Day 346

A few months before my daughter Beau turned two she figured out how to escape from her crib.  We were downstairs one afternoon after we put her down for her nap when we noticed the sound of her fan getting louder.  We stopped what we were doing and looked upstairs to see her smiling little face looking down at us from the upstairs banister.  It was officially time for a big girl bed.  4 weeks later, after we changed her pink nursery into a pretty purple room, per her request, and had her new twin bed all set up, she spent her first night uncaged.  Her room is upstairs and our room is downstairs so we placed a doorknob guard on the doorknob in her room to prevent her from being able to open the door and wonder down the stairs in the middle of the night.  She did great that first night and in the morning when she woke up and discovered she couldn’t open her door she knocked, and she’s knocked every morning since then.

Around 6:45 or 7:00 a.m. every day you can expect to hear Beau knocking, letting the family know she’s up and she wants into the rest of the house.  If it takes me a second to get upstairs, she knocks louder.  She does not hesitate to knock and knock loudly because she knows that a very happy mamma, daddy, or brother will be upstairs to let her in/out when she does.

Different circumstances call for different types of knocks.  If you are locked out in the backyard and your husband is upstairs on his computer, you knock as loudly as possible, because you know if he can’t hear you, you’re going to be stuck outside for a while.  If you are trick or treating and the house you have stopped at doesn’t appear to be occupied, you knock softly, because if someone is home they probably don’t want to be disturbed.  The FedEx guy knocks loudly,  because he wants you to be aware of the package he just dropped off on your doorstep.  The neighborhood kids selling candy knock softly, because they don’t know you that well and they aren’t sure if you are going to be annoyed by their fundraising activities or if you are a sucker for World’s Finest Chocolate bars.

What kind of knock do you have?

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you…

Jesus has given you permission to knock on his door.  He wants you to knock and knock loudly.  You don’t have to be shy.  You don’t have to be worried about the person that’s waiting on the other side of the door being annoyed.  You can knock with confidence, because Jesus said to.  Knock knowing that everything you need to have a blessed life is on the other side of that door.  Knock like you would knock if you got locked out of your house and there was someone inside that could open the door for you.  Knock like your life depends on it.

Every morning I wait for Beau’s knock and I look forward to opening her door and seeing her sleepy headed self ready to start the day.  I think God anticipates our knock the same way.  He’s listening and waiting to see who is going to knock on His door today.  He’s excited about opening it up and giving those who knock what they came for… more.  More peace, more joy, more wisdom, more rest, more health, more blessing, more of Him.

Matthew seven verses seven and eight both tell us what happens when we knock… it will be opened to us.  Not it might be, it WILL be.

If you want more from the One behind the door, knock and keep on knocking, there is a 100% chance that the door will open.

  1. Ask and it’s given.  Seek and you’ll find.  Knock and it’s opened!
  2. The One behind the door looks forward to hearing us knock.
  3. There’s always more of Him for us to get, we just have to be persistent.
  4. God reminded me today about some things He put on my heart and told me to keep knocking.
  5. Beau’s sweet little knocks.
  6. Beau and Gus are both excellent sleepers.  They go to bed every night at 8 without a fuss and sleep til 7.
  7. Another stellar sunrise this morning.
  8. Sweet moments with Beau before the boys woke up.  We tried on all of her jewelry and she kept saying, “Ew wa wa.” (Oh la la)  She melts my heart.
  9. First splash pad outing of the summer was a success!
  10. Frisco Commons.
  11. Splash pad is only a few minutes from Taco Bueno, so I decided to treat myself.
  12. Taco Bueno is celebrating it’s 46th birthday today.  So glad someone gave birth to my favorite fast food restaurant!
  13. Bueno’s bean burritos, beef crispy tacos, muchacos, mexi dips and chips, and chicken potato burritos.
  14. Disneyland is celebrating it’s 58th birthday today!!!  My family’s favorite place to vacation.  I have so many happy memories there.
  15. Indiana Jones, Alice and Wonderland, Monster’s Inc.  Some of my favorite Disneyland exclusive rides.
  16. My dear friend Sayra is celebrating her birthday today!  Seriously, so many awesome things to celebrate today!
  17. The very sweet Amy Everett is celebrating her birthday today too!  Her and her family are a huge blessing to our church and children’s ministry.
  18. Got my hair washed and dried this afternoon, so tonight I could just hang out with Josh.
  19. Homemade salsa.
  20. Taco bar night.
  21. Gus got to use his silly string he got for his birthday tonight.  Didn’t last long, but he thought it was pretty sweet.
  22. After dinner walk around the block.
  23. Adorable video of a little boy’s first year of life, one second at a time, everyday for 365 days.  Me and Beau smiled the whole way through.
  24. Movie night at home with Josh!  “Waking Sleeping Beauty” was great, I even stayed awake through the whole thing.
  25. Disney animation didn’t die with “The Black Cauldron” but came back just in time to make my child hood even better with “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, and “The Lion King.”
  26. Feeling Sunny move around a lot during the movie.
  27. Sweet text from my niece Courtney.

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