Day 353

An important part of eating healthy is portion control.  If you are trying to lose or maintain your weight it’s going to be much easier if you are aware of how big a serving size is and how many calories are in that serving size.  You’ll have way more success if you snack on a pre portioned 100 calorie packs of chips instead of eating directly out of a family sized bag.  People have made big bucks on portion control plates, which have specifically marked spots for fruits and vegetables, starches, and protein.  Each spot on the plate follows the My Pyramid serving size guidelines.  Fast food restaurants however, have made big bucks serving combo meals that don’t follow those guidelines at all.  Just the other day I ordered medium french fries from Wendy’s and could not believe how large they were.  They seemed super sized to me, or I guess at Wendy’s it’s would be referred to as “biggie sized”, so I shared them with my husband. I’m sure much of the weight problem facing our country today can be traced back to portion distortion!

Deuteronomy 32:9 (AMP) For the Lord’s portion is His people;…

We are the Lord’s portion.  We are His inheritance.  We are the one thing in this fallen world that has been redeemed, nothing else is worthy enough to be His portion, and we wouldn’t be either except by the shed blood of Jesus Christ that washed us white as snow!  He could have made gold his portion or diamonds, or angels, but what He has His heart set on are the human beings He created in His image.

What an honor, a privilege, and a big responsibility it is to be the creator of the universe’s portion!  It’s important to be mindful of that truth, because if we aren’t we will suffer from portion distortion.

When it comes to portions of food, it’s better to go with a small size instead of a super size, but when it comes to God’s portion of us it’s always better to super size.  He wants more than just a palm sized portion of His portion!  He wants more than a few servings of you a week.  He’s not interested in sharing a spot with other people or things in your heart.  He’s doesn’t want you to structure your spiritual life with a portion control plate that tells you if you pray twice a day, go to church once a week, and pay your tithes every two weeks that He will be satisfied.   He wants ALL of you for ALL of your life.

Luke 10:27 …You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind…

Your love for Jesus should not be controlled!  You can never give Him too much of you!  He chose you as His portion, because He cares about and loves you more than anything else in all of creation.  He set you apart for His reward so indulge Him everyday by living your life to bring Him glory.  Throw portion control out the window!  Strive for more of God in your life, and strive to give Him more of you!

  1. For the Lord’s portion is His people… I am His portion!
  2. I have been redeemed and made worthy to be the Lord’s portion.  Thank you Jesus!
  3. HE can’t get enough of ME!
  4. He is my portion!
  5. Family breakfast at McDonalds.
  6. The cooler overcast morning.
  7. Beau was so excited to get to spend some time with her daddy.
  8. Gus & Beau made some new friends and played Ninja Turtles with them in the play place until it was time to go home.
  9. The upstairs shower.  I feel like I’m at a hotel when I use it.
  10. Really bad storms blew threw Tulsa yesterday and a huge tree came down on my oldest sister’s house.  So thankful she was protected.
  11. Reading our latest Highlights magazine this morning with Gus on one side, Beau on the other, Sunny in the middle.
  12. Got an extra blog written this afternoon.
  13. Gus looked so cute in his big blue Wacky Week shirt.
  14. Wacky Week day 2 was even better than the first day.  He had so much fun and wasn’t as overwhelmed with all the awesome activities.
  15. I got to sit in on the service and it was powerful.
  16. Got to see the David & Goliath cartoon that Josh wrote.  It was so great!
  17. Pastor Josh Hall’s testimony about how God healed his arm when he was little.  Couldn’t wait to share that with Gus.
  18. Hundreds of little voices singing “Whom Shall I Fear.”  I could not hold back the tears.
  19. Beau sat through the service with me and did a really good job of being quiet and sitting still.
  20. Great dinner at Kenny’s with some of the children’s ministry team.
  21. Beau’s fake laugh she does when all of the adults are laughing and she doesn’t know what they are laughing at.
  22. Both of the kids were tired going into dinner and they both behaved so well.  Little troopers.
  23. My friend Jamie emailed me to let me know Gus did great today in her group at Wacky Week.  So nice to hear!
  24. My childhood friend Maria is celebrating her birthday today.  We had some fun times, took some awesome pictures together at Moto Photo, made some classic school projects together and she has one of the best laughs of anyone ever.
  25. My friends Sayra & Clint are celebrating 14 years of marriage today!
  26. Josh helped me put away all the clean clothes and vacuum the rug.
  27. Hearing Gus sing little songs that got stuck in his head today at Wacky Week.

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