what they are going through.  The Bible says you can comfort those who are in ANY trouble.  Yes, pray for them, but take it a step further.  Text them, call them, ask God to give you a verse for them, let them know you are praying for them.  Don’t let the devil trick you into thinking “it’s not my place.”  When someone is hurting if you have been comforted by God then it is always your place.

I’ll start my list tonight thanking God for some of the people who have comforted us over the last 6 weeks.

  1. Steven & Julie Pritt.  The scriptures they sent us from Isaiah 61 the night we went in to deliver helped us get through that night.  So much so “Isaiah” is Felix’s middle name.
  2. Pastor Randy & Cheri Cochran.  Called us right away even though they were on vacation.  Woke up early and prayed for us as we were about to deliver.
  3. Elena Frazier who has been so loving and supportive.  I’ll never forget her coming to stand with me during praise & worship one Sunday morning when I needed a hand to hold!
  4. Scott & Brooke Sparkman.  The verses Brooke shared.  The encouraging words Scott sent to Josh.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.
  5. For Tracy Bartholomew not being afraid to call and offer such genuine and sweet words the day we found out about the baby.
  6. For my cousin Lindsay.  She texted, called, and texted some more that week.  I was so overwhelmed by her care and concern for us.
  7. For JJ Jobe.  She is the one who shared that verse with me and she is living it out!  Bringing comfort to me and others as God has comforted her.
  8. All of the ladies who brought us dinner.  I didn’t have to cook for almost 2 weeks.
  9. My in laws.  They were the first people we called, the first people we saw and they spent several days watching over us and our kids while we were recovering.
  10. My mom and dad.  My mom shared some things with me about when she lost her baby that helped me so much and my dad made a point to call us over after we watched fireworks on 4th of July and told us how much he loved our kids and that we would have more perfect kids that he would love too.
  11. All the people who sent cards, messages on FB, and texts.  We felt so loved, so cared for and so COMFORTED.
  12. My Roos shirt.  I inherited (or maybe stole) it from Josh when we got married.  It’s the softest sleep shirt ever.
  13. That finger paint is non-toxic.  Beau just can’t help herself.
  14. The sweet sweet sweet e-mail my dad sent me today… signed 10k kisses & hugs.
  15. Funny Tim Hawkins videos my niece sent me.  A cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine! (Prov 17:22)
  16. The message my mom sent me today.  I always love hearing the story about how God told her I was going to be a girl.
  17. Josh called me from work!  We usually text all day but I got a real call today.  Love his voice.
  18. The game of baseball I got to play with Gus tonight as Josh continued on the swing set… almost done!
  19. Caught up on all the laundry this afternoon.
  20. Got Gus & Beau all packed up for their trip to Tulsa tomorrow.
  21. Gus admitted that sometimes he forgets things we tell him.. like don’t stretch out your shirt.
  22. I got to wear my pajamas to a Ken Blount Ministries brain storming meeting tonight.
  23. For the awesome meetings Ken & Trudi had in Colorado over the weekend.
  24. Beau loves the new “weeee!”  That’s what she calls the slide.
  25. Cold sheets.
  26. Happy Day Everyday!  One of the kid’s favorite praise & worship CDs.
  27. Watching the Beach Boys on KERA tonight with Josh.  Quite possibly my favorite band..  at least top 3.
  28. We shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony!  (Rev 12:11)