Day 342

Summers when I was a kid meant playing outside every night until it got dark.  Me and my best friends who lived directly across the street would swing on their tree, play basketball with my brother and his friends, ride our bikes, practice the new stunt I learned at cheerleading practice earlier that day, play baseball, play tag, or just sit on the curb and eat snow cones that we purchased from the snow cone lady who lived just a few doors down from us and would make us a snow cone anytime we came and knocked on her door with fifty cents in hand.  But there would come a point when the fireflies would start to light up and the sun would start to go down and if I didn’t notice and come in on my own, my mom would open the front door, usually with a dishtowel in her hands because she was in the middle of drying dishes, and announce that it was time to come in.

Noah had spent the last 120 years of his life building the ark.  120 years!  I’m sure at times he felt like the project would never be completed, but he kept going, and finally one day God said to him, “it’s time to come in.”

Genesis 7:1 (YLT) And Jehovah saith to Noah, ‘Come in, thou and all thy house, unto the ark, for thee I have seen righteous before Me in this generation;

I have read the story of Noah many times, but I’ve never noticed those two unbelieveably welcoming words until today.  Come in.

It was about to get dark.  The storm clouds were moving in and it was no longer safe for Noah and his family to be outside, so God being the loving father that He is, told Noah to come in.

When someone tells you to come in, they are already in.  When my mom would tell me to come inside, she was already inside.  When company arrives at my doorstep, I open the door and tell them to come in, into the place where I already am.  God was in the ark and now it was time for Noah to join him.

How comforting it must have been for Noah and His family to know that they weren’t going to be alone on that huge boat, but that God had already made Himself at home in it.

Whatever God has called you to build- a business, a church, a family, a boat, you can rest assured knowing that when it’s time to set sail He won’t leave you.  When the rubber meets the road and it’s really time to do this thing, He’ll be right there.  He actually goes in before you and makes sure that everything is good to go and when the time is right, He will call you to come in… and when He calls you best listen.

God’s timing is always better than our timing.  Noah understood that.  He didn’t try to get in the ark too early and he didn’t wait too late.  When God commanded him to come in, he came in.  Don’t rush God’s timing or get frustrated because what you want to happen isn’t happening.  Realize He’s going before you and making sure everything is the way He wants it to be… perfect, and when it’s perfect, He will come to the front door and announce that it’s time for you to come inside.

  1. God’s timing is perfect.
  2. He goes before us and then invites us to come in.
  3. God knows when things are about go get dark and stormy and calls us inside.
  4. There’s always new stuff to find in familiar Bible stories.
  5. Come In My Courts by Deluge.
  6. Summers when I was a kid.
  7. My best friends Lilia & Crystal lived right across the street from me.
  8. Fireflies!
  9. I lived a few doors down from the snow cone lady and my dad always had change laying around.
  10. Got my roast in the crock pot nice and early this morning so it could cook low and slow.
  11. New dance party music for the kids.  Happy & Fun Fun Fun from Despicable Me.
  12. Listening to the kids worship together while they watched the “I Believe In Jesus” DVD.
  13. Gus told me he was teaching Beau about what the cross meant while they were listening to Stripes and Scars.
  14. Josh told me he used a song that Gus wrote in a song that he wrote and it will be on the next kid’s album.  So Gus will be listed as one of the song writers.
  15. Awesome afternoon with my favorite friends at the Siegrist’s new house.
  16. Grilled burgers, watermelon, salad, salsa bean dip, and cookies for lunch.  Yum!
  17. The Carpenters let me follow them and Clint filled my car up with gas before we left.
  18. Gus had a blast playing on the water slide with all of his buddies.
  19. I had a safe trip back to our house and I didn’t get lost at all!
  20. Beau fell asleep in the car and I figured when we got home she would wake up, she did, but she asked to go sleep in her purple room and she slept for another hour and a half.  Yay!
  21. Great worship at Gateway Frisco tonight.
  22. Free sno cones after service!
  23. Beau picked an orange sno cone because that’s the color of her favorite Ninja Turtle.  She is one cute little Tom Boy.
  24. Gus picked a rainbow sno cone because he learned about Joseph’s coat of many colors.
  25. The roast was delicious!
  26. Beau told me while I was getting her ready for bed, “Mrs Tammy calls me sunshine!”  She has the nicest teachers in her class at church.  She knows they all adore her.
  27. Ice cold water.

One thought on “Day 342

  1. Marilyn Newsom says:

    I loved those days you are talking about. Even though the time was so busy, I still enjoyed every moment of it. I am always telling people with small children enjoy them now because they grow up so quickly. It’s not that you don’t enjoy them as adults, it is just not the same as when they are children. I love reading about your time as a family and wish I was closer to enjoy you all even more. I have been too busy with Grandma Newsom and her situation. I think things are starting to progress for her. Keep her in your prayers. Love you so much.

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