Day 357

Today, my little brother Zachary turns 26!  I was thinking about him this morning… about how fast time goes and about how thankful I am that we got to grow up together.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were walking to school together every morning after watching “Rugrats” or that I was cheering for him at one of his little league baseball games.  But, he’s no longer the little guy sporting a Jurassic Park baseball cap, Boever’s Elementary t-shirt, Texas Ranger shorts, tall socks and big tennis shoes.  Now, he’s happily married with a sweet little one and half year old daughter teaching history at the school I graduated from.  While reminiscing about the past this morning and thinking about Zach I had a flash back of the time he fell from a tree about 9 feet.

Our older Michael decided to build us this awesome tree house in the backyard and by awesome I mean one piece of ply wood placed between two branches so that we could stand on it.  It was nothing you would see on “Treehouse Masters”, it technically wasn’t even a house, but we thought it was awesome.  Michael then got another awesome idea.  He decided to get a rope and tie it to something across the yard and then take the other end of the rope and tie it up in our “tree house” to a branch, add a sturdy cylinder tube and we had ourselves a zip line.

I was in the back yard playing when the zip line buzz started.  Zachary was probably 7 or 8 and he couldn’t wait to try it.  When Michael had it just about ready he called Zach up to the treehouse.  I could hear Michael telling him to just stand still for a second, but Zach was too excited to hear.  He grabbed onto the sturdy cylinder tube and stepped off the tree house board.  He fell straight to the ground.  Michael hadn’t  secured the end of the rope to the branch in the tree yet and Zach and his little tailbone were now very aware of that.  Everyone in the neighborhood was now very aware of that.  Zach was crying, my mom came rushing outside, and the treehouse and zip line were never seen again.  I think Mike got in pretty big trouble over that, I’ll admit, it wasn’t the brightest idea, but he wasn’t trying to create something that would hurt us, he was trying to create something fun for us, Zach just jumped the gun.

Hebrews 10:36 (AMP) For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and carry away [and enjoy to the full] what is promised.

Zach never got to perform and fully accomplish the will of our big brother’s zip line idea because he was lacking patience!  We probably could have zip lined like 10 or 15 times before our mom realized what we were doing and made us take it down, but that didn’t happen.  No one got to enjoy the promised tree house zip line to the full.

I think sometimes we can act like an 8 year old little boy when it comes to God’s will.  We get excited and eager to do what it is that He has planned for us to do, so excited that we can’t hear His voice telling us to hold on just a second while He makes sure everything is in place for us.  We know what He is calling us to do, but we don’t feel like waiting around with steadfast patience and endurance while He’s tying up loose ends for us, so we  jump out in front of Him and we fall.

If we want to fully accomplish God’s will we have to fully rely on His timing and wait patiently for Him to give us the all clear.

I know for me, once I get a glimpse of the awesome things that He has planned for my future, it’s hard to stand still.  I want to grab onto a  cylinder tube and zip into His promises, but I know I won’t get to enjoy those things to the full if I can’t practice patience.  Be excited about what God has in store for you, but don’t let that excitement hinder your ability to hear God’s voice.  If you wan to receive and carry away what He’s promised you, you are going to have to learn how to be faithful while you are waiting for the red lights to turn green.

Hebrews 12:1 (AMP) …and let us run with patient endurance and steady and active persistence the appointed course of the race that is set before us

  1. God ties up all the loose ends!
  2. If we wait patiently we will receive and carry away and enjoy to the full what is promised.
  3. We can run and be patient all at the same time.
  4. God has good things in store for all of His children.
  5. 26 years ago today my little brother Zachary was born!
  6. I had a really great childhood and Zach played a huge part in that.
  7. Rugrats and Hey Arnold!  Some of favorite shows.
  8. Little league baseball.
  9. Space Jam & Angels In The Outfield.  Some of our favorite movies.
  10. Zach didn’t get seriously injured the day he fell out of the tree.
  11. I have a big brother and a little brother.  I hope Beau and Sunny have the same set up!  Every girl needs a big brother that looks after her and a little brother that she looks after.
  12. Michael was always thinking of ways to invent more fun.  It really is a miracle none of us kids ever had broken bones.
  13. Boevers Elementary.   Loved going to school there.  K-5!
  14. Zach is happily married to his high school sweet heart, Tosha!  So thankful God brought her back into his life.
  15. Ava Sophia!  My cute little niece.  It’s pretty cool seeing Zach as a dad.
  16. 17 years ago today my nephew Colton was born!!
  17. I have had the song we sang in the four year old class stuck in my head all day, but what a great reminder that God’s plans for us our good!
  18. Sweet quiet time out in my back yard on a lovely summer morning.
  19. Sunday afternoon nap!
  20. String cheese.  My new favorite pregnancy snack.
  21. Watching Beau pretend to be me.
  22. Josh grilled some awesome chicken sandwiches for dinner.
  23. Hanging out with Josh and being entertained by the Food Network this evening.
  24. Sunny was moving so big tonight.  I even saw my tummy move from the outside a few times.
  25. Josh’s “day at the office” was teaching kids about their God given destinies!
  26. Home movies.  I watched a few of me when I was Beau’s age tonight.  It’s so fun to see the similarities in the two of us.
  27. Get to see Sunny via ultrasound tomorrow!!

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