Day 347

Almost every year since my husband and I got married 10 years ago, we have traveled to Anaheim, California to vacation at Disneyland.  We usually fly in from DFW to The John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.  John Wayne was a pretty big deal in America, but especially out in California.  He appeared in nearly 250 movies, holds the record for the actor with the most leading parts, in 2001 Americans polled by Gallup voted him as their favorite movie star of all time, in 1968 the republican party asked him to run for president, he had a sweet nick name (The Duke), his face has been on a stamp, and he was cool, really, really cool.  I mean, you don’t get an airport named after you unless you are somebody pretty special.  There is even a big statue of him near the baggage claim, a memorial to one of the greatest actors to ever call California home.

In 2 Timothy 1:3 Paul writes to Timothy from his prison cell to let him know that he is praying for him.  He knew Timothy was going through a difficult time and he wanted to encourage the younger disciple.  Here’s what he put down on paper,

“I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day.”

At first glance it looks like Paul is just saying, I haven’t forgotten about you, I remember to pray for you every day and every night, but the Greek word for “remembrance” tells us that he was doing more than just not forgetting to pray for Timothy, he was building memorials of Timothy’s life before God in heaven.  He was reminding God that Timothy was someone special, someone worthy to have an airport named after them.  He reminded God of Timothy’s devotion, his servants heart, his desire to build the church even with the threat of persecution looming, his faithfulness.  Everything Paul could think of that Timothy had achieved for the Kingdom of God was laid out in front of the Lord through Paul’s prayers.

“Paul prayed so much for Timothy that he filled the throne room of God with pictures, images, statues, and memorial of the younger man.  Everywhere God looked, He saw an image of Timothy!” – Rick Renner

This gives us a great blueprint for how to pray for others.  When you are brining someone else’s need before God, bring their accomplishments as well.  Build a memorial in their honor right next to God’s throne.

It should also challenge us to think about what kind of memorial would be built if someone else were to build one on our behalf.  What would they remind God of?  “Lord, I ask you to help my friend.  She loves you with all of her heart.  She always puts you first.  She loves to share your love with others.  She has dedicated countless hours to serving on the praise and worship team at church.  She is a cheerful giver.  She is training her kids up to be followers of Christ.”  Or would it be more like, “Lord, I ask you to help my friend.  She’s a good person.  She goes to church.  She’s never missed an episode of “Regis & Kelly.”  She exercises like everyday.  She juices!  Her kids play club soccer and she’s super nice!”

I think the first friend’s memorial is going to be much more impressive up in heaven than the second friends.  Our faith is not about works, but we are called to build the Kingdom!  What are you doing to do that?  What kind of monument making material are you giving your friends to build with as they pray for you?

  1. We can build memorials for others when we pray for them.
  2. Other people can build memories for us when they pray for us.
  3. “Sparkling Gems” by Rick Renner or as I like to call it my big fat greek devotional.  365 day devotional and every day is awesome!
  4. God has entrusted us to build His kingdom.
  5. John Wayne and his airport.
  6. Josh to Gus with him to work for a little bit this morning and he was so excited about getting to play video games there and spend some time with his dad.
  7. Fridge and pantry are full.
  8. I have never heard my children scream and throw fits like the children I’ve heard screaming and throwing fits in Target the last 2 weeks in a row.
  9. Josh did the fruit shopping for us at Aldi.
  10. Josh washed and cut up all of the fruit he brought home.
  11. Picked up our new rocking chair!  I am looking forward to holding Sunny in it in just 21 weeks!
  12. I started my 19th week of pregnancy today!
  13. Feeling big, but feeling good.  I have been so blessed with such good feeling pregnancies.
  14. Frosty and french fries from Wendy’s.
  15. Josh grilled some really tasty bruschetta chicken for dinner.
  16. Josh is a much neater cook than I am.  The kitchen is always a lot easier to clean up after he cooks than when I do.
  17. Girls movie night:  The Swan Princess.  I loved having some one on one time with Beau!
  18. Boys movie night:  Star Wars.  Gus and Josh both had a great time hanging out together.
  19. I could hear Gus cheering at the end of the movie when the death star blows up.
  20. Beau’s little gasp when the prince and princess in the movie kissed.  Such a girl.
  21. Made worms in dirt for the boys movie snack.  Pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms made for one very happy Gus!
  22. Fancy cupcake for the girls movie night snack.
  23. Watched Beau give Josh a kiss and hug goodnight.  She hugs him so sweet and closes her little eyes while she does it.
  24. Got to paint Beau’s tiny toenails today.
  25. Having Beau around to remind me she needs her toenails repainted helps me keep up with mine being painted.
  26. Enjoyed my relaxing evening with Joh.
  27. 2 blogs written today, tomorrow we sabbath!

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